Flowers in Paris are the honeymoon locations that everyone dreams about, and the young backers love to go on the pilgrimage-its fashion flock, its ornate, and its rational and emotional integration into one's mind, and also adds to the mystery of the gods.

But who is not in the past?Even the fashion capital-Paris-is a part of history, but only to see the old photo album brings us to the 21st century. The photographer has created this past and present in the same way as the old people, making it possible for us to see history in the same time and space of the old people.

After watching this series of pictures, do you uncover the other side of Paris?It turns out that the fashion industry, which is now the world's most important, is not only going to look ahead, but also to predict the pace of fashion. It must also have the hard work of front-line efforts to resist theNow look at the Tower of Paris and the Triumenta. Do you really want to be solemn?

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