Those who like fashion information must have heard of her or have seen her in newspapers and magazines. Those who like to go online must have seen her blog; someone who loves English rock style must know that she is "Tremie".In less than two years, the popularity of Tremies has already exceeded 10 million, and she and her husband, Hommy, have opened a second shop in downtown Taipei this year, and the charismatic new woman in the eyes of many netizens today will tell us what she is doing today.

the university to really start learning

Trimets have been in high school, not specifically designed to design relevant studies, or to study at the college entrance exams.Of course, the sudden decision will lead to concern and concern, but she says, " I decided to do one thing, and I decided to design it.


Having never received training in the design, she had to spend much more time on the design.Many of the students in the same year began related courses from the National High School, not very well-drawn, that is, the sewing technique of the clothes was very mature. She had no way to win at the starting point from the beginning.

But this doesn't give her a chance to design this path. She begins to sign up for her own skills. Perhaps because of the experience of the competition, she often comes up with ideas that contradist theories. When technology matures, the idea of innovation makes her products new and surprising.The techniques can be polished by time, and the creativity of the head of the sky is not to be erased.Because of this kind of persistence and creativity, she was the black horse of the department at the university, and graduated from the first position of the same grade.

blog is to share a " different

From a student era, she has found that girls on the street, most popular magazines, and blog-sharing styles are consistent, different from foreign counterparts, hoping that the girls in Taiwan can see more different styles and have a different style of view.

Initially worrying about what they share is too strong to be accepted by the girls in Taiwan, but writing has found that many girls are eager to get more beauty-styling information, just as hard as a source!Even more so, because of the beginning of the non-mainstream approach, it has made a lot of friends who have a common interest.

Two personal blazzling: Back to

Back to British (B2B) is Hommy's own second-hand place name, and the reason that Hommy has a passion for English rock and rock, even though he never went to Britain.Later, because of fate, they found that the skulls that Choi himself designed were well received by friends and relatives, and even when he was on his way to the house, they would ask, " Where do you get it?So, the idea of having a B2B brand was started.After making this decision, Choi and Hommy began to introduce the right products, and Choi, who was born in the clothing design, also created the product. Besides designing jewelry, she made a single-stitched style of clothing with a stitch of clothing and accessories.

Of course it's hard to start a business, and two people continue to work for their business and new business, while the two continue to do business with the business and customers, and to take care of their business and customers.When referring to this here, Trummy's eye was light and said, "It can be said that in these two years, we will have no other consideration, just trying to do it. If this is not successful, we will take it!""

and now they make their own brand and visibility.

sweet long

Some people say, "A good friend or lover can never start a business together, it's the beginning of a disruption"

But the way in which Trummy and Hommy started a business were always sweet and harmonious, and they were very curious about the way they maintain their emotions!"Hommy is really lucky to have a good man like this," says Hommy. "But the maintenance of the relationship is a shared responsibility. Therefore, besides being in contact with a man who is in love with her, you have to understand each other and reward each other for your own good."When working, Hommy is a person who doesn't speak more, focused on his own affairs, but still takes care of the situation of his wife from time to time, and when he needs help, he will definitely be on the side. And the fans and blogs of Cui and Cui will find that Hommy and Tremmy's sweet gesture toward each other!

"Cherish" is the two of them who have been able to keep their sweet secret since they realized that marriage has so far been a good one.

Charismatic New Women Do Not Be Reformed

When asked about this question, Choi did not hesitate to say: "A woman who is not concerned with the current situation, and who has the courage to break through, is the new woman of my heart."Both Sun Yun-yun and Jia Yongji-chieh are the new women that she considers to be in line with this condition.When asked whether Cui felt that she met such a condition, her shy laughs said she was not yet, but would continue to strive to be the perfect woman in the mind!

But we all feel that even if you want to run jewelry, run a personal brand, participate in activities and take care of your family life, you are always smiling and having a confident light in your eyes, and you are already a new woman.

Last we asked Cui to give a word to the readers of

, absolutely "love yourself".

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