A woman-obsessed new media interview program, a look at the direction of new media in Asia, this is a reader, as a new media workers should not miss a lesson. The last one ( winter or summer?) Zheng Guo Wei x Lu Zijun ) discusses the relationship between new media and traditional media, which looks at the future direction of new media development.

New media development in Taiwan over the past 5 years: 318 student movement lit fire

In this time of the media web site, I asked the two people to share the social events they think have changed the most in the media in recent years. "I will say 318, but not 318 let the new media rise, it is just ignition, before the ignition has piled a lot of wood, firewood also poured oil." "The son of the Wood said, including a wide range of Facebook users, as well as blogs, fan pages and other opinion leaders operating from the media, coupled with the participation in the 318 campaign are mostly community Aboriginal people, is the prepared firewood, so that new media forces can be through this incident. (same field Gayon: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

"These communities have played online games, played replicas and teams since they were young, and everyone is a hero and no important leader, which is a whole community mentality," he said. "June said, 318 is just an event to let them play, including their own Tumblr, finishing the timeline and lazy bag, and so on, this wave continues to the end of the event, to encourage more people to use a similar way to continue to operate other themes of the media, 318 for Taiwan over the past 5 years, the development of new media, has an indispensable importance. Guo Wei added, 318 let everyone in the past accumulated distrust of traditional media to show the collective, the people in order to spread their voices, a large number of use of various means of communication, including the emergence of g0v, the use of community, hackers pine let everyone think about the possibility of direct change of the Society of Communication Technology.

(Photo source: Dong Sen News Network )

But, in the new media bloom, seemingly all smooth situation, the son June also saw some negative development. He first mentioned the end of the nameless station, "the past in the anonymous of the popular bloggers, opinion leaders, even if the face book appeared also nothing to be shaken." But when the nameless ones get rid of them, they scatter, and some of them disappear, and others, even if they are transferred to Facebook, are subject to Facebook control, unlike the previous readers who were able to quickly update their messages by subscribing to RSS feeds. "When Facebook became the most popular topic for discussion, whether it was the media or the media, it was hard to accumulate loyal readers ' adherence to the face book operating mechanism," he said. (same field Gayon: Face book push newest service "Real Time article": Is the media an elixir or a poison? )

Another hidden concern is the development of a critical platform. "2013 year, although nothing special happened, but the new media, network communication platform rose very prosperous year, including" Independent Review @ World "," Critical Review Network "," Naruto "and so on, but their models are in tandem on the internet has been very red bloggers or writers to platform writing. "He said, this kind of commentary platform can through the invitation manuscript, the low cost output content, because touches the rate and the spot reading rate are high, this pattern is more and more, but he does not think this is the good trend, the content comes from the writer, the loyal reader finds the content source, the reprint platform's brand image certainly is

"Hours do not read, grow up to be a journalist?" 」

In the pan-scientific acquaintance, the Prestige and the son June difference 6 years old, respectively with different original intention to walk in the media road, so different, but also have the ambition together. Speaking of his ideal in the media circle, the son smiled and said he is a very strong control of the shaking S, everything is done to conquer Bluestar (Earth), hope not just to follow the world, but also to create a world without the need to answer, and to talk about the daughter can not hide the fatherly kind of prestige, only hope that when the daughter grew up to be able to ask him questions , he can answer, tell his daughter that the world has become better, or even if it has not been good, Dad has tried so hard.

In the embrace of subversive media enthusiasm, I asked them how to read "hours do not read, grow up as a journalist," this derogatory atmosphere of media practitioners, and aspiring to enter the media industry, what should be a good young people? Spread the prestige of professional origin, in the study of the Institute found himself unable to enter the traditional media work, "I think I can not get out of the sludge and do not dye, in the traditional media I must drift, so on their own down to do, but now to do the new media, society has not been able to understand too, like my daughter may be difficult to explain to the teacher his father's work. "(Recommended to you: emphasis on open ideas!) Old Guardian's content marketing New era experiment )

He said that Taiwan's propaganda resources are not enough, unlike some foreign good text to let everyone understand the social pulse, like the American album "The Newsroom" on the media transformation presented very clearly. In this case, the new media to their own responsibility, and strive to let the community understand that there are alternative option (alternative, alternatives), there is no so-called mainstream, non-mainstream, the two are tied, to provide audience choice.

