The Month Circle Person reunion, whether the dear he is not nearby, misses all lets you come closer . On the way home, you will miss a kind of friend, he walked through your youth Binghuangmaluan , fresh People's confusion, he crossed the years and geographical distance, came to you here. Thank you, dear, old friend . (Extended reading: I don't need to think of you, because I never forget you )

"In this city, there is the most simple friendship, there has been their own." Renovation of the short room has our laughter after school, the shadow of the sunset to memory 1.1 points closer. 」

Often feel that the way home is far, is to grow, or work, put people into the border home. We are always in the annual reunion, set foot in the home of the Earth, and in the passenger transport through the long familiar scenery, and bring back to the past. A group of people, knowing your skill and familiarity with your clumsiness, watch over you like a home, an old friend.

An old friend can turn back, and an old friend can go forward without hesitation. Some people walk on the loose, some people take a lap or will come back, lost time, leaving the best of them, five to old friends of the confession, thank you have been in.


"To us, not by the label cutting friendship." 」

The choice is not between rich and poor, not social status, but simple friendship. I understand your boring jokes, you understand I do not want to talk in the eyes, our starting point, is from a piece of eraser to start, and later, you always like that piece of rub, wipe my embarrassing mistakes, also accompany me, fill in a new answer.

When we are proud to say, to become an ideal adult, no matter how many times you have been in love, no matter how sophisticated has brought you to see, I can still read in your eyes, that one has not changed, we look forward to each other and believe. Your eyes are 16 years old I look like, that is a pair of innocent, convinced that the kind of eyes.

"Perhaps you do not know the latest me, but you must understand the original me, and the final me." 」

Dear old friends, we have their own lives to fight, we will not be the best comrades, but will be at the end, waiting for each other glorious return of the person. Occasionally we are in the same city under the sky, occasionally we at the end of the world, time and space have distance, care No, I do not want to be only point you praise Friend, New Year I will give you to the family for the Spring Festival, add wonderful story I would like to first tell you.

You are far away, but we have the original point of light in the old days. Wipe body did not let us miss each other, the world is so big, the crowd so wonderful, let me take a new story to keep you. separate to see, with a different story back, dear, if together sometimes, still have to break through, we see next intersection.

"Old friends are not flattering, thank you for your knife mouth." 」

In your eyes I seem to have endless flaws, your favorite and my new friend or New lover Dao grumble my bad temper, greedy, fun, and finally leave, you will whisper to them. Thank you for your indulgence ", I have every Valentine to find you do and things, I laugh you stir in each of my no disease and from the love of Jinx, you secretly told hurt my people, no one step closer to me.

Old friend is like this, he can say you are useless, and the pain of your heart is no desire. He prefers to pay 1 more, and he does not want to be a cheap man, but a bad word, he often does good to you. He is sad about your troubles, but he never intervenes in your subject. Old friend's nothing, is with the strength to accompany you to complete the life topic, is waits for your silence and the loneliness patiently. (Recommended you see: good sisters are each to go through life, but also to gather together)


"I know that youth will die after all, so I left you." 」

Now we have no good time to kill, but I still willing to waste more time for you. Youth back not to go, of course, miss, of course, still want to be naïve, so to keep you down, to create one after another in the post-youth era.

With you, you can live for freedom again. When we walk through the social transport are completed history, when we ran the playground was too many steps to grind flat, we still use their own persistent way in the struggle for the ideal.

You remember, when the campfire burning brightly, we and students around the circle, like a young dream, if you forget the dream, I will remember for you.

"Thank you for your long life, to accompany me to the displaced." 」

Old friends are good because they don't need to be concealed. He won't be watching your bag. Say you know life well, he'll tell you to reward yourself, but remember to save up. Old friends don't use your dynamic remember you, everyone said you are quiet in the community, only he knows you have no news is good news. He doesn't know you from other people's mouths, and when the world abandons you, you know there is one who makes you not alone. When you fall into a low pain, he is weeping for you. (Recommended reading: Rainie, Xu Yu-ning Sisters Talk: Life can not be missing six kinds of girlfriends )

Old friend, it's earned. There is no displacement, no knowing how precious our gathering is, no failure, no knowing that someone is willing to coexist with you, without experiencing the wind and rain, there is no clear us now.

Time, can not keep the unintentional possession, also take not to walk a true friend .

Dear old friend, there is a place where you and I can go home.