In the December 2015, a description of the 1945 to 1981, after the victory of the War of Resistance, the civil war to later the Chinese Kuomintang retreat of the Taiwan times drama:"a green" in the public view of the official release. This drama, directed by Cao Ruiyuan , led us back to the era of unrest, conviction and firmness, and the protagonists were more expressive of the pride and struggle of the Air Force officers, and of the changes and choices of the different women facing the tide of time. Next, let's review the story with you through an exclusive interview and see more modern women and women in this era through the eyes of the heroine.

A weekend afternoon three "a green" heroine came to the women's paradise, in the end of the fan meeting activities, we calmed down, in the sun-drenched paradise on the third floor, together to talk about the era and the current woman story.

"A green", adapted from the "Taipei People" short story of one of the novels, it is in the description of the turbulent times, people how to face the enthusiasts, face parting, face helplessness, how in the life of eternal uncertainty, still interdependent story.

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"Light is not really a pain, but after this threshold, you can continue to go on." 」

This sentence originates from the Cao Ruiyuan director, is also this time Han, Tianxin, Hu Han three bit in-depth, first flashed through my mind the idea.

"A green" in the story of a profound portrayal of the age of women's tenacity. With three Air Force dependents Qin Yunyi (Mrs. Song), Zhou Yi Training (small weeks), Zhu Qing as the main axis, describe how they experience migration, drift and bereavement of the separation of the mourning, in the displaced, each other to warm, to carry their female force times.

A short afternoon, the room full of laughter so that the whole woman fan paradise warm. We talk about the times of women, listen to the role of the tough and interdependent story in the Restless, talk about love, understand the turmoil of the Mencel of emotion; talk about the coordinates of life, from the traditional comparison of 30 years ago the modern free open, for now they, their life coordinates.

Soft and Strong, the Mrs. Song of the mother World

Cheryl Yang played Qin Yunyi married to the Air Force XI Brigade captain, became called "Mrs. Song", at that time, she not only need to take care of all the Air Force village, also have to understand the husband to career-oriented dream. She shows the generosity of traditional women and the stability and tolerance that is worn to protect her husband carefully.

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asked the Mrs. Song to see this role, I said she felt that all these are Mrs. Song choice.

"Is that she chose that man, her career is husband, she is operating her husband and the common Fortress (home), may not be so willing, but must do so in order to achieve their own men." 」

I looked at the Chinese, she said these words, the eyes revealed the incomparable gentleness. Yes, in that era background, the woman is so soft and strong, Mrs. Song is tough, family-oriented, but also with a bit of repressed character let her enough to carry her time.

Back to the real life, I feel that family is the absolute importance of life. "The family is not just a boyfriend, the future of the family, but also includes their own native families, I attach great importance." "And in character, I think everyone has a depressing part, it depends on how much you choose to suppress-because you can not explode every day."

"Life will go through many things, many things can be passed, do not need to go into a dead alley, some things also need to press a pressure, it may not be an intolerable way." 」

Keep strong in softness, maintain elasticity in strong, and always people-oriented, is the life attitude of China. Between laughing and chatting, I always feel that I really live Mrs. Song, no small weeks of provocative forthright, Zhu Qing pure fanaticism, but like Mrs. Song General, with Shen Soft heart to face all kinds of life problems, there is always a day of rain.

Faced with the helplessness of life, courage to live in the present little week

Tianxin played Zhou Yi (Xiao Zhou) is a forthright north-east Big girl, personality forthright, provocative she, but face the husband died of sorrow, must inherit the Air Force's " Handover "culture continues with the Army study Brother (Xiao Shao) complete marriage, so unwritten tradition let marriage become her moral responsibility, although unwilling to each other, two people still held a wedding to become each other's lives rely on."

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"Helplessness is the most painful feeling in life." 」

Tianxin faint to say this sentence, "because it is too painful, too painful." "In fact, Zhou is three women, the only one is not only their own, she has children, as well as family to rely on." Therefore, in this paragraph to undertake the traditional helplessness, Tianxin said that small weeks is not willing, but as a traditional woman, for children, for the family, she is willing to fulfill, would rather pay.

In spite of the pain, but willing to give everything for love, such a character, let Tianxin think of their mother. "From the childhood my mother and father separated, they never remarried." "The heavenly Smile says oneself grows up often and mother jokes:" Make a boyfriend, marry again! I will not spend my whole life with you, Mom, you always have a company! "And Tianxin's mother always smiled and gave the same answer:" My heart is in you and your brother! There are so many American time to make boyfriends. 」

"It's tradition. The heavenly Mind closes the eye, thinks of own mother.

It's tradition or obsession. From the Tianxin mother's body, we see that age of women, is to love to let oneself always be a person, in order to love willing to bear all the weight of life, in order to love willing to let each other live better.

Love is also pain. Tianxin said: "The pain of the body has one to 10 levels of pain table to control." But the pain in the heart, is not to draw out, also can not say. Only you know. "From the pain of the week to the mother's heart pain, Tianxin is understood." Because of understanding, so she cherish every moment, expect to live their life well every important moment.

