single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. I like to be single , I like myself alone, I just don't like without you. For many people, being single is not a state of relationship, and being single is a condition that someone is not able to stay around. Thank you for being my light, let me finally send you a sun. (same field Gayon: Single Diary: We did not come over, but they walked away)

I don't remember how long I was single, most of the time, I forgot to count. To tell you the truth, I never felt so terrible about being single, nor did I feel that being single must be more enjoyable.

I am accustomed to living, single is not cry the end of the world, single is a very personal thing, all the sadness is extremely slow. After you have gone, I started a new era, trying not to miss our anniversary together, when necessary, memories will let me get a few of the rain can not escape, and tears.

I never regret being single, I'm sorry I don't have you. The only thing I can't bear about being single is that I don't want to be with you anymore.

I remember we listened together Zhang Hang, Coconut Grove Avenue, Zhang Hang a face element static, she a face don't care to say I am to sing. Then she sang dear, "deep words to say, long way to go", I cried a mess, you slowly and slowly took my hand, how warm your palms, how close our breath, I think that we have a guitar, can go to the world. "

Yes, we have been so unbridled love, whisper in each other's ears, all the pictures of love point to you, I rubbing you, I copy you, I sketch you, in the most clumsy way to retain memory.

I may know, later, I can have only memory.

After parting, I can only keep on writing. Writing is the resurrection of the dead, in the lines summoned you, can feel at ease the imagination of the yearning to have sustenance, can listen to a listen to Zhang hang that song, "have Everything, let him go." 」

Never mind, let you go. I can learn to free and easy, in the memory kiss you still.

"You are the light but I want to send you a sun
When you get tired.
You can close your eyes and let it shine-yeqing the next life more decision