single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Watch "The End of Loneliness" under the love story of Rolling Stone, in a single diary. The end of loneliness , not to talk about love on the line. Loneliness is not the heart of the disease, but the body of the cell, you have to learn not to expel it, but to coexist with it. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Leaving is my last tenderness )

"I still don't like a person, but I understand one thing, like, is a person's thing ah." "

you brush your teeth alone, boil water alone, eat breakfast alone, Big Home, you look very small. You ride alone, have lunch alone, work overtime to write a proposal, and in this crowded city, you look so lonely.

You are such a girl, you are strong, the boss to your face throw a picture you do not flash, you endure, life is so difficult you do not retreat. You have some money on your hands, enough to eat well and get dressed, and buy a small suite in Taipei. You have nothing to worry about, but the heart is empty.

Later, you fall in love with the life of the unstable artist Big Boy, Love fresh, love torture. His loveliness, let your hundred years of loneliness disintegrate. You can buy him a new set of sofas, but can not give him the necessities of the food, you could ask him to eat a few meals, but can not buy out his heart's inferiority complex. He wants to chase you, but you are far away. No matter how hard he tried, all seemed to remain in place.

The kind of love that doesn't count for life suddenly becomes so heavy that it makes people lonely. You see him leaving your home, you know this is the last time. He carries the big baggage, the head does not return, as if the memory in this suite did not exist, originally, this is the end.

You can't forgive him, not because of the ambiguous messages on his cell phone, but because he doesn't want to explain, he gives up easily, and his head doesn't return. You can't forgive him, but you must let yourself go.

The boss does not recognize you, the one you often go to, and the happy reproductions you have bought from Ikea furniture now look cheap; the Paris you aspire to, is only a one-person journey.

There is no shortcut to happiness, you are not a happy commodity in front of happiness. Originally love is not a one-sided breeding, not the formation of the game. Love, or single, are the same, you are looking for is not to fill the vast life of loneliness, but let life justly enjoy loneliness.