Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Don't just want to be a loved one, please be the one you want to work with.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

If you want to work with a strong and powerful team partner, ask yourself if you are the one who is the want to cooperate with a woman-obsessed corporate culture. If you can choose, would you like to work with yourself, would you like to be led by yourself? (Recommended reading:CEO column: As a leader, the most important trait is?) )

The answer is self-evident. If you answer yourself honestly, you will become more aware of where you are now and where you are going in order to meet the expectations of a good worker in your mind, to be worthy of your time.

After two years of work, I'm becoming more and more convinced of who you are and what kind of team you deserve.

At first I did not understand, I came to the workplace, only willing to be a "loved one." So in the face of "leadership" two words at a loss, to give team members praise far more than substantial suggestions, gentle and warm and good, refusing to give back is afraid to hurt the gas, until one day Wei Xuan told me, "audrey, if you just want to let team members like you, then you really live up to the people you work with. 」

I know it later.

Youth is unequal, I wish my youth carry the pains of growth, deeply look at their own shortcomings, solid forward, I hope my team members are also, we take the road of pain, look back when it is too worthwhile, so smile cloud light wind.

We don't forget to tell ourselves what kind of person we want to work with, we become that person first.

In the past few weeks, content Lab has been recruiting programs for interns , and thankfully, we've received more than 200 delivery resumes, each with a word weight. We had about 20 participants in the group interview last Friday, and it was a fervent eye looking forward to growth.

For me, I am more convinced that it is not just a "team interview", but a first step to condensing a tacit understanding of the work. What kind of person are you to work for a woman? Women fans are so eager to grow the business, for you?

The womanyor of looking for a woman's obsession is one that we want to meet, the people we aspire to work with.

Please let me ask again: "If you can choose, would you like to work with yourself, would you like to be led by yourself?" 」