How long has it been since you've been to work and study in the field? How long have you been living with your family and not having a good chat with your family? This time, women fans want to recommend a warm and humorous animated long film, "The Godfather of Tokyo" to love your family. Father's Day is coming, and I hope to see this wonderful and bittersweet animation , you can add to your family's love, go home to look at the family, or put down the things at hand, and family a long talk. (same field Gayon: Are You "communicating" or "talking to yourself"?) )

Mention of the Japanese animation master, in many human brain first emerged should be "Gongqi June." Hayao Miyazaki's works are deeply rooted in the human heart, the story is easy to understand, but at the same time rich in moral, "God Hidden Girl", "Sky City", "Hall of the Moving Castle" and so on works are well-known classics.

Like watching animated movies, you do not touch a lot of animated movies you, want to see more classic animation of you, if only heard Hayao Miyazaki, then I must recommend you see "This sensitive"──2010 young, another Japanese animation master, screenwriter, cartoonist. "

Classic long animation has: "Tokyo Godfather", "Millennium Actress", "Blue Fear", "the detective of Thieves." Among them, "Millennium actress" and "God Hidden Girl" together for the fifth session of the Japanese Culture Hall Media Art Festival Animation Awards, "Millennium Actress" and "Tokyo Godfather" in 2003, the 75th annual Oscar shortlisted for the best animated cartoons. This sensitive charm sweeps through Japan and expands the world. Regrettably, the death of lung cancer in 2010 was only 47 years old.

Japanese animation master: this sensitive

"I will be thankful for all the good things in the world and put down my pen." I'll take a step first. "He who loves to create, leaves such a last words, with unfinished work" The Dream Machine ", died.

This sensitive animation alone tree, story fantasy and can hit the heart, seemingly out of the reality but can touch the audience mood, splicing fast, story deduction not muddy, like in each paragraph buried line, let the audience see the final will have an epiphany surprise. The most famous animation technique is to let the protagonist's reality and dreams ambiguous, so that the audience in both the gray zone wandering, experience the protagonist's mood conversion.

But some viewers think that this sensitive work is not easy to understand, often not understand the role in the play, how things happen, the plot has been deduced to the next chapter. Indeed, this sensitive works than Hayao Miyazaki's works, is not so easy to understand. So, I want to start with the most approachable story of the "Tokyo Godfather" began to introduce, inviting you step by step into this sensitive animation world, with me fascinated. (same field Gayon: always remember goodness!) Four Gongqi movies dedicated to your inner child

The "Family" banished by the Society: The Homeless, the Simon, the girl who skipped home

"Tokyo Godfather" is not the first full-length animation, but many people have just begun to contact this sensitivity of choice. Because "Tokyo's godfather" Is this rare straight story, the plot warm humor, is a complete comedy, the concept of implementation is also very easy to understand--the warmth of family.

If you want to describe the warmth of family, how important the support of families, generally we are most likely to think of the comparison " Bright "direction: The family has the economic crisis, originally gave up hope the protagonist in the family member's support to rise again; children grow up to adolescence, a series of rebellion finally kicked to the iron plate, finally understand the parents of good intentions; no father without mother orphans, rely on their own efforts to make themselves world-famous, just to find their parents and so on, inspirational and positive story 。 But this sensitivity is not the same, the same description of the story of family, he chose from the dark side of society into.

On Christmas Eve, the dim church was filled with crowds, the children sang hymns, singing praises to the goodness of God, expecting the world to become more and more beautiful, the audience, but some people dozing off, some absent-minded--the homeless tramps are waiting for the church to send free food on Christmas Eve. Get some food and clothing to spend the cold night. As the young voice of the child faded away, the prologue of the Tokyo Godfather was also opened.

From left to right: Simon Floret, Qiao Girl beauty by, homeless Ren

The story begins with a strange "family" made up of homeless, Simon, and teenage girls. Homeless Ren, alcoholism and gambling, arrears after a debt to face the family and fled; the monster Floret, was a bar in the singing hand, after the death of the lover no longer perform, no longer believe in love, Qiao family Girl beauty by, and father a serious dispute after leaving home. Ren and Floret, as the United States by the second pair of parents, "dislocation" of the family composition, three people rely on to pick up a super business expired food, noisy, muddle along. One Christmas night, three people in the garbage dump to pick up a foundling, so that their day began to change, their life began to have a goal: to find the abandoned baby's parents.

Alcoholism, gambling, Simon, bar, Qiao Jia, abandoned baby, these elements in the same love to describe the family's Disney animation will not appear, because this does not belong to the "good family" will appear elements. But now the sensitive put all these elements into the "Tokyo Godfather", so that the unfortunate characters of these societies, to bring others happiness. The three-person group, though not legally enough for a family, has a deep emotional link with each other, revealing itself in a journey to find parents for a foundling.

I think, perhaps this sensitive want to express is: regardless of our status level, everyone has the ability to give others, to their own happiness.

In the "Godfather of Tokyo", there are many real-life "villains": homeless, gangsters, killers, thieves and so on. These characters appear to be Angel, but at the same time presented their own not to be, the good side-desperate to become a killer in order to get a high paying breadwinner, usury boss in order to save the father-in-law at the expense of life, homeless to give the best care of the baby, do not hesitate to steal the tomb of the These people who are not accepted by the community may be burdened with various kinds of stigma, but how many of them have voluntarily become part of the social exile, exclusion and fear? (same field Gayon: I have a neurosis, but don't put "dangerous" labels on me until I understand my pain . )

When a person is labeled with a large negative label, others are apt to forget the other aspect of the person, often only attacking and crowding out the negative labels.

However, we should not forget that as long as it is a person, there may be a lot of it, as long as people, there are many aspects of the face waiting for others to understand.

We make mistakes, we use it as a consideration for our family.

