single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. When love and breakup become letters, we put ourselves in a scene to confirm or love or hate . Writing to the ex-lover is the last call and reconciliation, releasing a faint but real message, we love each other, and we can forgive ourselves. (same field Gayon: Single Diary: Unfortunately we are not to let each other happy people )

Dear H,

After leaving you so many years, I finally grow up to be a willing and able to live their own people. I like a child, from the very small daily details to start the practice, the habit no longer call me out of bed, accustomed to a person to wash vegetables cooking, accustomed to sleep before hugging myself.

Love once made us very close, near enough to feel each other's breath, near to seeing all the ugliness and goodness of each other. We are all very vulnerable people, together at that time, incredibly strong enough to hurt each other. It was only when the reaction bounced back to us that we felt the pain.

I hope that after leaving me, you no longer pain, I hope you leave, love more free. I occasionally put a number of hands on the index, this is the first few days we leave each other, and learn to be happy for us.

I occasionally hear from friends of friend, you know you live in another city very hard, you are a serious person, I never have to worry. You gradually can talk about me, I slowly can smile to talk about you, I know we are good, even if we once love so riddled with holes.

Love is wonderful, even at that time, I think we except hate and injury, there is not much left, eventually I followed the nameless pain, found the mark of love. Do you remember? We used to love each other, and we can forgive ourselves.

I forgave us, and more than that, I forgave myself selfishly. I did my best, I love you very seriously, every moment I sincerely, I do not blame the past. This is the best we can have.

I can write a letter to you.

I can miss you.

I'm better now.

I know I can also love, but also have the qualification of love, then you?

M (Hope this letter won't make you feel too bothered)