Take inspiration from commonplace life, share fun stories with your readers, friends and readers can't go to school , then Just want to to spread the voice of everyone in a comic book.It's just that the optimism often depresses itself from the past, and often touches on the walls of education, career and love, and the present embarrassment is accompanied by a change in the mood of the environment. It is now the "bent" of the cartoonist who now has a high level of human life.

hello to yourself, say

conceded that he had a little self-closure.When I recall a student's time, I wasn't even excluded. I just didn't dare to make friends. There were only one or two of my friends, or even no friends.On one occasion, when a friend took a leave of absence to come to school, everyone had their own circle of friends at lunch, and felt that he was very disgrinable and was afraid of being looked down into the toilet for dinner.At that time, she did not know how to get along with other people, and was afraid that the other person was slightly unhappy. She had to cut off her contacts with her. The way she sought comfort was to draw the people around her to make a comics, and to transfer pressure.

mentions love and bent back on the only experience that has been pursued.The other party made her feel that she was very troubled by the pursuit of her even when she called her home in the middle of the night.Curved: "I love a person who doesn't always want to, but first to think about whether you really mean it or not," says one sentence that has been said by nine knives. "The biggest mistake I've made is to tell the truth that the matter is too important."" If love is always based on “ me ”, it doesn't even consider the other side's feelings. It is a very immature practice.The bends also mentioned that they were prepared to confuse them again, and even if they were refused, they would not be bad

Bend and even talk about her lost love.Because the other party cheated and cheated, the last love of course was over, but it made her want to harm herself to bring attention to her mind.Later on, I thought back to this section of the past. I only felt that it was because I was not willing to do so. In fact, this is not love at all. This kind of behavior is not only a matter of not loving each other, but also does not love yourself.If not, you should relax your heart to look for better objects, rather than cling to each other.

more aware of

clearly knows his ambition in art. She is convinced that even if she is derided, she will have a successful day, but rather than evading reality.She points out that nowadays people's dreams are very vague, and they should have to deal with their own direction in a mixed way, and put forward practices and actions to practice it!When life is under stress, it is necessary to have the right attitude to find out how to ease pressure.In the case of the bend, through the painting, it makes itself a serious life. It also establishes self-confidence, and is a transfer of pressure.

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Do yourself and don't force yourself to meet others.­ has their own different ways of life, and their ideas are different, but if they give up their own principles, and compromise for others, then their own lives will probably be a mess!

, accomplished, accomplished now

has been a famous bend and feels like an exercise, and of course it needs to be adapted to the media. But as long as you take your time, everything will be fine!It is no longer a clumsy hiding of the past, but a braver to face."Because the blog has many comments from netizens, it's a lot of trouble for everyone to see, some of them are very similar to what they have experienced in the past," he said. "Although we have a little bit of a side door to solve the problem, I very much hope that we can help everyone!"Just like a "bend" of a pen name, you are encounting any matter. “ If you don't turn around, people turn ”, and I hope that you will be able to get along like a bend!"

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