"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, for life to leave some monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

It's a tender excuse.
Better than I don't like you
It's boring to hear you talk.
You want to puke with your dinner?
You're a jerk.


Unable to confide to deceive
Can't explain to the poem
Too much time to give
Complicated to Fate
Surrender to Faith when you fall
Give to the devil when you indulge

When I was on the trek
The compass that can never be entrusted
To believe in fog
Sometimes they can lead the way.

--Chai Renwei I have an appointment with someone for dinner tonight.

I've loved the best people.
When I was young.
I was the moss in the bathtub.
She's the water lily of the wishing pool.
I sent her verses and vows.
She loves me very much

She's laughing.
Once let the universe sway
Her heart is more virtuous than the whale.
I love her, too.
But I don't just love her.
Lies Take away Faith
Let all the Roses
They lost their flowers.

There's no Moonlight on the Night Goodbye
Vague guilt.
Not until now.
Be lighted by the tears

--Ming Ren letter to disappoint

An instant feeling of love
Like a fleeting flash of lightning
It doesn't really fall to the ground.
Just a twinkle.
Illuminate the
One second of the sky
When you realize
Look up at the clouds
The clouds are still grey and heavy
But you do know that.
What happened just now?
True love.
should be happy
Lying on the grass in the April
Don't linger on that.
Who likes to see you cry

───〈 moment of Love, Lin Wanyu "Those lightning points to you"

I'm not saying he's bad.
Because it's better than that.
A better man is a wet sugar.
Only in the age of poverty
To keep on remembering the sweetness of embarrassment
To live a good life is to forget people who are better off.

And then the things that didn't say
The grass is growing in clumps.
When the spring breeze blows
into another road.

Only Trust
As dark as the shadow of winter
The shadow of summer is as short
Never been beautiful.
No longer tall
Then I only believe in myself

--Excerpt Yang Yi static "time to turn off"

How not to be occupied by love
If you want to love more
How not to be more occupied
When the pockets are stuffed with stars
How to love the whole world
And still have their own
Said to have light
Then there is darkness.
In the dark.
We are in love
To rename Yourself

--The love of Hung Hong