On the eve of Mother's Day, let's talk about the motherhood of the mother of the United States.From Buyeo, like a working mother with a child case, to father's position is denied by society to see the potential for female infanticient oppression against women in Taiwan.What we need to do is to relax the responsibilities and responsibilities of both the mother and father and the parents of all the parents in Taiwan.(sibling: " Do you have a man with a child?" It's a society that doesn't fit the dignity of a man )

This year's New Legislator Yyeo is like a child in parliament, and we are beginning to discuss the division of the "motherhood" and "workplace responsibilities."In February, an associate professor at the School of Law at the School of Law of the University of Political Sciences, "Enphants in the Department Store forbids" to discuss the positionHe said, "If you are not friendly to the father, it is equivalent to tying women to the mother and the mother. The default is that many things should be done by the mother."It is viewed on the surface of a male, but in the bones of a woman."

How do you view the oppression and the unfunctioning of the fatherhood? (Recommended reading: [Theatre Mother's Second Act] Dad, you're not just a money-making machine )

the eve of Mother's Day, what we want to ask is not where the father of Taiwan is, but Taiwan's father, whether it is possible to have a new path to child care, and how much pain there is before the mother of the United States can release the space for parental responsibilities.First of all, we want to discuss with you the image of "vowels" in the mass media.

From a gentle mother to an autonomous mother

1770 to 1837, the British Women's magazine, made the "tenderness of mother" portrayanized, romanticized and emotive, and the mother must be compassionate, caring for the child's health and happiness, and ready to support and comfort her child.The deification of motherhood is based on the destruction of women's autonomy.

After that, women are taught how to become a good mother by the Health Guide, the influence of scientific knowledge, and the popularity of parenting magazines.The authority and autonomy of mothers have been reduced by the prevalence of science and knowledge.Medical experts have built a mother's theory, trying to improve the quality of the mother, demanding that her mother feed her child in the "correct way"; psychology has a "safe love model" that pays the child's growth and life-long happiness to her mother.At that time it was fueling motherhood to — a good —, and loved children need scientific knowledge to put their children's needs at the top of their agenda.(Recommended reading: Required for a working mother: Don't feel guilty about being too busy )

story of the celebrity mother present on the media is the standard of perfect motherhood, which is never able to make it.It gives mothers the guilt and harm to their mothers; the "war" between full-time mothers and working mothers, as well as the "war" against welfare mothers, is also portranein the media as a debate among them.— — Susan J. Douglas and Meredith W. Michael < The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermine Women>

In the 1980's, the mother had developed a "single-facing mother" as a result of a large influx of women into the labour market.Single-facing mothers refer to women who are women in the workplace. If they don't have a family orientation, they can't have a career in the workplace, and they are hard to prepare.

Women are beginning to feel anxious about their "vowels", and the duality of working mothers and full-time mothers is more conspicuous by the media.In the 20th century, a new maternal doctrine was sent out of Sweden, advocating an independent motherhood " of economic and social , which had previously been overthrown in the traditional motherhood and sacrifice of sacrifice and upbringing.A liberal, independent, and autonomous mother image is created frantically.

Full-time mothers and working mothers: Why do you have to be happy?

Pop magazine has begun to spread the image of "independent mothers", giving women the right to work in their motherhood and workplace.However, there are still many difficulties behind when women in the workforce start to have a say in life.For example, many women have to return to the workplace after getting married, face skills gaps, market exclusion, and single discrimination faced by single women.Even as a full-time mother, there is also a phenomenon of abandonment by society.As a full-time mother, she does not have the social class and rights of "working mothers in the workplace."

Job mothers have developed the term "supermother" in the light of the inability of the social structure to provide resources.A good mother has to be able to be able to have an efficient and effective career.The magazine article encourages women to become more efficient at work, and the "Make a Work Mother" article does not have a "solution" to the plight of mothers.A large number of arguments support independent mothers. At the same time, women are also asked to consider their ability to "do a full-time mother if they can't adapt to the life of the two burning candles." They overlook the fact that mothers struggle with structural difficulties.

