Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said. Look at us ( and know more about what women fans are doing!

A photo of your graduation ceremony was placed on the mobile phone tablecloth. 23 years old you, Purple scarf, Bachelor hat a little askew wear on the head, plain, even the body skirt, casually catch that pair of white Converse, long straight hair so hung on the shoulder, smile brilliant.

Remember the night before, you think of the graduation ceremony of the university only once, it is like a farewell to youth, since then announced to become an "adult", so you to shape the brain. Finally, because there is no time, you simply still appear as usual.

After graduation, now it seems that you are glad that your last day still has a real appearance, because you try to make yourself look like an adult collocation, but often have stocks can not say the strange, and the day-to-day clothing but it seems to stabilize. You realize that you can't grow up overnight, and after graduation, you're still a girl who's upset about the future, but still want to hug the bigger world. (Extended reading: write to us who are still growing up: Learn to tease yourself and live a gentle life )

You always remember is 23 years old this year, you experience the life has not had the anxious, the world is big, can accommodate so many different success stories, but the world is also small, how nobody has seen in the crowd of you. Every time and friends dinner, you chat is no longer where to play, but where to go to study or take office, your heart is always vaguely about a stock was thrown out of the unrest, do we all know what the future you want to look like it? will only oneself still appear so dazed?

When you were 23 years old, you met Your lover and left you because you were busy at work. So, you learn to find a partner who can support your dream.
23 years old this year, you Had changed countless times in the planning case, always told himself to stay up all of a sudden. So you've learned to immerse yourself in your dreams before you try.
23 years old this year, you met with tears to get out of bed in the morning, afraid of themselves become untimely fresh people. So, you have learned to choose good stubbornness for yourself.

In the days after 23 years old, you walk through the road that you understand. Some people look at you, think how you are so far away from success, you do not have a good title, you do not have a beautiful aura, you have not been in the newspapers and magazines to smile confident success. But you have left a tolerance after all, found that mature is a nasty thing, you do not need to try to be brave yourself not injured, nor need to make up for the life without desire. (Recommended reading: write a letter to the graduating you: lack of experience, is the most precious gift )

This is your life, there will be loneliness, but that allows you to get to know yourself again. There will be disagreements, but that allows you to repeatedly examine who is the right person to stay. There is sadness, but it makes you understand how to find the light for yourself in the dark. There will be helplessness, but it lets you know who is the one who can take you forward.

You and your confused symbiosis, all the problems encountered, are tailor-made for you. You lose something to get some growth that others can't take away.

In the end, you think of growth as such, not learning or getting.

"Workplace Take Away"

In the workplace confused you, let "internal driving force" give you Strength

We know that you are now ready to work for the future of the Shining, in the "Choice" and "adherence" process, will continue to face confusion, dilemma or verge of abandonment.

Dear, as a social fresh, career Rookie of you, and we share the new workplace fresh people step on the "dream" and "reality" intersection, what is your choice now? And this choice brings you what kind of trouble. Let the woman fan's "elder sister says the school" gives the groping you, continues to move forward the strength.

[Note] Internal driving force refers to the power of "inner", not to listen to social requirements and unspoken rules, but to listen to your inner voice. Learning to listen to the inner voice and further make him a force in life is a power that is useful throughout life.