Woman fan of the fifth year, the third woman fan I love My festival came to the Taipei municipal Government Square. The Great times are the new attempts of women fans. "Love Yourself" is never a simple matter, we have greedily prepared three themes, 14 lectures, I hope you can get full strength, "#SpeakofHerstory She said, I decided how to live!" "Her story, her perseverance is very, she dares to refuse, she for the righteous sound, she writes the feminine story, their life does not want to repeat." (Extended reading : Looking back on the Good Times )

Do you want the world to be better for you? Women are obsessed with the fifth year, from last 525 I love my Free festival, at W Hotel gathered thousands of people to embrace themselves, proud of themselves, to this year's 525 good times, women fans invited million people to go to the city before the square, with the most peaceful form to create a unique gentle movement. Women fans have been accompanied by women, men from the focus on their own to the world, stepping on their courage to change this can be more soft times. (Extended reading: I love my big girl era: from the hundred meter dash to the marathon challenge )

We are afraid of the silence after the struggle, but even more afraid that we have not tried to take the first step.

Before the event, a day of partners and women fans together will be thousands of gifts boxes, the team also in the night before the one o'clock in the morning, all the partners are still on time in 85 in the city Hall before the square meet, the morning sun has basked in the face of heat, but everyone laughs Bizhi still brilliant, I can't see my sleepy eyes like a twinkle little sun, all of us are stretching and shouting slogans, ready to meet the challenges of the whole day, I think is the spirit of women fans, in such a large outdoor venues to organize large-scale activities, very hard is very silly is not flattering, but very real.

In the afternoon of the lecture area is not open, there are many readers to inquire about the start time, the earnest in the lecture area near Irresolute back, the Sun also no complaints, even in the end, the intimate you come to tell us: "Hard you, this is a great speech." "Or take a drink that still has a little coolness," said the foreword, "Thank you, you speak very good today." 」

We were also privately heard because we couldn't be there, but we were interested in the content of the lecture area, these precious feedback we have heard, we also very much want to let you can again aftertaste touched, also let inconvenient come, but the lecture content is full of interest you, can and we experience the present move, so prepare this time. Lecture Direct hits the report ", let us review the day lecture area profound" her story "bar.

"Her story" chooses Orange as the representative color: find the power from the crowd

Women fans uphold do one more thing spirit, for each lecture area are planning their own color, hope to be able to highlight the characteristics of each lecture area, "Embracing diversity" is a reflection of the calm purple, "workplace female force" is a symbol of action of the fiery red, and " Her story "from the main vision of the entire series of slogans to the carpet in the tent, all showing a soft but vibrant orange."

Orange in color is the navel chakra color, this warm hue contains a very good power, it represents people and people to create links, and from the relationship between the people to find power, and then change the world, this is " Her story "wants to convey the spirit that each of us may be just tiny gears, but when we clasp each other, we have the power to drive the whole world."

Raipexia: I will be enchanted for a lifetime! 10 Exercises in intimate relationships

"Without respect there is no love." 」

The first of her stories began with Raipexia, who had recently moved from entertainer to writer and soul lecturer, to talk about intimate relationships with her, first asking the audience to "raise their hands to listen to intimacy." Want to hear the family relationship raise your hand? As a result, we see so many young and eager faces on the scene, with the same hesitation in family relations, and then the sharing of family relationships.

In fact, the family relationship is not another intimate relationship, but also is everyone's life to face the subject, for home we may have different imagination, but go home on the way to go alone, Raipexia teacher in the day for us as a spiritual teacher, for all the lights on the way home.

"There is no love when angry, such love is forced and manipulated." There is no love at that moment only shut up, your heart is tense at that time, that is not love. "Raipexia teacher from the family relationship between parents and children, parents always have a too soft heart for their children, however, when the emotion comes, the parents should use the word of love carefully, love is not to conceal the emotion and dissatisfaction in the intimate relationship, more should not be the name of false love, the control of the reality, and their intimate relationship, It will also affect the relationship between our children and their partners, so we should be more cautious in the face of the people we love deeply.

And how do we face our parents when we are children, Raipexia teacher looked at each pair of puzzled eyes, with a gentle but firm tone said, we need to learn to let parents trust us, tell them we have enough maturity and courage to face the unknown, it does not mean that we want to cut off the link with parents love, But because love us more to win the parents respect to us, the parent and the child's mutual respect, will lead us toward the harmonious comfortable intimate relation.

