Use the Five senses: vision, smell, hearing, touch, taste, and make you and your partner experience hot sexual relationships!

Valentine's Day is a test for people who have just met or are ambiguous.But it is actually a challenge for couples who are in love or wandering for a while in the love river.What's the matter with you?How do you feel each other's passion for each other and become the best Valentine's Day in his memory?You want a Valentine's Day, sweet and happy Valentine's Day?womany knew that these were the darkest wishes of your heart, and today you're going to tell you a little tip. — — Five senses, great-experience, great-experience, great-skill!

Five Sense encompasses vision, sense of smell, hearing, touch, and taste.Da Vinci said, "The five senses of the person determine his soul."And in Valentine's Day (of course, this method can be used every night), my dear, you can seduce him deeply in a five-way fashion.

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Sight (Sight)

Men are visual animals.This is the fact that every woman is always a bit of a bit of teeth, but it is absolutely impossible to deny the truth.A new dress that he hasn't seen in his new clothes (oh, right, men have a certain degree of instinctive instincts), and we suggest that it is a bit elegant and sexy, and it is particularly attractive.Even if you were just at home preparing for a candlelight dinner, put on a beautiful dress.The point is, don't look like you're dressed for him, you'd better be able to wear yourself feeling that you're beautiful and sexy.If you put your hand in your hands, you will be 100 times charismatic.


It is always a trap and a simple way to be tempting.From the ancient to the present, the unique scent is like a clue to each other and is full of memories and expectations.Flavor scented or fragrant, and the scent of perfume is on the back of your ear, on the wrist and on the chest line. When he passes through his side, the unpleasant smell will give him a reverie to you.On the night of the day, don't eat something too heavy, and you can drink tea or a peppermint before kissing. It's as important as your body's fresh breath.


The hearing contains an atmosphere full of music, flirting with the instigate, with your passion for your passion.The music is best to ease the Chill-Out, which is good for the two people to dance.You can call him in the morning, text messages from work, MSN begins to brew, and when you're at passion time, you can be a girl who can be bold and scream. If you're a girl who's usually a shy girl, you can tell him that night, you want to try and say, without any scruples, a nosteless evening, that is the best Valentine's Day.(Recommended reading: Valentine's Day, I have decided to write a meatloaf of meat loaf )


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At this teasing night, you have to make him feel like a silk slate.You can help him get a little heart-hearted massage, you can use massage oils, and you can also use lubricating fluid.When his hand touches your skin through the lubricating fluid, there is a kind of wet-slippera felt like a bath together.The two people can close to each other tightly without a gap, and they can be caressed to each other's highest level.In addition, hotter people are more likely to experience the shock of the game by adding a little video game console, and by adding their hands together to feel the shock. Together, you will experience an unprecedented joy.


Maybe you want to take a good look at him in this particular day.Drinking champagne would be a romantic choice.We also suggest that you prepare an edible lubricant for a bottle of fruit, which not only can conceal the smells of private or latex condoms, but also a small helper who can be flirtaous.Whether it is on his or her body (or on your body, then smeared by your body) can satisfy the need of touch and taste.

The satisfaction of the above five senses makes you and him a memorable Valentine's Day.If you don't fall in love, you're hot and sexy, and you're the best lover of love!(Extended reading: [for you]), not like a lover's lover, you're beside me. )