Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. Have you ever heard of the term "sow-teach" or "sow"? This from the beginning of last year, from the PPT to the extension of the burning noun, reflects the current mentality of xenophobia, but why this group of "sow" for women with such a large hate? Perhaps their hatred reflects the potential anxiety of this generation of men. (same field Gayon:"The sick woman" all body, all have the tired female trace )

Do not know from when began, PTT gossip version grow into a very masculine hegemony place, make the whole body strength of hatred female hate female, Sambo, Princess, ㄈㄈ ruler noun fly, latent inside into gossip version of potential communication language. Shang like a malicious key, let a person hold in the gossip version of the right to speak and be worshipped.

The term, which is frequently seen in the half-year, is called a sow. The Villager Obov is regarded as the "guru" of Sow teaching, and the congregation of the "Sow Sow, cry at night" is the core of the doctrine. They fight the slogan "Not a grudge but a sow".

Excerpt a section on the gossip board often appear on the comment, it is not difficult to imagine their consistent response caliber, "with good girls get along, contact, the leader will scold?" No! But when you go back to sow and sow, you can't! 0-Grain Sow roll! 」

What kind of person is the sow in their mouth? Princess disease is a sow, too ugly too fat is sow, show lust is sow, and foreigners intercourse is sow, older single is sow, reject male courtship is sow, advocating feminism is sow, gold-digger woman is sow ... In the Hill of the sea, it is not the hatred of the female but the hatred of the sow, which is contradictory. More people see the power structure of language, who is eligible to divide who is a good girl, who is the sow in his mouth? (same field Gayon: feminist Bad Teaching Desire: The third wave of feminist lust writing )

When sows are fashionable, we should ask, why are so many people willing to be sows? Why does this society have such a big hatred for women?

The rise of Sow teaching shows the anxiety of male as the subject of sex

I remember last year that I read the book of the Japanese writer Ueno, "hate women: The female aversion of Japan,"which made a fairly accurate prediction of Taiwan society today.

The movie stills of the Wicked Woman romance

"Tired of women is not only a simple dislike of women, but men in the process of becoming a sex subject, we must continue to be the object of women, other people, in order to prove the existence of men's own value and superiority." But the mother is the weakness of the female disease, because once the man has an insult to give birth to her own woman, it will endanger his birth. (Recommended reading:"Tired of the female disease" dislike female, is a man "become a man" a means? )

"Therefore, the disease is not only female contempt, but also has a female worship side." Sounds contradictory, doesn't it? The double standard of sex (sexual double standard) can explain that this phenomenon is not contradictory. 」

"Under the double standard of sex, men usually divide women into two different groups:" The Virgin "and" the Prostitute "," the wife. " Mothers "and" prostitutes "," married objects "and" playful objects "," Housewife "and" whores ". 」

Sow teaching distinguishes between "good woman" and "bad sow" the discipline face, just shows male as sex main body of castration anxiety. They found that they could no longer use the usual practices of the past to dominated women.

When modern women gradually escape from the standard of gender relations, the face of "no" woman, facing the "no longer want to" women, face " The woman who shows the uninhibited lust, in order to smooth the heart of resentment and puzzled, people think of a road with the least resistance: destroy her as the subject of the choice of legitimacy and possibility, by public criticism, to the world to reveal the "crossed the line of bad women", known as "Sow", attacked her, destroyed her.

And when a woman in order to deny, in order to refuse to tie "sow", and blurted out "I am not like them, I am not a sow", but actually consolidated the same set of oppression of their own ethnic patriarchal system of discipline. If we don't resist and overthrow the rules of the game, you never know when you'll be the sow in their mouth and the next witch hunt. (Recommended reading: negative demons in the global Desire City: When Taiwanese women meet Western men )

Where does the anxiety and hate of "sow" come from?

The movie stills of the Wicked Woman romance

Shang in Asia, in May, a man surnamed Kim in a public toilet, a disorderly knife stabbed a strange woman, arrested when he said he was often despised by women, so full of hate. Recently, there are more copycat offenders in Korea, panic.

And I've always wanted to understand, how does this powerful hate come about? Perhaps the general evil of the economic environment has also spawned hate. When he can no longer easily flip his social status, and found himself no longer hold the "dominant power" in the relationship, anxiety breeds more powerful hate, hate aimed at not the society, but rejected his woman. Because it's so hard to change society, it seems easier to hate a "part of the population".

So the "sow teach" taught these people to hurt people with hate, take back a little bit of self-esteem, but did not tell them that hate, can not solve the problem, can not solve the socio-economic imminent disintegration, can not solve the anxiety from the body from the embarrassment, can not solve the gender relationship of the more line of confrontation. (Recommended to you:"Raipexia Special text" by parents hate raising children, how to understand love? )

Sow Sow, who cries in the night? Can it be that anxiety has no place to vent, but only grow into hate man?

I do not understand, I can only speculate how the boy was formed, anxiety how to be ignored, hate how to be instilled. And I know, if not because of special care, especially hurt, how can hate? Why insist on the "sow" hanging on the mouth, gather to warm?

I do not know "sow", I can only say my own story. I understand that a woman's life is always her own. Her body is their own, lust is their own, the choice is their own, she is not a beautiful ornament, she does not need to meet who to achieve their own value, live like a perfunctory proof. (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Free blackmail in the name of "protection", we are all complementary Cinderella )

What I do know is that the division of physiology and sex may be rough, but can we start from this starting point, stop blaming each other and hate each other , and thus denigrate any possibility of mutual understanding.

If I may, I hope we do not live in a society that admits anxiety equals, and I hope that, regardless of gender, there is a possibility of weeping and seeking help; I hope that no sex exists to fulfill another gender. And I think this is the true meaning that we have to shout about feminism.