"The Orient is accustomed to sacrificing devotion and giving, which will indeed bring us joy, but we may forget that we should respect ourselves first." "I am actually a kind of intimate relationship with ourselves, in the face of emotion, we do not shout loudly, this is to the family, the partner is also harm to ourselves," If you don t mean it, don t say it. "Our language has power, and language creates destiny, We do not want to be full of thorns and scars of life, respect for ourselves and treat each other, to give each other happy, is the best gift of all kinds of intimate relationships.

Finally, the teacher wanted to give all women Raipexia readers a word: "Their space as the world's most important space, go home first to clean your room!" "Our space is our life, when you respect your own space, your heart's people will come in, your world and life will be extremely happy and abundant." (Extended reading: Happiness is growth!) Spiritual mentor Raipexia: "You are willing to admit your shortcomings, you can find strength")

Lin Meixia: Hard life, I learned to save themselves, but also save lives

"Not grandma is very strong, but as long as I move, I can do anything, where are willing to go." 」

Taiwan's eldest grandmother, the oldest disaster relief, the day from the morning of the press conference is on the scene, sleeveless arms black and white is clear, are in the harsh relief environment struggling to help people's memory engraved, but also grandma this lifetime come, hard times under the brand, but the years and suffering never erase her optimism and compassion, through 921 of her, In the 88 hurricane and this year Tainan building collapsed, can see her hard work of thin body.

And she was talking about the past, the process of supporting six children alone, the process of endless hard, gentle intonation is full of love, just as her love for Taiwan people and land, dearly and care is endless. She looked at Taiwan, just like watching her own children, we see people who know pain from her, often also more understand compassion, in their own that time bitter, it is hoped that this generation everyone can be good to love, to tears, to be strong face life.

Grandma continued to use Taiwanese language mixed with Mandarin modesty repeatedly stressed: "Not the grandmother is fierce", not her, is the Taiwanese love, accompany Taiwan through the most painful scars. Lifting the Tainan building collapse of the earth-shattering sleepless night, Grandma said good love dearly, look up are young children, crying the name of the family, but no response at night, the general handling out, photograph has broken, the family have to endure tears wait to go to the toilet to cry aloud, for fear of tears flow to the general, Starters leave of the family heart there is no peace of mind on the road.

Grandma spoke in a hoarse voice about the unbearable stories of these ordinary people, scene many people's eyes are suffused with tears, quietly wipe cheeks shed tears, Grandma said in the present she is very sad, but can not shed tears, because she will take care of her team with the presence of the victims and to the living, and she can successfully complete relief, not she is very powerful, It was because the people of the whole country sent their most precious love to her hands.

Grandma finally told the reader that doing such a foolish thing does not mean that she is a stupid woman, she wants to encourage all young people, like every boy and girl who comes to a woman's fan, we have to stand up, but we have to save ourselves before we can have greater power to help the world. There is no sadness in Grandma's body, only contentment and humility. Sad days, let us learn grandma together, how to take the hands of others to stand up again. (Extended reading: save from 921 to the Victoria Crown Building!) Interview with the disaster relief Grandma Lin Meixia: "The time to cry, I take to save")

Mioboya: Not the same, what do you want?

"I was a little bit weird since I was a kid, and I'm not interested in all the girls who are interested." 」

Before the start of the speech, Charisan, the chief of the Reading bookstore, first share about her own life, she said that in the past she always abide by the rules of society, as a beautiful, well-behaved host, to the age of 30 to find that they do not want to do so, more lost found that many of the collision and efforts are futile, We can not help but wonder how hard it is for us to reap the rewards.

As a political figure, as a physiological woman is always "different" Miao Boya, from an early age is a different girl, no feminine dress and temperament, even in the kindergarten quilt dress when the strong resistance, in adolescence, they found their desire for girls. In this way she entered the north of a woman, the first thought is: "A lot of girls, so happy!" The scene was also laughed at by her frankness, and she said that because of her masculine appearance and temperament, she enjoyed many patriarchal bonuses and had more power over other girls.

As the Chairman of the class Federation, she was in a micro-struggle to win the uniform autonomy win a small but meaningful victory, and from that point on she understands that if you can stand up and be willing to take the initiative, if you can find like-minded people, the goals you want to achieve will succeed, which deeply affects her motivation for later movement and political participation.

After entering the law department of Taiwan University, I thought that all success was taken for granted. Suddenly aware of class inequality, and gradually deviated from the baby line, the original is a more fortunate fertilized egg, with a better background, and many people do not have their own good luck, and in the future to the juvenile auxiliary school to observe, The continual verification of such thoughts prompted her to resign from her law firm and go on the path of being so thankless and so much more important than to die and support the same marriage.

