single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The word " leftover " came from China and whipped the unmarried women after the age of 25 . Parents say: "You do not marry me not to die." "Friends are married to each other, seniors divorce in a hurry." In this era, who is entitled to tell the female, how to live better? (Extended reading: Why is the "left" people afraid?) Marriage is not a matter of life schedule.

"Chinese children to filial piety, not to marry is a kind of unfilial." 」
"In China this society, must marry, that is a complete woman." 」

Sk-ii's film, marriage Market takeover(she finally went to the blind date), reflects the blame for the woman in the Asian region. In China, both urban and rural areas have blind date angle, parents in that anxious for the child to find another half, flurried than the conditions of the world, the characteristics of the outside, look forward to the fate of the bride in the sea destined daughter-in-law.

The film points out that the contemporary women are more immersed in their own life, with independent characteristics of the woman. The city they can ground gas, return to face a parent "you don't pick."

"I don't get married for marriage, and that doesn't make you happy." 」
"An independent person can live a wonderful Life."

The end of the film, the remainder of a refurbished path. Parents let go and promised to allow their daughter to live an independent life, to wait for a true love. The result is that the leftover is not abandoned, more worthy of being loved.

What I want to say is that the world is not just a leftover version. Many of the female independent self-reliance, many of the female is more than longing for a home, some of the female waiting for love, some left behind true love.

The real existence of the leftover, not as film narrative, can quickly be untied, free from social expectations. More of them, one side to hold the salary, calculate this month's rent, which has the mood of the date, or they found that rely on who is not reliable, inferior to no, even the female is not successful, they do not like the film of the women both high education and good job. These women are likely to stay single for a lifetime.

Is it possible that our laws, institutions, family functions, small to restaurant service details, passers-by eyes, can be more friendly to this group of women, to become a woman can live in a free world.

Looking at her daughter, said, "I'm sorry", this society, it is time to apologize to their daughters.

My favorite scene, MO: "My daughter is very beautiful, the leftover is very glorious ah." A mother shed tears and said.