Strong and weak, still crazy and persistent Zhu Qing

Even Hu Han played Zhu Qing is a simple and full of courage of the female students, with a chance to get the note, met the young and handsome Air Force pilot Guo Yan, understand the uncertainty of life, Zhu Qing still can't withstand the first love of the fire, married into the Air Force village. However, the last waiting for her, but is Guo Yan in the mission of life. Since then, Zhu Qing from pure, simple female students, into a heart dead and insensitive woman, nothing can hurt her.

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In the face of such a change in Zhu Qing, I am also curious as to Hu Han, what does she think of Zhu Qing's transformation? Hu Han thought for a moment and looked earnestly at me: "I think it belongs to the Zhu Qing" moment. In fact, people are changing every day, great changes are more easily seen by others. Some people say that aging is not the day in the old, the moment, and belong to the Zhu Qing moment, perhaps when she saw Guo Yan, in front of her into a heap of scrap iron State it. 」

Change is not difficult, a moment is enough.

Talk to Zhu Qing this role, Tianxin smiled and said: "The world is really less Zhu Qing better!" Too persistent! "Hu Han immediately said:" The determination of the cognizance! The original stuff was still there. "This is the love of Zhu Qing, also let Tianxin think of her mother," I was born my parents separated, she is still very young, why not find a man? I think she has a Zhu Qing in her heart too! 」

Zhu Qing is pure, persistent, for the love of Guo Yan is to die unwilling to put down the kind of wayward. Contrast Mrs. Song and small weeks of oppression and helplessness, she appears more impulsive in love, courageously forward some. Hu Han The role of Zhu Qing as a great courage. "They in that era, that situation, can live well, that now we, should be more cherish, stronger living in the present?" 」

Hu Han finally smiled and said, look forward to their own as brave as Zhu Qing, for their love to pursue, and cherish every moment.

The coordinates of their own lives.

"As long as the coordinates, life will not get lost." "Is this this" one green "to the time Personage's annotation. At that time, the woman's life coordinates almost around the man turned, studied Niang for love to prop up everything, small weeks for the family willing to remarry, to Zhu Qing for love to death, such tenacity, let their life always have a direction to go, would rather for love also to march forward.

In contrast to the time, I was also very curious, what is the present to China, Tianxin, Hu Han, belong to their life motto is what.

"People's experience will encounter a lot of different things, there are good, bad, happy, miserable, anyway, is to see what attitude you face." When it comes to bad things, it is not always bad, as long as you remember behind, you will see the rainbow, you can go farther. --Cheryl Yang

One side of the Tianxin could not help but answer the words: "Probably is a blessing in disguise, how to know the feeling of happiness!" "A lot of times, in the face of loss, in the face of grief at the moment we will think that we have nothing, but another way to think, God for you to close a door, will open for you another." To experience, to feel, to create more differences, looking back, you might find it worthwhile.

"What is yours is yours, not your compulsion." --Heavenly

This is Tianxin mother and she said a lifetime words. Tianxin said he started early, from the age of reading contact with the industry began, she challenged countless advertising goggles, many times, almost all of the auditions are constantly shooting, those times, she would be very frustrated when she came home, Tianxin's mother will tell her the words when they are almost at the bottom of the world.

"From then on, I think this sentence is very good." Because as long as we do our best, do our best, responsible for their own, you do not regret. Because, not you, you are not forced to come. "Tianxin This words, speak seriously put, eyes flashing." She wanted to give it to all those who had trouble at work or emotionally: "On the road of life, you have to work hard and let go of it in due course." 」

"We are very easy to live in a habit, but we must often jump off this habit to do something different!" --even Hu Han

Hu Han says she thinks it's easy to make her world a little smaller because she's too committed to something. She believes that no matter who, should not be afraid to experience a different life.

Hu Han also very excited to share a story with us, she once heard a saying: "We will descend to the Earth, because there is a soul laboratory in the sky, each of us is the soul, will get their own script, as now I get" a green "script. We will come to the world, meet different challenges, is because before you this part does not pass, you need to come again, so all the meeting of the world, in fact, everyone is helping each other to complete the things you have not done before. 」

In the face of the challenges of uncompromising, as the soul of the laboratory to give the practice of self-confidence to greet, and enjoy life, is Hu Han life attitude. In contrast to the two sisters in China and Tianxin, they can feel that they are pursuing something different.

And the heavenly mind seems to have gone through the period of brave straight chase, see the life of the wind and rain, experienced the winter frost, came to a period of growth and stability. The heart continues to grow, challenge or continue to connect, but in the emotional load, they will choose to "see Light", which is for themselves, the release of all worldly.

Along the way, their attitude towards life seems to reflect the role of three different women in the life of "a green" . Whether the choice of "see light" mature, or "Yong to chase" the courage, are life, are a kind of life attitude choice.

Hey, want to give you. Hope that the life story of China, Tianxin and Hu Han can bring you different motivation and direction.