single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. See "Descendants of the Sun" is to see a not circuitous love. I can say I like it, and I can turn away when I don't fit in. In love, a woman can finally not be weak, finally can no longer be a rigid petty of life. Single or not, all we want is an equal relationship. (same field Gayon:"Xu Changde special text" Love the pursuit of satisfaction, get along with the pursuit of balance )

"The doctor said, no boyfriend, because too busy." 」
"If you're a soldier, you don't have a girlfriend, because it's too bitter." 』

Live in the presence of death in front of two of people, love to them also said too much need real-time. Perhaps because the separation is always imminent, so the phrase "I think you", "I like you" to really say it out.

We like the play is not a dwarf female role, ginger twilight is such a woman, I think you will be justly said; I have a machine, is sitting in you look at my best angle; we don't fit, we have to break up in real time.

We all yearn for such love, do not procrastinate, you have your ideals I have my life, whether in the value of life, or work achievements, we can match, respect each other's pursuit. I like the ginger Twilight smoke calmly face their own sophistication, and those means under the wrapped goodness.

Love is not sacrificing obedience, but making the best of each other's lives.

The same is the fire and fire, one to meet the war, a pool of blood. in the face of life, they are full of strength.

"I'm in the O.R. for more than 12 hours a day to save people dying," he said. It's my job to fight for my life. 」
"The soldier lives and wears a shroud." In the unknown front, when sacrificing for the motherland, the place that falls is the tomb, the uniform is the shroud. 」

I do not want to abandon the life of the chi industry, it is the role of the proud eyes revealed the message. Their dangers are infatuation, fear, confusion, once pulled two people to both ends, but also led them across half the Earth back to each other side. Sounds like a little too romantic.

It's just that we'd rather believe that when we do what we do, we end up with someone who's convinced.