We've introduced H&M to work with prominent tribal clients and M.A.C. in cooperation with famous comic strip women. This year, there is a new brand name, "Katy Perry Collection", a new color scheme, which has been named after Katy's own style and is named after Katy's new song, and a black nail polish that claims to create a broken leopard.

Not Like The Movies
cruel gray pink dreamer passion dark blue blueberry fruit
( Friday night) (Black Shelter)

The use of the black leopard chaps is very special, and is said to be coated with a thin layer on the fingernails that have already been painted and dried, and then the lines are broken after drying.

Katy Perry " is a foreign musician who is also a young musician (Jolin), who is known to be a member of the United States. When she is on a red carpet, the part of her fingernail paintings is sometimes also noticed and reported by the media, and from time to time, she shows up on her own Twitter feed.

Although Taiwan is still in the pre-purchasing stage (which can be obtained after the Chinese New Year), a lot of people abroad have already uploaded pictures of the test colors. It looks like a combination of gorgeous, rock, and wild. These are the characteristics of Katy Perry, which is an equal sign.

Swipe 4

with Black Shelter

With Katy Perry's love for Mejia, this time it's a bit of a surprise, not a brand name, but perhaps the collaboration is also used to test the market acceptance of your own brand. It is said that this series of models, whether sold abroad, or in Taiwan, is very good. So we may be able to start looking forward to Katy's own brand name?

Finally, Katy Perry, a unique tree, can not forget the same style, which is the same style, and has a very noticeable pattern of Lady Gaga.In the past, the media used to compare these two fashion women, but this time we found a way to have both styles of fashion!

Glovedup Stylish Sleeved Sleeved Sleeve with Shiny Nail + LadyGaga

Welcome to the new beginning this year with the most dazzling finger and the brighest of fashion sleeves!

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