You have been in her "smoke", "He does not Love Me", "I do not know what love" has moved, if you think music is not a contest, but a good story. You should know the real Ai Yiliang, fade the strong camouflage-the girl who loves to go to the top Brook market and see the facial features and emotions.

Our memory of the Ai Yiliang, is standing on the stage of the Super Doll petite body but distributed strong atmosphere of the girl, when she won the championship, all the good people have Taiwan Adele laudatory name of her. Later, Ai Yiliang out of the album, also went to the Chinese competition, from the "Passion singing", "China's strongest voice" to "The Sound of China," Ai Yiliang a contest, a Shen Dian, she doubted that she would like to be a " singing craftsman "? Finally, in a lose, she finds herself.

"I only sing the songs I know, I only sing the truth I believe." 」

Yi Liang said, every word is very firm. I think of last year, Ai Yiliang May days Herstory again. She used a "smoke" to arouse the hearts of all the soft, no previous momentum and strong, but a lot of meaningful.

This is the Ai Yiliang I know now--the gentle woman.

Sing every song with a righteous voice

I asked Yi Liang to talk about the days of the competition, she said: "In the good voice of China, let me learn a lot, I always remember that game, I sang with Chen Bing" He does not love me, I choose the most introverted way to sing it. The result is not ideal, but also create another ideal. I did not win, but I saw a lot of media eldest sister, Netizens said they saw the real Ai Yiliang in this song. 」

Yi Liang said that the moment she suddenly realized that the game so long, inevitably fall into the competition cycle, and finally, she used such a song, choose to return to herself: "Originally, the true will be seen." So why don't I just be who I really am? Now, I sing only one principle, that is, I want to sing justly. (Recommended reading: Oscar host Alan Allen.) Dichennie Graduation speech: Honesty is the true success.

True, is no longer grandstanding. Truth is to calm the mind on the stage and tell a story with sound.

Many people think that Yi Liang, in fact, regardless of her work environment or life, are particularly concerned about the feelings of others, so just entered the showbiz, Yi Liang very worried about what others think of her. She learns to pretend to be strong and tells everyone that she is good: "Everyone who wants to sing needs applause." I have been through some time, some people think my music is not good. Later I was in the creation of affirmation, I found that as long as I deliberately want to show, will be self-defeating. and write what I believe, it will naturally move people. 」

With a little approval, she could fill up and go on. After a long adjustment, Yi Liang decided to slowly live back to the child's own, I asked her what she expected in the showbiz, she answered is not to be identified, album Big Sell: "A clear conscience." Anyway, I choose to be your friend. 」

To play music is to make friends. Yi Liang said that she had not considered herself a star idol until today. She is a man who tells stories in music.

Music, never need a purpose

Yi Liang said the album to start before, the boss only said to her: "In fact, we just want to hear good music ah." "This words let her rest assured that the world needs good music, someone will sing the true song."

"Music, is my cure for myself." 」

She says that music is a healing process for her: "Like you have a wound in your heart, if you leave it, it will fester." I like digging wounds, the pain to dig deep, if you want to hurt me, I do for their own surgery. The wound is good, will scab, will heal, look at that scar, I will be very proud. 」

I ask is not "must first move oneself, can move others"? Yi Liang thought to say: "No, even do not want to move others, no purpose of music, is the most important thing music." 」

Music, not Ai Yiliang play a good hand, is a diary, writing her days.

Your flaws make me think you're beautiful

From "If you Love Me" to "Adult Love song", Yi Liang will soon launch new works to meet with you. She chatted about three zhangfa slices and talked a lot of thanks for the last album, on the album, Yi Liang Transmission strong woman image, music style walk in the mainstream and non-mainstream, although trembling, she still feel good worth: "Adult Love Song" This album, launched to me very proud, I am very grateful to my record company, And I fought a war with love and fear. 」

At that time the Yi Liang, for the music circle to bring "yes, I just want to overturn the rules," The boldness: I was thinking, if you do not do this now, when will someone do? So we choose to do what we believe in. We're going to shake this world that just wants women to grow up exactly the same. My skin is black and my legs are short, but I like myself. "(same field Gayon: do like own non-standard beauty )

"You think you're beautiful," she said. I don't want everyone to teach you what beauty is. I like the small flaw in the human body, you are not beautiful, actually just beautiful. 」

Yi-Liang has the spirit of revolutionaries, do music is also so, if you can convey their conviction, you can hear people feel moved, why not? She said she wanted to be a child Mulan, the character of the lead, let her not drift, let her in panic for their own feet.