As a mother, why can't we go into the workforce?Because when you make milk powder money for kids, people will accuse you of not feeding breast milk and health of the child; when you have to go home with trash, your boss will accuse you of being unable to work overtime, trying to do your best for your company's mother.

So women must be super mothers in order to continue to develop their careers when all resources are unwilling to change women.

To be a good mother, or to be a good employee, can you not have to choose one?The most basic sense of security in the life of a family is that the workplace has a sense of achievement, and this kind of happiness can no longer be a choice.

Time distribution from parental leave to mother

People expect women to be the focus of the family, and are also reflected in the design of the parental leave, in addition to the expectations of the characters.The paternity leave hopes to improve women's tug-of-war in the workplace, but the result of the decision making is that women are not easy to raise wages, raise wages, and increase gender inequality in the workplace after they have paid their babies.The parenting of the baby "temporarily" returns to the family to care for the child, but it may lead to a tendency toward the mother of the family to look forward to the traditional gender role.(2007-40th Anniversary Academic Conference of the Taiwan Women's Society and High Division: The Impact of Our Maternity Leave for Mother's Service System >)

In the design of the paternity leave system, parental responsibilities continue to fall on individuals and families, and the costs incurred during the leave period and the cost of leave to leave work are borne by the absent and their families.However, women are often distributed to families.

I would like to share with the Government of Sweden the Mothers Month and the Month from 2000.In the paternity leave system, before the child reaches the age of eight, the parents have 240 days of parental leave to apply, of which 60 days must be borne by another person other than the primary leave.(Sibling: 2015 study report: Nordic's strongest music )

This design balances the absence of a parent's participation in the family, and changes the relationship between the parent and the child as a matter of birth, by "time allocation".

We don't need to do the same, but the Swedish law doesn't necessarily apply in Taiwan, but it is necessary to have a system that suits Taiwan's environment, to support men to return home to their parents, and to get more choices in terms of their time and time, and to become a woman who has a long history of shackles of women's roles.

What kind of mother do we expect?

What kind of mother should our society look forward to?First, I still think it is necessary to untie the definition of motherhood.Both working mothers and full-time mothers can comment on their vowels.I can be the mother who is completely focused on the development of the child, and I can also be the mother of the breadboy.When she sees a mother's identity, she is not just a wife, daughter-in-law, she can still be a young lady, and she has all the autonomy that she has when she is called "Miss".

the same time, a

is a father who is held responsible for his family and must have economic power, while men also sacrifice their emotional connection with their children.

Furthermore, I hope we can see the intability of a mother.A mother was expected to accompany her child to grow, and had to pay a lot of emotional labor in order to coalescrow the family.You ask, where is the father?At this time, the father was able to consolidate the position of society and the family by money that was more easily recognized by society's values. His father was not deliberately not present, but instead promoted his father to a "correct place".

What kind of mother do we expect?I would like to first see the image of the mother in society.There are single mothers, full-time mothers, working mothers, unmarried mothers.Behind every mother is a different problem. We should give the "good mother" an interpretation of the right to interpret. The good mother is not flat. The good mother does not need to obey the obediate, and the good mother is also learning to be a mother.

I don't need to have a better mother, and my mother is already too good.I even hope that he will not be so good.I hope that after so many years of economic responsibility and emotional responsibility, my mother can learn to stall.The one that society gave him, society taught me that my mother was responsible for the love of labor, for my life, and for my dedicated focus.

The mother still thinks so, so it's a good mother, and I want to take it off slowly.After he was accompanied by his demolition dogface, there was no such thing as the spacious panicy that the truth could follow, and, step by step, he would have had the freedom to establish a family without seeing it.

We should learn more in the face of the oppression of motherhood and the unfunctioning of the patriarchal position.If you say mother love is built in, is it not the father's love?Give my dear mother a chance to love a family, and give my dear father a chance to get to know you better.(You would like: Are parents really so lost?When the kids cried on the plane, they were more nervous than you )

This is an effort to make yourself and others better, The Great Age . We are in the city of Yoyo.