After the 318 student movement, many young people want to invest in the media industry in this regard, the idea of a more optimistic, he thought that young people have blood is a good thing, but the son has a worry, "this group of young people are college students, their time cost is very low, like playing clubs, playing this today, tomorrow can play other, this does not blame them, It's just that the industry needs a long investment to make something happen. "Many people often do less than six months to leave, or to give up the ideal, every day only want to clock out, June said, the real young people in the group can not reach the goal, you may try to jump out to do, because now their own media is not high threshold."

"Although it may not be too good, but most of the space." "June said he is a very goal-oriented person, as long as the process of meeting the goal of the opportunity to grasp, and smiled the" angelic Beginner's mind, hell-like wrist "This couplet, to all aspiring to reform young people.

Solution, data! Future New Media Keywords

Finally, I invite two to share their view of the new media future. Guo said that the future of media organizations are bound to swarm (swarms of insects) direction to go, "like ants, inside the individual will quickly die, but the organization has little influence, at present WeChat, Google, Facebook more like swarm." "The new media keyword in his mind is" solution ", because the media exists to solve the problem.

"I say that solution is not necessarily content, it may be technology, community." The media should provide solution rather than make problem, and in the process of providing solution, the community must be involved in order for it to be recognized. Provide solution this matter, is the media itself solution. 」

June has put forward the key word "data", he said Ai (artificial intelligence) now seems to be a bit clumsy, but to catch up with this trend, make it stronger, depends on data. He also referred to the current trend of content delivery, which feeds the news or advertising for different users, making the message more accurate.

"Whether it's AI, machine learning, or unsolicited delivery, there's plenty of data behind it." Whether the media is to solve their own or other people's problems, the previous lay out often rely on data support. 」

Andy Chang, Lu Zijun, two not tire of

In the interview process, I found that the son and the Prestige is from the heart to appreciate each other, they each have some other people do not have the ability, so respect, cherish. I asked them to describe each other in one sentence and ask each other a question.

Guo Wei in thinking how to describe the son of June into a long silence, but also scratched the scratching said: "Really difficult to say." Finally he finally huff and puff to say:

"Get to know a young man like June, and you don't think the future is hopeless." 」

He said he was fortunate to be satisfied with the process of being a young man and working with young people. "I picked the right theme and I know a lot of good young people in this field," he said. The child is more special, has the idea, the driving force, actually also does not need to put the young person this title to him. I hope he will develop better in the future, he can be a good example of others. "The Prestige pair is June, really is like the teacher as the father also like friend's emotion."

And the son June how to see the Prestige? Unlike the Guo Wei's long time to ponder, Zi June this sentence suddenly spit out:

"Guo Wei, is an incurable ideal." 」

After hearing this sentence, Guo Wei smiled three. Zi June said that the Prestige is a professional media person's stubbornness, in the direction of the goal, often even the process and practice are set. And Guo Wei also said, remind themselves not to insist, so that partners can use their own way to do things, he is now in practice.

And he is absolutely serious, because he asked the son in Question Time: "How do you plan your own rhythm, choose which opportunities to grasp?" "June said, he is very fortunate to learn to grasp the rhythm of doing things in the pan-science, because in that work, every day the mailbox exploded, and soon found their own limitations." "Every day is so much time, as long as you know which opportunities are related to your ultimate goal and what is not, you will not be anxious about the opportunity." 」

And the son June is asked the prestige: "You do the media still happy?" The Prestige soon nodded. This seemingly simple question, it is the son of the oneself also want to ask himself, "I really want to ask him, because I also want to ask myself, I would like to know his feedback to me." "June finally a bit sentimental, said the interview seems to be a relationship, but he seems very fortunate to get the answer to the affirmation of the Prestige." (Gayon: A woman's editor on Space and media: A woman's forest next to Daan Forest Park )

Interview PostScript:

The Wei and June today's wear is like a prior agreement dress code, just shoes off, a bare feet, a sock is too eye-catching. When taking pictures, they sit on the ladder on the left and right, the picture is very harmonious.

"Luckily, I almost wore a white shirt today." Zi June looked at the white shirt of Guo Wei said.
What You're not a white shirt? The Prestige asks.
"No, I have a little water blue. "Zi June lesbian sleeve, a little complacent."
「... Do. "The Prestige answer.

Expecting the two heads to be almost completely different, they continue to collide more sparks into the media circle.