single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Slag male topic is very hot, I always feel, slag man this matter, really want to meet before know. The playing of the Ming Pendulum also does not matter, you love I would like to, the most abominable is that he Sampans to you take the heart to change, but never too much love yourself. What's the matter with you, the slag man? (Recommended reading:"Yang-wen" the people who can't be together right now are the people who don't, don't wait )

Attend a sister party, late 10 minutes, a door, see P cry a face makeup flower, eye liner liquid tears flow into two black Heihe, one side sister S to me wink, should not say not to utter.

P like a broken tape recorder, two eyes, and intermittent, said, they have just been lovelorn, cohabitation for a while boyfriend was caught cheating legs, with the company's new small colleagues. It started as a newsletter, followed by a pick-up and then a bed. "Or we're going to pick the bed together." "p screamed.

Always meet people slept M Pat P shoulder, this lifetime so long, who have to fall in love with a few slag, as a debt, the future for a better feeling.

I thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we talk about the scum that we met in those years, P you're not alone, really."

If I had a list of scum men, Y would definitely be on top. Now think about it, it's a waste of life to have a relationship with Y.

Y split leg More than once, and he often a face vanilla back, tearful said or you are the best, she seduced me, we actually did not how, I only love you, other people are just dew, you believe me good?

With Y Love is very dramatic, I do not know how stupid I am, one time to forgive him, to fulfill his slag male form road. Love is blind, I thought at least he came back, he chose to come back to me, maybe it is my special meaning.

In those years, I thought I had the ability to warm him, thought I had enough magnanimous to share.

Y Evil spirit has its thing to give me his home key, but he gradually do not go home, several nights, I like a housekeeper, for his clear environment, wash dirty clothes, open the television to sleep, still can't wait to open the door sound. At that time I learned that there is a person's key does not mean anything, he can have a lot of home, do not have to return to his home.

He is not a prodigal character, he just never learned to love a person, he did not love who, he is most afraid of loneliness, his most special situation, is to love himself.

Y such slag man, nothing has taught me, is my own strong, and he has no slightest relationship. I later enlightened, always want you to wait, never love. After a long time, we can say to him, "Hey, our love, has expired."

"The end of time, is the life of plastic bags, the only expired is love." 」