Work is love made visible. Women's fans have always believed that work is a manifestation of love. Let's look at our work scene. This week it is edited by editor.

The reason I've been praised most often is not adorable, smart, but "hard work".My hard work is to prepare for tomorrow's biology exams at two o'clock in the morning; before the National Music Society exercises it, it will be an early practice; it is from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., it is waiting to write a thesis on the work of a research laboratory.Therefore, no matter how effective it is, no credit has been done, at least, everyone will like to say, " At least you have tried!"

The first shock education that comes into the women's memes is that everyone is working hard.This effort is not entirely reflected in the length of time, but rather how it can be done better, how it can help others better, and why is it surprising that I can do something about it?(Of course, there is still a lot of time to stay up at night).(Recommended to you: Do you work hard or don't finish?Seven new perspectives for the efficiency of subversive work

Last Wednesday, it was my first meeting with a woman fan, and CEO Wei Hsuen shared her observations and asked how it could be better:

"I know that we all love women very hard, and what we're going to do now is to let our love be carried out efficiently and intelligably."

Love is not a hot barbarian, "he said." It's not a day or a day to work overtime and spend 100 hours on the company to finish the job."

I realize that sometimes it's not love, it's a kind of lazy, it's not love, it's killing me.Because they don't want to think about their own methods of work, don't want to face up to their own time schedule, don't want to take on the void and pressure of "I'm not working," so just take time to change the mind, and put the whole person on the job, "at least, I've worked hard."If the results are poor and inefficient, at least, my efforts and fatigue are not too hard to blame.(You would like: [Women's Leadership column] It's not luck to succeed, but really hard work )

In a way, my efforts are not love, but a armor that resisted self-criticism and others' reviews, and made a deafening proposal to make my contribution soft, and soft, three-thirds.

A new season of women's fans, trying to get people's passion for work more efficiently, is working.Practice uses a more evolved project management app to enable each Lab to simultaneously synchronize each person's work, to alert each other, to create a peer program, to allow experienced Womanyor to be able to communicate with each other's expertise, and to share new sparks with each other's own specialization.

These new attempts, what I see here, is that a company that has been established for five years has not been stopped because of the success that it had created.Just as my first shock education: Never stop thinking can make you and others better.The cooperation across Lab is not enough to get a deeper understanding of each other's expertise, not only to find out each other's help, but to burn the burning energy out of its own seats to correct its own working model.(Extended reading: I love the age of a woman: from a hundred meters to a marathon challenge )

The effort is a virtue, but only effort is not enough.If it is just a hot, unthinking, uncooperative, uncooperative, unadjusted, not to seek better results or more efficient implementation, then the so-called effort is actually just a kind of slackback.

I think I'll remember this as a good one, and remind that "too hard" at any time.