Taiwan is entering the "age of Aging " society, while women's initial pregnancy age is also in the future. And the "Golden Pregnancy" proposal put forward by the Guardian has not met the current time, how does Taiwan women face the issue of age and fertility? Let us use Tuka to tell you the status of the elderly women in Taiwan. (same field Gayon: tear off Age label, mature woman more beautiful )

I imagined the birth, is a very precious thing.

June 28, 2016, Weifao the 25-29-year-old as a golden pregnancy, the number of women who have missed the golden age of the status of the woman to feel anxiety and frustration. However, we believe that girls still have the right to choose in the face of limited life. We can decide whether we want to go into a relationship, decide when and who to hold hands for life, choose when to nurture a small life. (same field Gayon: Why should we be perfect?) It's up to you to decide how to live. )

Sorting out the data found that the average Taiwanese woman's first pregnancy age in 95 has surpassed the number recommended by the Department of Health and Blessings. I have also found that older women often face more than just physical stress, and are burdened with the expectations of their spouses and their families and even the psychological pressure of society. While studying the data, it is also expected that the government can make more thoughtful policy decisions for these women in the face of such environmental changes. (same field Gayon: Sex Observation: WEIFAO department "golden pregnant period" said, the woman's belly to respond to how many social expectations? )

Women fans invite you to explore the status of childbearing age and the plight of the elderly women in Taiwan through six pictures, we want you to know that in fact, the old generation is not as bad as we think!