Sex Watch is a novel attempt by women fans, we talk about sex in 1000 words, talk softly, talk dialectically, talk about opening up communication, talk about better lives. After the first sex book meeting with Zhou and women's fans, we finally had a spot where we could put down too much anger and confusion and fight with tenderness. Feminism is like an answer come to my life, let me understand let me gentle, let me in every pain when I understand that I am not lonely. (same field recommendation: feminist bad daughter: Ketilofi's teenage rebellion )

I can't remember how I "became" a feminist. I am not at the moment, the enlightened to have this new identity, as a physiological woman, my pain and doubt all the time, and then grow up with me.

When I was little, someone always told me that you had to be a girl. As a girl, you have your clothes, your reading, your conversational style, your order and the logic of the world. And now, I still be elders recites "women do not work too hard, as long as the marriage is enough." 」

My pain is increasing day by day. My pain is that when we talk about women, she is often seen as weak, she is weak, she is need to take care of, she is overly emotional, her imagination is limited, she is often placed in the object position, ignoring the subjectivity.

If our world is a millionaire, then the patriarchal system is not expressly but has been rooted systematic rules of the game, so that people easily choose the least resistance road, so that the masculine temperament of the physiological men in the game is particularly easy to win, whether they want to win, would like to win.

Feminism came into my life, like a possible answer, let me forget, let me understand, let me gentle, let me act, but will not let me no longer pain. In fact, after becoming a feminist, I felt the pain was more pronounced, and I saw a group of people tickling like me.

They are not just physical women, they may also be physiologically male, they may be transgender, they may be asexual. They are all forgotten and ignored by the patriarchal system.

Feminism movement, never just for women, but to resist the tilt of power and single hegemony; feminism movement is for everyone to be more free to live, more honest to their own ground. (Recommended reading: Nigerian writer adichie:"I am a feminist because we deserve a more just world")

Feminism: To give a person gentleness, is to give oneself gentleness

Last night, women fans opened the first Taiwan context of gender and independent reading, Sunday night from six o'clock to nine, women fans paradise lights, turned up Aaron Johnson's "Sex knot", I saw such a spirit. I was moved at the scene when I introduced myself at the beginning of the Reading club.

People can admit that they support Taiwan's independence, but it is completely blind sex, always feel that the world has been very beautiful, do not understand what feminism fight for, people can be proud of themselves as feminists, and therefore hate the Taiwan independence movement in the dislike of women language, so dissatisfied with social movements, women always in the invisible second line People can confess that they do not know much, and therefore thirst for knowledge to read.

Reading will be like a small society, each of us with a little of our own past, we put aside the "must be politically correct" framework to reveal ourselves, we raise the question, we review the Patriarchal society, "identity of Men", "Male Center", " Male dominance "role, we do not expect a single solution, I wish to use the feminist perspective, to propose possible solutions."

So we talked about Ricky Martin's way out of the closet, we talked about the T-culture in the girls ' school, we talked about the female figure in the social transport, we talked about the man's "patriarchal" two words may exist aversion, we talked about as a feminist this matter, we talked about in the patriarchal system, feel pain not only a single gender. (same field Gayon: The first time out of the cupboard on the irony: gay out of the closet can really meet the comfort zone? )

Huang, the reader of the day, said: "What feminism gives me is far greater than what I can give him." I have not been very accustomed to the "boys" this gender role, I have been so confused and lonely, is the feminist saved me, it let me know that there are chickens, not have to live into a certain "masculine" appearance. 」

The initiator Zhou also said: "The world Treats" different "so cruel and cruel, if we have the ability to give different people a little gentleness, that even if do 100 times, only once can let him feel the power of support, we are willing to do that 100 times. and give them gentleness, is to give themselves gentle ah. "(Recommended thinking: network controversy must" win or lose?) Negative expression outside the masculine context )

Feminism, not to build another hegemony. Feminism is to put forward reactionary to the existing society, is to embrace the abandonment of the "different" is to hold the freedom and ability to give gentleness. Gentleness is another battle, and this is the feminist in my eyes.