"Taiwan Girl Day" in-depth interview, invited a love of freedom, for freedom and live girl. Zhang Tingyu Injury, many people said she is a dragon tattoo girl, experienced Baxian dust explosion , she said: "Who will not miss the former intact appearance?" But if you can take your differences out of the different road , it will be your own most extraordinary unique. "(Recommended you see: her burn confession: 70% Three Degrees Burns, 100% completed the courage of Life marathon )

Taiwanese girl Zhang Tingyu: Inner strength, let the scars bloom

Taiwanese girls, I think I see the girls are all the same with me, the things I like to go all out, will adhere to, may be because I like such girls, so I see is the case. Not like the stereotype of girls in the past, they have their own principles.

I am a girl who firmly believe in myself. I think the most beautiful is not only appearance, but you have the inner.

Every man has the right to grieve.

Baxian dust explosion on my influence have different face, the most direct is that others think you are not the same as others, when I was in the intensive care unit, I did not cry, but I have heard people crying, I feel that is not the same appearance, I am afraid of their own rehabilitation is not good, do not want to do, this is my fear, the external is not the same. (recommend you see: the voice of the patient of Skull Yan: face oneself is different, we also can have a dream )

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I would be very envious of the girls who can go to wear belly button, because I am not at all. I used to like my own style, and now I can't wear it. I used to like girls have muscle wearing a short vest, go out when I see girls wear my favorite clothes, this time I will actually full of lost, the kind of loss is before they like to show things can not give others to see.

I am a person who will think a lot, I always feel like to tell you that everyone has the right to be sad. Very often people tell us not to be sad don't cry, I think this is bad, pelting I am very sad every day. Later, I found that to accept sadness, will make myself better, see the situation, the most important thing is to face, to find why I do this. (same field Gayon:"Baxian scab Week" independent daughter, began to learn to shout pain )

When it happened, I went back to school to share my history, some students told me that he could not find his own appearance, I think, this search is actually continuous, the most important thing is that you have to strive to become your mind, at least you are doing what you like.

Himself, an enemy and a comrade.

I found this year down, I began to calculate the time, before I would not think, last year's now myself in the dry hemp. Now I'm going to look at myself and see if I can do what I want to do and whether I'm getting better. I used to talk, but now I'm more motivated. If I want to do it, I'll do it.

Like I've been learning to dance on and off from childhood, but often lazy. When I was lying in bed in the hospital, it was difficult to stand for a second, and I was afraid I would never be able to dance again.

So I am also starting to practice dancing, although it is a little hard to dance while the rehabilitation, how much will make me slower than others, but I always feel that this situation will be good, I know is in the fight against time.

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Burns is the appearance of a certain scar, rehabilitation is very painful, because the scars will shrink, so that you even hard to grip fists. Everyone will want to give up, especially a sense of frustration, is today to pull away the scar, but the next day may shrink back. We stretch for a long time and we get tired.

If there is a sentence to share ... Just keep going? Want to do what you want to do.

Everyone will say that I am so brave. But I believe that people are resilient, and I used to think that if I faced this situation, I would not be able to go on. But when you really meet, you want to live, you will know you can do it.

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