For most people, the family, perhaps the most knowledgeable person, may be the most intimate person in our lives. So we can be in front of the family in disregard of the image of crying, laughing, or even loudly quarrel, can directly point out the other people's not. If you make a mistake, the family is the one who is most likely to clean up the mess without asking for a return.

Like the Ren in The godfather of Tokyo, the debts of gambling and the debts of wives and daughters, the abandonment of the family with shame and pain, the debt to his wife, resolutely disappeared in their lives. I think Ren is not convinced that his wife will be able to repay his debts and run away. But because understand the wife to oneself how tolerant, daughter to own how high expectations, but they do not know repentance, cast a big mistake, really face them--for Ren, Escape is his love for his wife performance. Because love them very much, so do not want to let them see the most down, the most unwilling to face the reality of their own, choose to exile themselves, by the social exile.

Simon Floret is an orphan, from small to alien under the fence, to the Simon Bar only met as his biological child's mother sang, raising his adult. For Floret, the bar is his home. But Floret in a performance, because dissatisfied guests to their personal attacks, shot and wounded guests. Floret misconduct, emotional control bad, think Tim big trouble to mother Mulberry, can only take guilt away. For Floret, the big Trouble out of the bar, is the biggest help to mother sang. Lost love and career, Floret can only hide themselves in this society.

Ren and Little Flower know, oneself to family add trouble, also know, leave can't solve things. Why should I leave when I know that my departure will bring pain to my family?

Affection, seems to be in every escape, become the top priority is chosen not to take away the package.

Every mistake scene, family, as if become our most unfamiliar familiar person. We know that the family can give us a lot of help, family members can give themselves a lot of strength, but we often do not want to ask them for help-fear of family worries, fear for the family to create a burden, fear that the family does not understand, like a mirror reflected from my family, can only be ignored in every escape from reality, Oneself to be able to abandon the fear, to escape the pain which the reality brings. (same field Gayon:"Inherit life": Find yourself from your family )

The fetters of Man and man, the most precious of all after confusion.

But in the process of exile, because of the mistakes and left the family Ren, floret, beauty by, really also the family caution it?

A violent quarrel with his father and the beauty of recognization away from home, looking at photos to introduce his family to others, say to say to leave more than tears; Ren although no income, but still efforts to save a little money, hope that the future will be destined to see her daughter married can congratulate her, Floret encounter unresolved difficulties, still thick face to mother sang Embrace, The two men hugged and wept. Big and small deeds, in fact, they are showing their loved ones.

Exile may not have the end of life, but the invisible, the family is still their most desired end point.

In this journey of finding abandoned parents, there is no resource available and the three can only support one another. Although occasionally vicious mouth, occasionally shot relative, but always worried about each other's safety, every quarrel, also let each other more face their own problems in escaping. They had fled from reality together and faced reality together. Once to life feel confused, painful they, meet each other, create a link but like a loved ones deep, become each other the most precious.

Maybe we've all had the experience of escaping the wrong scene and not being willing to face the reality, and maybe we've all tried to hide ourselves in the social corner. Close oneself, think oneself have no face to see person, all relatives and friends ' care become to despise oneself source.

In this very dark period, we all said to enjoy loneliness, but, how many people can withstand a lifetime of loneliness?

The story of the United States by looking back at home with the father of the past dispute, beauty by watching the pain of the father, and the United States from behind the mother because of fear and constantly pray. In the United States by the grief and indignation at the same time, the lens turned, the original kneeling on the ground of the father turned into a drinking ren, prayer mother turned into a dinner from the kitchen Floret, the original clean and tidy house, into a simple, dimly lit cabin. Although the transformation of all this makes the United States feel puzzled, but also let the audience jump to a different space in an instant. Now sensitive want to convey is: these three people leave their relatives is painful, but fate let them meet, form a different family, have the same happiness.

"The godfather of Tokyo" carved out the position of affection in people's hearts is that irreplaceable, also through the Ren, Floret, the United States by the composition of the "Family", tells us, not only the blood relationship can create a deep affection, as long as we care for each other, mutual trust, can become an indispensable pillar of each other's hearts. Relatives, can give us endless love, we can tolerate all the mistakes, accompany us to solve, face. (Same field Gayon: The definition of "home" to the people in love: My family is unfortunate but very real )

Floating in the cold night of snow, alone in the booth in the United States, with a microphone in hand, slowly broadcast the home phone number. Trembling hands, can feel her fear, she is afraid of her family's fault and not to tell without understanding, fear that the family is not in fact looking for her whereabouts, afraid of their own inability to face their own family's miss. Like a rehearsal, the mouth is constantly broken read:"Hello, I was beautiful. Hello, I am beautiful by. Hello, I am beautiful by. 」

The telephone was connected, and there came the familiar voice: "Hello, I'm Ishida." "Heard a long time to see the father's voice, the United States from an instant unable to breathe, just practice words instantly swallowed, how also can not say."

"Is beauty by?" Are you beautiful? How are you doing? The anxious father did not want to let go of any chance that may be the United States by connecting the family, excitedly said.

But beauty by this time has been sobbing. In the face of their own serious mistakes, the father is still actually his beloved daughter, hope the United States from home. Beauty by deeply guilty, a word can not convey their pain, panic to hang up the phone, in the phone booth crying aloud. (same field Gayon: crying girl photo album: Everyone's Tears are different, but want to cry the idea is the same )

Sometimes, when we face our loved ones, we can't say what we really mean, emotions often lock our throats and limit our expression. However, we all need to practice and practise expressing our feelings. Those who look at us speechless relatives, perhaps the heart already know what we want to say, just hope we can speak out bravely, face ourselves, also closer to each other's distance.

Father's Day is coming, call home. If you can go home to see the family, it would be a better choice.