Legislator Hsu Yu-jen's National Assembly, a 60-year-old parents, talked about the gay families they would greet and the shape of their faces that showed their love.

Tsai Shang-wen, a member of the National Committee for the Promotion of the Promotion of the Promotion of the Rights of the Child, and the director the Taiwan Association for the Promotion of the Rights of the Family, Tsai Shang-wen and the director of the Taiwan Comrades for the Promotion of the Rights of the Family.

The scene gathers new blood from a number of young generations, cares about the progress of the bill, sees the adoption difficulties faced by gay families, and the unfriendly relationship between the gay couple and the gay couple.In the case of the majority of Taiwan's legislators, the majority of the votes were 50, 60 years old, and the votes were in their hands, and they were afraid of the matter, and the "multiP, human bestishen" argument put every parent in fear of destroying the future generations.This generation does not have the opportunity to understand the real demands of the gay rights and interests.(Extended reading: [Luo's special article] Dear Mayor: gay rights, preposterito marriage )

However, at the meeting room, a 60-year-old mother raised her hand. She said that she was here today, and I would like to say:

" I'm Susan's mom, and today, Susan and Lana brought us together.I would like to thank the two members for their efforts to protect the rights and interests of comrades. I have just been emphasizing where the 50-60-year-old people have gone.I think this is a good question. I and my husband are probably the only person in the field who is in the age of 60. Every parent loves a child very much, and I'm glad that my daughter can share with me his innermost business.She lived until she was almost 30 years old. She was hiding this secret. She had a lot of pain. I had a lot of heartache. I was very happy to say it.

" I'm going to tell people about my daughter, they're comrades, they have kids, we have a new family.The response I got was kind, and I wanted to start slowly educating people who didn't know gay people, and we didn't get in touch, so there was no solution at all.At first, I knew nothing about gay people. I still hope that comrades will still have to come out with their parents because they will be your help. Although there are still some problems of poor communication, there is still a successful communication after hard work.The greater the strength, the greater the voice you speak, so you ask young comrades to cheer!Mama always agrees with you based on the love of a child.(Sibling: A gender perspective: Do we accept the father of a McDonald's comrade)?)

Gay, together with their friends and relatives, will not have only 10 % support for young people, and hope that gay friends can go back and say to their parents that they will become our own Shengjun Army."

This is my daughter, and this is my daughter-in-law, pointing at the two girls in front of me."I support them. They are courageous and comrades, and the comrades are very normal. They are not the same. It is just that they dare not speak out. What is the ignorance of people in the age of 60 or 60?Why did young people not oppose it because they did not know the pipeline?Most young people follow the world trend. This is the progress of civilization."

" I found my daughter so, I was happy, she was brave, and he spoke.We love him, we want him to be happy.Even if I had a cold one day, I was very painful. He had a cold for more than 20 years, and he was suffering more.I know that I did not condemn him, I said, "You have to be brave, to pursue your happiness, to be truly brave."It is a tragedy that everyone is happy and not to be told.At first I didn't know that. I asked my relatives and friends, many of our friends, found out that many of the children were actually, one by one, one by one."

" You treat it as abnormal or ignorant.Our lovely little kids are coming out, and I'm happy every day.What matters (fighting for the rights of the gay family) You should not say that the majority of the comrades do not have a family. If they have a family, they can take care of each other.When the two of us are gone, who will take care of their daughters?They take care of each other. This is happiness. It is only happiness.I hope that a few legislators will help us, young comrades, stand up and stand up.There are no people around the world who want to get kids killed, to form a kind of energy, and energy depends on you all, young people, to bring the revolution out." (Recommended reading: Please tender gently to the Anti-Home deployment of the campus: my child is gay, I still love him )

Su and Su have saved their lives, and many tears are not stopping.After the meeting, I went to say hello to the family, and I thank them for their share, so that they can see the possibility of happiness.The Su family and family are all going to wear the face of a gay family, to get to know more people and let the world know their stories.

Suzanne is full of stomach, with a man and a woman, an egg of Susan's blood, and an egg of Lana's blood.Susan, Dad says, how good is the baby?In June of this year, two wonderful lives were to come to the world, together with a family like this, embracing kindness and feeling the world.

Changing gender rules to create times, to listen to women's lectures!Be gentle in May and see more of the women