single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The movie "My Egg Male Lover" before the release, the older woman single woman heart to be very, they always ask, why not fall in love not to marry. You are a psychological drop, think find a person love is so simple ah. So you have more to let go, not to keep love, but you must go forward. (The same field Gayon: I have dared to think of you, dare to admit that you were my fate ))

"We wait together, happiness will surely come." 」

Movie trailer "is lovelorn, but not fat" said very much, to an age, there is enough experience of lovelorn, even the night before the drunken unconscious, the next day will be ready to be neatly clocked in the desk. You no longer need a long months of healing period, romantic these small things, high heels a stare will vanish.

Life is hard, where is time sad?

Being single for a long time, falling in love is more like buying and selling, and society's excessive concern for you makes you dilemma. As if to have a fresh love, there is no eternal ancient marriage. So difficult, you don't let yourself into a relationship.

Occasionally lonely remind you, for a long time no one loved, occasionally who cast to stare at the eyes, let you remember that you have a gentle ability.

You are not no longer love, but are willing to first of their own ruthless some, because the time is no longer, you want to have the ability to love a worthy person, a person's day is not wasted, you in a lot of fall after finally clear the source of their own pain, the past stubborn wayward, make you miss the little problems, are your wounds.

So before you love, you heal yourself with solitude.

If love is the reincarnation of these words: "Sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you." "In fact, you just want to have a person, no matter walk or go to get the last, can also say thank you."

Even if you are lonely, you still thank, those who let you grow up, not to keep the traveler is not him, but you, you must go forward, not to have to stay in the stable time. That is willing to let people stay with him, perhaps as you, like to know the wonderful himself, as can in the lonely constant, for their own manufacturing enthusiasts heartbeat reasons.

You are not waiting for happiness, but for your own integrity.