It's very simple to teach everyone today's happiness, and even the only food that's going to be cooked is by the people of Bubble Ball!This is a gourmet delicist from San Diego: Anna The Red 's recipes, trying to let people in love surprise you in the art of your art?Maybe you can make a different kind of "love" breakfast, yo.

-egg count

-Milk or Juice paper (new house)

-Rounded bamboo or bamboo sticks

-elastic ropes or rubber bands


Cut the drink cardboard, keep the angle of angle, make several loving eggs

Prepare several boiled eggs

Place a hot white egg in step and press a bamboo stick or bamboo chopstick on the center of the egg

then the paper box is pressed inwards, and the two ends are tied with an elastic rope or rubber band to squeeze the egg into a groove and be firmly fixed in the paper box.

Recipe author: AnnaTheRed

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