The good start is half the success, and the new starts, of course we don't want to spend it in a less refined and low mood. womany giving you small steps here to help you get back to work from a holiday and greet the next new challenges with full vitality on a day's day!

Start with a small one: start with the heart

Of course, the most important thing is your heart.The reason why the holiday is so expected is that it is invaluable.If you carefully arrange your vacation, and take your heart to enjoy your heart, at the end of the holiday, it will be more difficult to adjust than nothing can be done after you have vanquillable and unfinished business.If it is possible to solve this point, it will be serious during the holiday period. After the holiday is over, it will be able to know that it should work seriously, with a view to the coming of the next holiday.

Take a small step two: Don't worry about bringing your vacation back to work.

Don't worry about the work you'll always want to have a holiday and distraction, bring your memories together, and bring your memories together!You can replace your computer desktop with an impressive tourist attraction or a photo of you and your family friends, and put it on your desk.When you're at work pressure, you can turn around and take a look at the photos, and just relax with these beautiful memories.It's a good way to help you get back to work, yo.

A little less than three: Positive Attitude towards Work

When you have a period of time for a vacation, you have to face your work with a positive attitude.Think about what you've done in your work, think about what you're doing or what you want to accomplish, and even think about what you're going to do when you're at work (for example, you haven't seen a working partner for days), and let you go back to the office and have a lot of expectations and momentum.

A little out of step four: return to normal life

Your biological clock is not a big mess when you're on vacation!It is probably the most difficult to adjust to the most painful things that we have to start at work early.Although it is the last day of the holiday, even without a special date, it is necessary to force yourself to change your pajamas and dress up and take a walk. This can help you adjust your habit of living in the habit of living in a lazy way.In addition, early morning sleep is an old suit, but it is important!Don't want to take the last little time without sleeping, you will only make the next day start to work, you feel extremely uncomfortable with psychological and physiological conditions.

"The rest is a long way to go." After these few days of charging, the memories and pleasant feelings have been brought back to work, and the heart is retracted.The new challenges of this year are full of vitality!

womany's sweet tips:

1. Start with the heart.Face work with a positive attitude, and think about what motivus you can do to work and what you expect.After your vacation, Carefully work to prepare for the next vacation.

2. Start to return life to normal.Apart from the early morning's sleep, the last day of the holiday is not to be at home. Let's take a walk and take a walk.In addition, one night before going to work, you can also browse and collate your email . For the first day of work, it is even more appropriate for you to do more.