The Golden Globe Award for the Golden Globe Awards has attracted worldwide attention, and the red carpet show on Stars Avenue is also a major focus.Next, let's introduce the Golden Globe Awards, which opened on January 15, 2012, and what are the red carpet winners!Incitibly, this safety card is a pink dress, but security does not mean it is beautiful, and the black system is not necessarily boring.

How exactly are celebrities matched?The following is the best red carpet gown for the Golden Globe Awards, so that you can easily learn the latest fashion in front of the computer screen!

Angelina Jolie and Atelier Versace

This pair of golden children has always been the focus of red carpet, fresh red handbags, bright red collar, and fresh red, and Jolie feels more white and moving.

Emma Stone and Lancin

Deep Purple and Wine Red have been involved in the film's "Sister > Show", which shows a different appearance: the blood-colored wing of the Winged Wings, as if it were a beautiful vampire.

Claire Danes and J. Mendel

front breast and the back of the back, black, white, silver and geometry have different effects on the body of a woman's rounded body.

Shailene Woodley and Marchesa

A simple look and complex pattern.

Tilda Swinton and Haider Ackermann

, who acted as Queen of ice in the movie "The Queen of Narnia", brought a cool and refreshing this time!Silver blue suits and white hairs seem to have entered the wardrobe of Narnia.

Zooey Deschanel and Prada and Encendo-style fingernails

Although her upper half-body has a bright green eye, the fingernail is more likely to be seen as a little boy in her heart.

v. Pinto and Prada

The blue cocktail dress makes her feel like wandering in the ocean as a mermaid and a water polo in the red carpet.

Julian Moore (Julanne Moore) and Chanel

Cake-like layered skirt and narrow design to make her legs look longer.

Kate Beckinsale and Roberto Cavalli

from the earrings, bracelets to a new dress with a uniform color scheme, with only a necklace, just to put out her beautiful collarbone!

Rooney Mara and Nina Ricci

A strong contrast to the upper half of the body of the body, the black yet respectable and unworthy of the game.

Piper Perabo and Theyskens Theory

gown of the nature of the dress adds to her fairy tales that fluffy fairy tales add to the fairy tales of fairy tales, like the skins of the forest.

Sally Theron) and Dior

The white dress not only shows her long legs, but also her white hairband and slender-sandals, which makes her like the court of the Roman era.

draw the essence of the celebrity, and do you want to see how you can wear it next time?Don't say that there are no red carpet in real life to let you go. As long as you have confidence, whenever and wherever you are, it's your stretch!

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