Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are coming to an end, women fans are especially prepared for visual articles and related observations, let you take a number of different sex landscape walk, from gymnastics diet control, weight lifting of the drug problem, and finally to the male and female swimming project, the original woman in the movement of this road, never take it for granted, But to pay more for the price.

Since ancient times, women's movement is never a natural choice, because the outside world for women to "content room" expectations, sports history, women struggle for rights figure is a lonely road.

Take the Olympic Games as an example, 2016 Rio Olympic Games is coming to a close, we watched the Women athletes tears and sweat sway on the court, but this was a scene that had never existed in the ancient Olympic Games of Athens, because only men had the right to participate, and women and slaves were equal, not only unable to compete, but were not allowed to watch on the sidelines.

And by the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, the founder Coubertin (Sir Gubertan) remained firmly opposed to the women's participation in the Olympics. He thought the woman's job was to sit in the audience and applaud the men who had tried their best to compete, until the 1900 Paris Olympics opened the women's tennis and golf, with only 11 female athletes attending.

When women are gradually able to walk into the Olympic Games, for their own battle today, there are still many of the sex landscape quietly hiding behind the schedule, with the Olympic visualization article, writing gymnastics, weightlifting and swimming three items of the gender observation behind the event to you.

Gymnastics: The great pressure of petite girls

The American athlete, Simone Biles, who won the solo gymnastics gold medal, is only 145 centimeters tall, but she is not a minority in gymnastics. Because the body of the gymnast has congenital considerations, emphasis on physical control, and when performing a difficult performance, petite players can easily complete the specified requirements, so between the same age, the smaller size of the child is usually the selection of the object of preference. (Extended reading:"Olympic women's special edition" to break the rut to achieve their own! The first time to challenge the Olympic Games Simone Biles)

And in the training process, the impact is enormous. Gymnasts have strict control over their diet for their slim size. These girls are often poorly developed because of the low intake of calories. Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and Nanjing Institute of Sports, the professional female gymnasts have been studied, found that women professional gymnasts, more than normal age of the skeletal development of the 1.7-year delay, body fat and subcutaneous fat significantly reduced, menarche ages delayed 2-3 years. [1]

The Chinese women's gymnastics team's former captain, Cheng Fei, has shown the change in stature requirements before and after her career as a professional athlete. Cheng's famous battle was the 2005 Melbourne World Championships, when she won the first women's vault gold medal in China's gymnastics history by virtue of her "Cheng Fei" World War I fame.

However, due to the rupture of Achilles tendon in 2012, Cheng Fei announced early retirement. Returning to her alma mater, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, she slowly faded out of the public eye. Until 2015, Cheng Fei, a guest of Lu Yu, because no longer need the diet control, in the program can see Cheng Fei gradually plump body shape, compared with that time petite and emaciated gymnastics contestant period compares, many people jokingly is "the other person", even directed to return to the normal stature the Cheng Fei is: "By the day to give up the fat, no wonder to 28 I've never been in love before. 」

Weight lifting: Infertility caused by male hormones

Rio Olympic China Women's weightlifting athletes Lin Zixi, due to the ban on drug detection data abnormalities, and was suspended punishment. Recently the outside world, the Lin Zixi incident is suspected to be "male hormone" result of exceeding standard. Use of male hormones, the biggest advantage is to increase the explosive force, so weightlifting, judo and other needs to strengthen the competition, often have players desperate use of drug prohibition.

But the side effects of male hormones are also quite alarming, not only can cause menstrual disorder, long-term also can seriously affect the female reproductive function, especially in women during pregnancy, high doses, but also may cause miscarriage chance increase.

The 1990 Chinese weightlifting champion, Zou, has complained that taking male hormones as instructed by the instructor has caused her to have male secondary sexual characteristics, such as beard, low voice, and even loss of fertility. Every two or three days now, Zou in the morning, looking in the mirror and taking a long time to pull out the beard from the mouth.

In the past, ignoring the women's physical status, in order to achieve good results, let them take illicit drugs. Zou, who entered The from the age of 16, began taking a "big complement" every day until 1993, when he retired for six years.

In those days, Zou and his teammates began to doubt the role of the big complement because of the beginning of hair length, the voice became thicker, and the coach confessed that the big complement is actually male hormone, but it is still called the nutrition medicine, which is beneficial to the body. All until 2001, Zou retired in the 8th year, her infertility problem to the hospital examination, only to find that their male hormones in the body than the average male is higher, which directly destroyed a she wanted to become a mother's wish: "The Doctor has given me the death penalty, I no longer fantasize about having children." 」

Swimming: Women can not swim 1500 meters free style

This year Rio Olympic Games, American female swimmer Redki off four gold and one copper, known as the female version of Flying fish. But to count her gold-picking projects, only 800 meters free, but does not contain her 3-year record of 1500 meters of freedom, because the project is limited to men, has not been listed as the Olympic women's swimming events, which means that Redki in the Olympic Games can participate in the longest race project is 800 meters free style.

FINA has suggested that the Olympic Games, like the world Championships, the women 1500 meters and men 800 meters freestyle as a formal event, but the IOC has rejected the proposal, because the existing schedule is too tense, so there is no intention to increase the event. The FINA expressed disappointment that the Olympic Games were influenced by past perceptions and that female athletes were not able to compete in more difficult competitions. such as 1500 meters. Oddly, only the Olympic men's games are not 800 meters, the women's games do not have a 1500-meter project, it is really a bit outdated. 」

What we see is that until the beginning of the 20th century, the Western medical community was also popular with the view that women do not have the physical structure and physical fitness to participate in the exercise, if hard to participate in, will ultimately affect their role as mothers. Because men are taller and stronger, they are always considered to be born to be better athletes than women.

And some of the sports that require body size and strength may be the cause of differences between men and women, but this does not constitute a reason to negate women's movements, nor do women perform poorly. So even though Redki's 1500-metre freestyle was comparable to that of a male team, her outstanding performance was overshadowed by the value of women's movements being underestimated. (Extended reading: the power of cotton strips!) Fu talk about menstruation, give China a sex education class )

The ancient Olympic Games are exclusively for men, and women will be executed even if they only peek at the game. The establishment of the 1896-year modern Olympic Games has also inherited the tradition of gender discrimination. Until the last Olympic Games in London, Saudi Arabia finally opened the women to participate in the world to participate in regional female athletes can truly enter the Olympic palace. So today we see women can participate in the Olympic Games, not at the beginning with the men stand in the same starting line, but more than a century of slowly strive for results.

When we refuel for the athlete's transcendence, but it is difficult to look directly at this field hidden many unseen wrestling, and women's participation in the history of sports, but also with the opening of the right, and more close to the shape of their desires.

Our bodies are born free, but women are free to pay more. As Ethelda Bleibtrey, who won three gold medals in the 1920 Olympics, said in an interview: "Despite the incredible efforts women have to make to break the innate limitations of sex, I still believe that women, like men, can stand on the world stage of sports." 」