And at the 318 student movement, she was more aware of the gender equality, the education system, the allocation of resources, the average, those good important fairness and justice, if no one rolled up their sleeves to do it, then no one will help us achieve, only the people of our generation to do, only the possibility of success, change, is our generation's task.

"I may look different, but we can think more about what we have in common, work on this common ground, do a little more every day for what we want to accomplish, and the future of Taiwan can become the Taiwan we want." "We're going to make a different society where everyone has the right to decide what they want to be, even when they're in a difficult situation, and when we have each other, girls can have tremendous power that can't be shaken," she said. (Extended reading:"believe that you can do, Taiwan does not have time to wait for us to become old" Miao Boya interview )

Ball: Talk to yourself about a relationship.

"So alone in my understanding of life is to fall in love, you have to arrange for yourself, with your own emotional fight, you are more close to the voice of your heart, it is a quiet state after the chaos of the brain, for me that is very important." 」

Before the last speech began, sultry the first rain in hot weather, there are many small ball fans holding an umbrella to peek into the field, outside the rain can not extinguish the expectations of young boys and girls face. has always been for the audience to bring a lot of positive energy and vitality of the ball, the first sentence will be surprised to shout: "I did not think there will be so many people come, also did not think that there is no stage, the audience are so close to me, so if you want to take photos, please use the "Let the audience laugh, but in this last speech, she wanted to tell the reader is not those bright stage story, instead of regaling talk about their own lost the sad time."

A ball that once relied heavily on others and was willing to glow for others, in 2015 because of the dissolution of the group, into the process of extreme confusion, and even think that they are a liar, cotton candy songs are always full of dreams and praise of youth invincible, but they have not gone back to that situation, because at that time not enough to love themselves, small ball that " All the applause, the love and power of others for you all collapsed in that moment. 」

On the verge of collapse of her, decided to find herself and ran away, "I want to see for themselves, the heart seems to have a drum agitation, you think you can not do, so you want to try, I want to know if I do, then the mood will be?" 」

Little she was holding a small locomotive, the first time to start their own travel, never dared to communicate with others, because the dog bites, and drove her to the hospital to the wife of the boss to reopen the atrium, small ball in the Taidong Doulan beautiful tide, rediscover the courage and ego, a person travel is the breakthrough of the Ego, It's a beautiful first chapter with self dialogue and love with yourself, in a person's journey, we have enough time to precipitate those complex thoughts, experience the quiet state of the brain after chaos, and find the most suitable for their own pace, the ball is only then found that we are missing a love with their own.

At the end of the day, we made an exception to open the scene of the reader to ask questions, hoping to get more from the ball to love their own strength, and a fan to ask questions, please go back to see the original in the Hugh Regiment when the "is not I am not good enough", there are different ideas The little Ball says it was written in a very low mood, did not expect that in the follow-up will cause such a big resonance, but later will reject the singing of the reason, because she thought this song should be called "You are good enough", indulge in sadness does not matter, but after the troubled mood, we all need to find an export, Don't let a monster like that devour us at night.

Talk to yourself and then reconcile, we all have the time of self-doubt, but as the small ball in the lecture at the end of the lectures for the audience to sing "100 Suns and the Moon": "You do not be nervous, you do not fear, you do not disappoint, we are living in the present, which tube injury, are beautiful absurd." "We do not fear, slowly find their own pace, for their own singing a gentle song, and their own talk about a lifetime of love!" (Extended reading: leave "marshmallow" comfort!) Ball Zhung: I am not perfect, but honest to face myself )

At the end of the day, we listened to a lot of people's "Her story" and "his story" in the city Plaza, each one faded away from the day's reserve, his eyes with the most transparent light, sharing the power he believed in the stage, some believed "the power of Family and love", some believed Believe "the power, no matter what kind of power to believe, each person emits light all in the evening, converge into a heat flow of the most warm heart. We don't have to be perfect, but to be complete and sincere, to be honest, to say the most touching story of life.

The day I stood next to a partner, watching the partners were burning into the sun pink back, in the preparatory period I have never thought of the scene to endure tears, I did not think so many people would like to be on the bright stage of the most unbearable and vulnerable on the side of the spread out, let the deepest heart flow out, also never thought, It turns out that we are not only here today to assist in the preparation of a million people's activities, but loose and soft so many people do not familiar with the heart.

The woman of that day let me believe the power of "action", I believe that every sound will summon its echoes, I believe that each step is a circle of infinite expansion of the ripples, the final must be able to bring changes in the waves.

This is not a perfect time, but it can be the best of times.