single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "Suicide Commando" in the most bright eye is Holly Kui, she is a supporting role to live in the life of the protagonist. People say she's obsessed with clowns, saying she's like the Clown's Eve, but as soon as you look at it, you'll see that the clown is madly in love with her, the clown is not her salvation, she does love him, but she never belongs to him. (Recommended reading:"single Woman Fifth volume" Halle Kui Yin: Crazy for love, strong for oneself )

The moment she loosened her hands and dived down into the chemical pool, she felt like she was finally beautiful. She gave herself a new name, Halle, the Clown Girl.

The moment of falling, her ears sounded the voice of the clown, do not say you are willing to die for me, said you are willing to live for me. She closed her eyes and thought, she was going to be the one she wanted to be.

Is the clown nasty, nasty pick up her, afraid she does not live, she shallow smile, is you lose, clown never her redemption, is she let the clown understand what is love, what is born.

She opened her eyes to see him, they alternate mutual construction, she is doomed to live from the supporting role of life. She kisses him in the bubbling chemical pool, spilling the colors of the red and blue , the Magnificent Demon Evil, illogical, that is their love color, is her hair color .

She intimate call him pudding, the crowd only her eyes are not afraid of him, she knew he a review let his heart, he most afraid of her, he wants her, she is not his clown girl, he is her clown.

The clown may have freed her, but she has gone further.

In prison, she would do a gymnastics, practice hip curve, when the clown cry poured in tens of millions of weapons, around to save her, clown women can be busy flirting with others.

I do love you, but I never belong to you.

The clown hijacked rescue him, put on the most handsome tuxedo, for her full fire, she gave him a no hesitation to run, for his fear of war. The Clown is her love is now in the style, her necklace on the generous hang his name, may not be next season to change.

Who do you think is madly in love with? The clown is her prisoner, he can't stand the day of her absence, every way to ask her to come back, she is not around him, the clown two words lose meaning.

So what about Holly and Qui-gon? She can be at ease in prison to drink a cup of cappuccino, she can be a clown girl, this moment can kiss you can love you, the next moment can also leave you. She is like her theme song, you don t own me, love does not love you I decide.

"I do not belong to you, I am not your plaything, I do not belong to you, you are not qualified to control me to go out with other boys." "you don ' t own me, I ' m not just one of the your many toys, you don ' t own me, don ' t say I can ' t go with the other boys.