Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. The Chinese program "Mother is Superman" is the first mother-child reality program, compared to "where the Father ", the audience a bit more harsh. Everyone has something to say about motherhood. What we need is to dredge up a path for more mothers to become their own. (Recommended reading: The death of "mother" the last straw: economic independence is a good mother? )

The Chinese parent-child reality program, "Mom is Superman," hit 420 million internet clicks after "Where did Daddy Go". "Mother is Superman" there are remarried mother Alyssa, Meiting and single mother Dong Jie, and premarital gossip is a Shiying. Every woman has a story, the audience with a magnifying glass, in the observation object "mother" body pick, Chilai, from their life experience to parenting methods, suddenly the whole world seems to have read the Mother Bible.

Star dad Meng Baby on the screen of the combination no longer, star mom Sun Bao caused many viewers to the mother of the finger. There is only a good mother in the world, let mother shoulder honor and disgrace and countless obligations. Then I would like to discuss the following three things in the perspective of the audience's parent position:

Who defines the distinction between a good mother and a bad mother

People look at their mother with children like watching a play, the play nature to divide the good and bad role only conflict. Audience Praise Shiying is a good mother, feed the child to take care of the housework a hood, be husband spoil Meiting is the bad mother, take 3C coax children, bubble a milk powder all Montreal, careless let the child falls Scald.

"To Shang Ying to change, before I think she is a champion around the wife, see this episode of the program down, think successful man behind the strong woman is her." Shang herself as a mother, and as a wife, she played a very good role. Fully support the husband's career and family. She has been using the spirit of the champ to inspire the two sons: "When Wrestling cry, then you see Dad, hurt when you cry." Shiying not only makes her husband a hero in his heart, but also tries to shape the image of his father as a hero in the child's heart. 」

The above is a palindrome in the "How to evaluate the mother is Superman" in the discussion string. A successful woman is expected to be a teacher, a woman is deepened into a caring role, to run her husband's heroic masculine image. The audience made a lively decision about a good mother's rules. (Extended reading: No matter what my job is, I'm Angela Merkel after class. )

In addition, Meiting's clumsy, also in the program was molded for men after leaving home, the mother self-reliance self-improvement "growth in mind." The audience looked coldly at how Meiting from a panicked mother into a capable mother. The program of the father deliberately absent, let the original home do not do housework regardless of the child's Meiting suddenly in distress, so she anyhow, all want to "turn into a good mother."

mom is Superman, is really a social force, turned around, still have to ask dad where to go. to remove the divinity of the mother, the mother is not to circumvent the "child and Family", but to meet the father came to the parental position. It is not necessarily the average distribution of the parents ' commitment to economic and emotional labor, but rather the right of both parents to choose their preferred location, and women do not have to take a backseat to being a woman when they choose to be present.

In addition, we should break the good and bad territory, see every mother's real living figure, as we do not see real father in the plight of reality, they are mostly alienated from the child, the upbringing of the lack of communication, the lack of child growth memory. Every father's turn, there is a left-behind mother, she may be amused, may hesitate, or helpless, for different mother characteristics, father characteristics, they should also have their own family perfect path.

Left not right not, single mother's upbringing difficult

The audience to the so-called "complete family" in the mother weighing weighing, turned to criticize Dong Jie's single parents Identity and divorce history. The script everywhere pressed the child "live without Father's life, how do you think?" The child replied: "I'm used to it." The audience nose acid. The sadness of the Single-parent family is based on the resolute mother and poor child, many messages questioned Dong Jie, the children do not have a good father poor, you can not learn Cecilia Cheung Faye Wong, do not make the past with the predecessor. They accuse Dong Jie of arbitrariness, no wonder of divorce, and they say that Dong Jie a boyfriend for a long time, a slut.

At the moment, divorce and single mother of the word is very tortured, accusing a woman not docile well-behaved, ended up divorce "end".

"She was not at all worried that her son would not be Manly without her father." 」
"And the other family children a comparison of the out, distressed." 」

So in many people's imagination, the necessity of a father's presence in a family is to establish authority, to teach the qualities of a boy, to teach his daughter Toeing society. Is it really so miserable for a child without a father?

"54.9% 's single child thinks he is very happy, this may be because single-parent families are now becoming more and more common, and schools and society can treat single children in a more normal manner, and single parents can feel that their parents are divorced or separated while they are growing up, but they still care about and cherish their hearts, All these factors may make the child feel happy even if he is in a single-parent family. --The No. 216 issue of Women's newsletter--Focus Topic

It's not the family structure that really causes the child to be unhappy, but the loneliness of growing up, even the parents of the family may not be able to get the care and care of parents, I do not intend to erase the father or the mother, in which we should not talk about the role of the individual parents, but regardless of gender can shoulder the emotional significance and economic work of the contemporary, We should see a single father or mother who has the ability to give a child complete love. This love is not because less "good father and mother" and lack of corner. So what we are creating is not a society that "does not recognize the value of Single-parent families", but an environment in which single-parent families can have a more friendly system to survive. (Recommended to you: a married but always have no time father, let Taiwan mother become a false single parent )

You see Dong Jie every day to kiss his son to get up, with him to practice taekwondo, he is the Tiger mother is also a mother, the so-called father of the absence of the tragedy is really exist? Leave it to everyone to think about.

What is the end of happiness in an age when the whole family is poorly imagined? Dong Jie softly said: "Only with the son together, to be a happy woman again!" "I thought it was really happy when she was taking a picture with her son in her wedding gown," she said.

"Mom is Superman." All of them are female professionals?

Heard so much criticism, you can not help but wonder why the audience to see "where the Father" is to join the fun, see "Mother is Superman", all of them become insiders nitpick.

No one shouted Jimmy Sun, but everywhere said that these mothers consume children, the child as a cash cow; We strongly praised the nursing father grounding gas, will not nurse mother was not enough to be a mother. Mother is Superman, is undoubtedly the social context of the oppression of the mother. The mother or the father, is only a kind of cultural reproduction and distribution, it is experience rather than a vocation, only to break the "Superwoman" (Superwoman), "Super Mother" (Supermam), "Super Wife" (Superwife) myth, can loosen the female ideology. (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Written on Mother's Day eve, can I not be super Mother )

"This fire is not ours, but it is our duty to extinguish it."

Whether it is women or men, the experience of the mother is the "torch" down, the experiences of the mother is the acquired learning. Therefore, we can so domineering to the mother of the word pointing point, one will say the bus crying child is the mother of disability, a will say bring children into Congress mother does not pay attention to workplace ethics. Countless older women have been the public opinion of the catalytic agitation, no longer into the pit of the mother's job is their fault. Next, we begin by recognizing what we want to be, not what kind of woman we are going to be, breaking the whole woman's decree that she will eventually become a mother, and destroying the mechanism of producing super mothers.

"Mother is Superman" did not ask her mother want to do Superman, Superman to indomitable, so the mother is eager to make great efforts to prop up the imagination of the Father and children, Superman to ping the world, so the mother of life and death in the degree of no regrets. Mother is Superman's reputation, good daughter, Good Wife, good daughter-in-law, good mother, good mother-in-law, every perfect standard behind, is a black and blue woman. (Recommended thinking: Pay tribute to the mother of the small bulb: ask the society not to say mother should "protect" the child )

I expect my mother not to be superhuman, expecting our world to give women the right to be normal.