single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Is there such a person around you that makes you miss the purest emotion? You have been together, but have been reluctant to imagine love, or perhaps this is the best distance between you, not together, I can with you forever. (same field Gayon:"Yang Special text" the person who cannot be together at present is the person who is missed, don't wait )

Your youth has memories of each other, even though you have never been together.

After graduating from the student career, you often look back, a look is a few years, stopped when found himself incredibly old, will not stop the youth.

You saw him drinking beer with you, complaining about the bad guy, you see him without a word to pick up the locomotive keys to drive you to the mountains crying loudly; you see you accompany him to save a girlfriend, you see him faint in your side of tears, said he probably not suitable for love, only suitable for wandering alone.

You are at each other's side, with a kind of not threatening distance, embrace the right temperature.

"Perhaps, we are not the right person to love." "You are always after a sip of beer, as if Taichetaiwu to say so, not half a year, and the next person to love a mess."

Holi Hu Tu love, Holi hu Tu break up, probably also part of youth. Youth seems to be so scarred, hurried into a relationship, and embarrassed to exit. So you learned to hurt people and hurt, see the Love and not love options, you still like in front of love without hesitation. Hesitate a lot, can not talk about love.

He's the only one who makes you hesitate, and you don't think about holding his hand.

You are always close, but deliberately to leave love very far. The most unspoken tacit understanding between you is that no one is allowed to break the good feelings of the present.

You have tried too many times in love, after kissing, will inevitably accompany more heartbreak and loss, you do not want to take the current relationship to exchange, do not want to use such a pure relationship to gamble.

You are afraid of a wager, is a lifetime difference. You know, you can't afford to risk it.

You are not Li Daren and green, but you also ask yourself in the heart, why familiar, let "I love you" become so difficult. Perhaps, this is already belong to you, the best distance.

Not together, to be with you forever.