single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. You have seen the love of all things, only to understand that time is always stronger than love, the present love, never prevent the future separation. When time is wrong, you can only be the unfinished dream of each other. (Extended reading:"for you Song" Unfinished Feelings: You are my hard to cross the ridge )

Your warm memories always have him, you never forget you go to see "Love of All Things", exchanged love in the regret.

At the beginning of the dream, Stephen Hawking said: "If there is a formula that can explain everything, don't you think it's beautiful?" "Are you counting in your heart, this formula includes love?" If you are destined to go to the other side, can you still keep the moment of longing?

From even seeing the future, but also determined to go into marriage, to help the increasingly incapacitated Stephen Hawking to get a doctorate, while taking care of the housework, while caring for two children, Jane was suspected and Johnathan affair, the screen change of the two people, how long the days passed.

"You've had a decision before, and you'll be the first to tell me ..." At the end of the story, Jane, when she learned that Stephen Hawking to give up her marriage, and that she had to watch Elaine move to America, her tears flashed under her cheeks. Never understand is, why they work so hard, after all, still can't hold each other's hands to the end?

Perhaps their love was not lost to a third party, but the "time" that Stephen Hawking studied for years. When the two people in love time is not synchronized, even if the original strong, separation or will come.

"I have loved you." "(I have loved you) This sentence is the most cruel, but also the most authentic annotation." We all loved, but really just loved.

When you also lost to the wrong time, you realize that the time is always more powerful than love.

Goodbye 」
Thank 」
"It would be, and it would be, an unfinished dream." 」