Woman fan for your selected Ted speech , Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed's "When you look at me, you think of what", in the refugee issue is suspended, people against Muslim hostility rise, Dalia chose to stand on the TED stage, She said that in the face of hatred, everyone actually has a choice. Would you choose to let hate manipulate you, or would you choose to believe that we deserve to live in a better world? Look at this TED and think about Taiwan. (same field Gayon:"ghost" Observation notes: Not my race, its heart will be different? )

"When you look at me, what do you think?" Do you think I'm a scholar, a mother, an Islamic woman, or a seriously brainwashed terrorist? If the first thing you think of is all negative impressions, it's not your problem, because that's what the media described me as the Islam in the eyes of the media. 」

After Chuan Pu shouted to monitor American Muslims and kick off the refugees, Dalia Mogahed stood on the TED stage and looked up firmly at the skeptical eyes after ISIS and Islam were painted with an equal, she said: "I am a Muslim." If you have never known a real Muslim in your life, then I am delighted to know you. I welcome you to ask me questions, I am not afraid of the problem, I fear is never confirmed accusations. "(Recommended reading: I am a Muslim, not a isis:" terrorist does not represent the whole of Islam ")

A report shows that 80% of reports of Islam and Muslims are negative, and if we are honest, we will not deny that when we look at the Dalia, perhaps the words flashed through our minds, there are also terrorists.

"I am not born this way, this is the result of my choice." I did not passively accept the beliefs of my family, I struggled with the Koran day and night, I read wildly, I pondered, I never stopped asking questions, and I finally believed. At the age of 17, I decided to "out of the closet". I'm going to go out and tell the world that I'm a Muslim. When I was putting on a turban, my friends were terrified and they asked me, "Why do you choose to belittle yourself?" 』」

At the age of 17, Dalia did not know that the pressure she felt in the future would increase, and one day people would force her to apologize for her faith and throw all her anger at the Times into her.

Dalia Mogahed's TED speech reminds us, in the age of fear-fed, that we have no choice but to let hate manipulate you, or do you choose to believe in empathy and goodness?

"921 that day, for the first time in my life, I was afraid of people knowing I was a Muslim. 」

"Today people talk about Muslims as a way to treat Muslims as American tumours." Benign tumors should be monitored on a regular basis, malignant tumors to be removed as soon as possible, but we are not tumors, we are the same as other people, is alive organ. 」

Dalia, an American citizen of Egyptian descent who believed in Islam, decided, on the day of 17, to proudly admit that she was a Muslim, and September 11, 2001, the first time in her life, to fear that others would know she was a Muslim.

We will not forget that day when the plane crashed into the trade Center twin Towers, under the smog, someone jumped out of the window, someone screamed, we all haven't figured out what's going on, what is called a suicide attack? When Dalia turned on the TV, she heard several key words, "Muslim terrorists", "in the name of Islam", "descendants of the Middle East", "jihad", "We should blow back to Mecca." 」

On that day, she turned from a citizen into a suspicious suspect when she sat on a bus and was about to relocate to another town to study for research, and she lowered her head as far as possible, fearing that someone would recognize her as a Muslim. This is another perspective of 911. There are many stories about Muslims, but in the news media, there are often only "terrorists" or ISIS.

Back in Taiwan, we are often swayed by a single story, convinced that the wicked are the total evil, the bad to the bone, this is the personal problem of the wicked, as long as the Enchi, the society will return to goodness. So we endlessly stack anger and hatred, and believe that killing is the only solution.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand, it is because we are afraid of the sake. "Neurological research shows that when we are afraid, at least three things happen." We are more likely to accept dictatorship, to be more amenable, and more prone to prejudice. "(same field Gayon:Time Magazine's Man of the Year!") Merkel: "The society in Fear has no future")

A society that allows us to see anger and empathy.

Most people have a lot of anger, discontent, and fear about the world, which is why totalitarianism has arisen and is able to do so. Totalitarianism provokes society in one of the most violent ways, and he gives restless people a plan of action called killing, even though the programme of action creates more darkness.

Thinking back, maybe we really need a world where anger and fear do exist, and we not only believe in positive thinking, but we also know how to live with grief. What we need is to learn more about the way we face emotions, not just violence, but violence and violence.

"isis claims that what they did came from the Koran, and they let the world believe that ISIS was" real Muslim ". But if we metonymy the atrocities of ISIS to all Muslim nations, we surrender to Isis's interpretation. We will not say that 3 K-party equals Christianity, then why do we say ISIS equals Muslims? "--dalia

In the 911 Friday, Dalia drove her car to the mosque, and she came to the scene with trepidation, and the things she saw stopped her and the mosque was filled with people. Not only Muslims, but also Christians, Buddhists, Catholics, or people without faith. They came not to attack, but to stand firmly with them.

"They choose courage and empathy over fear and duplication of prejudice." How would you choose? You will choose to prove that we do not equal hatred, we do not equal to violence? Will you choose to prove that human beings can do better? 」

I watched Dalia on the stage, and she stood quite up and said to the world, if you have never known Muslims, look at me, I am here, she proved that gentleness is stronger than hatred, and believes more powerful than hostility.

I think of Taiwan and think of these few months in which we live in the vortex of hatred and fear, the very tender glances that have redeemed us. It was the night of the no-difference wounding case, calling on the government to reform the social fabric and not just anger to wipe out the individual's little bulb mom is a man who has not hesitated to stand up for him after being forcibly sent to the hospital under the name of "abnormal", and who still chooses to believe in love and goodness in the fear of insecurity. (Recommended to you:"Psychological analysis" from Zheng Jie to small bulbs, when the "problematic" people disappeared? )

It is they who convince us that we have a choice in the face of hatred, and that we deserve to live in a better world.