Women's Film festival in full swing, women fans for you to bring the "snow hug", Korea, Korean era of Japanese rule, the girls have become a tool to console the military, they crossed the home, came to distant different soil, girls overnight become a woman , childhood Goodbye, Innocence Goodbye, Goodbye to the True life. (Recommended reading: return to a comfort woman grandmother a home, never too late )

"Cry, and tear down the Ghost in your heart." 」

In the 1944 Korea, the Japanese army boots Iron and blood to set foot on the Korean land, men can not escape on the battlefield to do cannon fodder, young women, it is difficult to avoid joining the "Women hard-working forward Team" fate. The long loess hometown into empty city, the girls live into the railway bar, do not know how many days and nights, came to the shouting to come to Japan, to a they did not think of identity-comfort women.

"Hug in the snow" with a warm minor opening and ending, the story is like Leng Symphony, heroic and breathless. It is a dead, also live a bad era, the Korean Japanese period, each one should be in the country to play the girl posture, locked into a small darkroom, became curled up to receive the man's nameless body.

A girl who is not loved by history

British love and Zhongfen one is a big cotton business rich woman, one is a maid. In that era, the economic class is clear, such as Zhongfen girls, of course, first let the younger brother read. She peeped at the British love to read the look very envy, if one day can also sit in the British love Brother's bicycle back seat to school how good?

British love hates Zhongfen this poor girl, she said: "Don't laugh at my brother, it seems you look very easy." 」

Zhongfen small age, the body recognized as a poor woman, in the society is a disadvantage. In the family, the mother is the younger brother first, the elder sister is unable to go to school, in the rich girl's eyes, she looks like the rubber candy which sticks in the sole is eye-catching. (Recommended reading: To extend comfort women's life memory with tenderness: An interview with the CEO of Kang Shuhua )

Only the British love brother to read Zhongfen to the world's goodwill, a crumpled "little princess" is he can release the best gentleness. Teenage Zhongfen knows how to love, only know that I like this brother. A book not to be needed, became the lucky charm of the Zhongfen alive, in the way the officer was abducted to do the comfort women, accompanied her through a long tunnel, through the hill through the plains, to the end of life.

Human purgatory: The day of survival with an abortion pill

Both British love and Zhongfen were left behind by the Providence of Heaven. Live in that time, fled to where are in vain, live into the Japanese "Women hard-working forward Team", government dress girls are medical logistics, in fact, they are in the room by a man without face, the girl's name engraved on a road arch, tonight will turn to who? Those with a rash, sexually transmitted diseases were shot. Each time, have to drink the abortion potion, let red blood flow through the pubic, the life of the heaviest things down, once pregnant, will not live.

English love has not been able to resign like Zhongfen, she was proud to die, barracks in the system a sincere scarlet hit the body of love, she well-behaved, has been the team hurt the most. She can no longer despise Zhongfen, because before this tall patriarchal, the woman is all cheap life.

British love asked: "You afraid of death, there is nothing to fear, so alive is terrible." 」
Zhongfen said: "You are not a daughter, you are awake, I do not want to die, I want to live home." 」

Home, became the only obsession. Home, will not tell anyone, they are here to wash the men's condoms, every night afraid to open the door suddenly bared teeth crack mouth; will not tell anyone, they lowered their heads to say thank you, to mother sang to receive abortion medicine, tears to those who punched and kicked the people to apologize. Why are you apologizing? There is no need for reason, as they do to violence, and they do not need a reason. (Recommended reading: Why the anti-class adjustment?) Street Voice: History should conform to the subjectivity of the Earth

Don't want to live like this: Resist fate with a stubborn will

"Yes, we are different, as women, we are the same." 」

The class between girls and girls was originally obliterated by paternity. Zhongfen always illiterate, but she in the British love to teach her "little princess", read the warmth.

In the deepest valleys, they come in trouble. A sugar is also a warm comfort, a song is Heaven. In the comfort of the girls, the best of all was the sunshine in the little slit in the small room. Go home on the road, long and far, Zhongfen and love to go to get? Left to the fancy to go to the movies.

I remember the snow, the girl's cotton-padded jacket gave each other warm live, that is the touch of the British love mother, she said: "Just look at these snow, let me think of those days warm." "Zhongfen and English love, rely on a sky and snow, Miss Cotton-padded jacket and home."

In the movie, the blood and the wound stained with the girl's childhood, the only clean, is that among insects vast snow. Unknown, distant, is trapped in situ of the only hope. Fate left them a towering flutter of the day, and history did not return to whom an innocent.

This time of pain, is countless women hard-working come on team, carried down for mankind. Cry, but the body and for the people can do the most ruthless system to fight back.

Cry, not for others to cry, to the heart to cry. Zhongfen, who has linlang pain, says, "cry, and use your tears to beat the ghosts in your heart." 」

That ghost, is a woman's dignity by The times humiliation pain, is the war trampled on the woman's body traces, is engraved in the fleeting time, always follow the humiliation of life.

Human nature is too cold, we can only in the first act of the film, Girls roll cotton, do-padded hands warm.

They do not want to apologize to anyone, only hope that everyone saw a group of women, have been heroic in history. And the world should be apologetic about treating negative wounds that are present in modern times. The woman's body as a war of the food, by how many bulky torso run over, by the number of bloody slap over, become an aging soul.

If fate is too stubborn, we will roar with powerful tears.

"Small encyclopedia" in the Japanese era of Korean, the Japanese military authorities ordered the governor's house in North Korea to drive the police to recruit "comfort women." The recruited Korean woman is generally in the age of 16~20岁. In most cases, the Japanese police have taken the threat and intimidation means. The woman who was listed on the list of applicants could not escape. The military is also in North Korea through the deception to collect local women to serve as the Army "comfort women", even primary school girls are treated as "comfort women" to the battlefield. In only 1943-1945 years, more than 50,000 Korean women were taken by the Japanese to serve as "comfort women," according to a South Korean figure.