Life is a battle, so be gentle

Came to the new album, Yi Liang views The music more than a reconciliation: "When the teacher asked me what the idea of this will be." All I'm saying is, I'm not going to fight anymore. 」

Ai Yiliang decided not to compete with WHO, put down the singing competition, the victory and the desire, more gentle life. Yi Liang said that his character is paranoid, there are too many dead-headed, she no longer to focus on those negative comments: "I often feel that I am a child, if others praise me a little bit, I will go forward." In contrast, if someone casts a questioning look, I doubt it for a long time. If people don't look up to me, I'll be sharp and want to prove that I can do it. (same field Gayon: form the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

"Now I want to be gentle, collect the fragments of life and pick up other people's stories." These emotions I want to understand more digest, don't let it hurt me, but become my creative energy. 」

Gentleness is to love life, to be a person who knows how to cherish: "Recently I, seems to pick up a Winnu simple feeling, we can all in life, find let you not lonely person, whether friends, family, lover." Gentleness is also, I clearly know what I want, compared to beautiful clothes, good car, I want a life I like, for example, I like to the top Brook market, look at the people there living, everyone alive, this makes me feel very cute. Many things are simple, you can be happy. 」

"In fact, when we want to reduce, we can concentrate on making ourselves happy." Happiness becomes simple, it is easy to satisfy. 」

All that's left is what you can lose.

The former Yi Liang, with strong in the defense of their own, now she used gentle War: "I recently learned to put soft." I hope to be strong enough to embrace your sadness, your uneasiness, your darkness. "In the face of the world, she said:" I do not know, take away are can be lost, I will not lose the world. 」

Yi Liang gradually fell in love with his present self , I see in her body as soft as water: "If you fall in love with me, you love me, I would be very grateful." If you don't love me, it doesn't matter. 」

This attitude of life, not only for music, but also for life, she shared before taking a taxi, a car, the driver constantly complaining, she said to such a complaint is grateful: "I can become his export, is my pleasure." You think about the world so many, he just met me, and I said. 」

"My grandmother said to me from childhood, I want to be kind, this thing has been in my heart." When the world twisted into, we watch others look at life, we have to see in a step-by-step strokes. I believe the truth that I heard five years old more than these complicated things. (Recommended reading: write to ten years later: I hope you still believe in love, remember that you will shed tears )

The fate of man and man is the most cherished by her now. Yi-Liang like human nature, like the most true and the best unadorned. If life is a battle, let her fight a battle that is not hurtful or glorious.

Big girl, you deserve to be happy.

This time, I love my Valentine's Day--great times, and I invite you to share the real power on the stage. I asked her to share with the woman a word, Yi Liang said: "You have to accept your own imperfections, you will be complete." 」

This is also her homework: "It's not easy to like yourself, we are very strict with ourselves." People have been eager to change, just to not let each other down. Perhaps, we are all out of good intentions, not to each other and ourselves to relax a little bit, we can live more comfortable. 」

Yi Liang finally gave a song to the Big Women's new album--"Our sum": "Life is like arithmetic, we will have a lot of things in the process of Gaga minus the bad things, we will calculate their own results, but to lengthen the time to see, not in the end, who can know what the sum is? Every person in life is meaningful, I have not met you today, the sum will be different. 」

Life has a high and low, happy sometimes, sad sometimes, she said not to stop in the mud, for their own forward is important: "I am full of anticipation, my new look." Hope the big girls, you too, take good care of their happiness, that you deserve. "(same field Gayon: I love my big woman era: from the hundred meter dash to the marathon challenge )

She's still The singer, is sings will, to the life originality, to own does not have, is she in the stage earnest life's petite figure.

The interview with Yee-Liang ended, more like a don't want to shout stop chat afternoon. She is not pretentious, does not hide, live magnanimous. The same day, we smiled and said, Ai Yiliang, is from the market walked to the million people stage, are very suitable for the magical girl. Ai Yiliang the eyes of life and the crowd will make you moved, as you hear her sing.

Ai Yiliang new single: Interpreting "Waterfall"

"You have to hit a wall to know the pain." 」

"How far will this fantastic, wild road trip Take me?" 」

Ai Yiliang, now no longer only with a husky emotional voice to conquer the Chinese music of the Soul Bionic, but also a song for the poetry of the female creator. Her song breaks all the "Just Good" Love song rules, the level of fine but hit, write others do not dare to write, singing others can not sing, like a beautiful and exquisite knife to expose the illusion of peace in my heart, straight into the heart to stir the most pain and confusion, and then with her what seems to have experienced the voice, inclusive of everything.

Ai Yiliang spent a year brewing, May 2017 brings a new song and lyrics creation • Fantasy healing single "Waterfall", by the gold producer Chen Jianjue fencing, two people's creative spark outlines the visual wonders of music. Huangshaoyung's unique electronic arrangement, catch the Hanlikang rock burst of electric guitar, Ai Yiliang plodded gradually wild voice release, when closed to listen to, as if the top of the waterfall on the cliff edge, brave to go before a step, the senses jump out of the bottomless vortex, outflow of emotion by the flow of huge energy flushing, purification, Melody will take you through the realm of mind that cannot be broken.

"WATERFALL"MV after 27 hours of location shooting, one of the 24 hours in the Yilan head of the city crazy showers between the arduous task, which has a good and little girl interaction between the scene is the biggest rain shooting, two people can not be the umbrella into a drowned rat, was crazy mosquito bites, eat enough, but when the director of a boot, Two tearful gaze at each other, in the heavy rain in the running, dedicated performance so that all staff moved. Yi Liang said, there is a play on the mouth to her really memorable, torrential rain, unknowingly put into the deepest emotions, almost tears. The last three hours of the scene back to Taipei, Taipei, the vicious sun, let last night a night of rain seems unreal, we Marvel "waterfall" drama outside are a fantastic road trip!