Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. The 2016 U.S. presidential election, Trump and Hillary Clinton's war, from the national policy to extend home to the portal, to see if they are good men, good mothers. Hillary Clinton , with gender equality as the leading, called for her own age. This road, some people applaud someone shaking his head, to see, we have a " female president " still have how many requirements? (Recommended reading: The first "female president" took office, the road of gender equality is still very long )

The U.S. presidential election came, Trump and Hillary Collington war, like an ugly joke. Libel, attack, public opinion spate, people say that two people in worse than rotten, cast to Hillary Collington that vote is because too disgusted Trump, not really support her to become the President of the United States, how do you think?

We are not citizens of the United States, but the United States every move is tied to the world's political system, lay people watching lively, do not comment on the end of the election. Want to say, in this campaign, Hillary Collington political participation in the "gender significance."

Her name: The woman who had an affair with the gentleman

Trump said: "What is Hillary Collington's future politics is not important, it is important that she has too much past." 」

The woman with the past becomes a kind of non war crime, her life experience is complicated, what is the relationship with the profession in politics?

Hillary Collington had these names: the former first lady of the United States, former Secretary of state of the United States, and the woman whose husband had an affair. And the new name that may be added this year-the first female president of the United States.

So, do people really like her?

Anti-Trump is not small, but this May, in fact, Hillary Collington and Trump as unpopular. In the three national polls in May, her opposition rate was in the same range as that of Sichuan: 57%. 60% of those surveyed said they did not agree with Clinton's values. 64% of the people think she is not honest or unreliable.

There are many reasons to dislike her: for example, the public think that she was rigid in the 90 's, but now she is too flexible. For the media and the electorate, her gender stance has been confusing. The media think Hillary Collington not firm stance, Shing. Especially when the former President Bill Clinton had an affair, Hillary Collington's performance made the female voters deeply disagree.

Many people think that she should not be for her husband and the platform, so her husband's mistakes are left on women, voters call her a masked wife, acid she is really for the thief to defend the feminist model. She was disappointed by her "open female politician" stance: she should not have chosen to stand with her husband's sex scandal, and she should not have turned her back on the American women's rights movement.

The feminist doctrine of Hillary Collington

Is Hillary Collington a feminist? And what is the relationship between her female identity and her political stance?

In her present Hillary Collington position, she often advocates "feminism and human rights" in public, and she stands in front of the Trump and shows her feminine temperament and soft wrist as best she can. But do you remember that in 2008 Hillary Collington and Barack Obama's presidential campaign, she deliberately blurred her gender, only to let people see her perseverance and courage, not on the table to talk about their mother and female identity, against Obama, she came up with a man than men to the means. Hillary Collington, who deliberately blurred the gender, lost to Obama's race proposition. (Recommended reading: Why are young women not Hillary Clinton?) From the American presidential election to see the "feminist" transformation of the road )

Even before the presidential election of 2008, someone praised Hillary Collington for "the historic climax of American women's movement that you broke the American patriarchy," and she replied: "It has nothing to do with sex." 」

But although she evade her gender identity, the gender implications of the election are not Uhillary Collington, but the female voters who support her. In this situation, it is no different from the first female president in Taiwan that we want to do any profession regardless of sex, first of all, see the status of "gender limited women's ability".

In his 2008 defeat, Hillary Collington said: "Personally, whenever someone asks me what it means to run for president as a woman." I never said I was running because I thought I could be an outstanding president. My answer is always: I am proud to run as a woman. But I am just a woman, and like thousands of women, I realize that this society has many obstacles and prejudices against women and is often unconscious. The United States that I want is a United States that respects and accommodates each and every one of us. 」

At that time Hillary Collington promised that we would break this layer of glass ceiling next time.

This is true, she "regained" the female identity, in 2016, Hillary Collington with a mother, wife, a woman's appearance, back to run for politics.

2016, the good president and the Good Woman

Although we don't know why Hillary Collington like a chameleon, we know that this decision was made when she was defeated in 2008.

She stood before American citizens with her mother's identity, and in July this year Hillary Collington formally accepted the presidential nomination and delivered a speech that night when her daughter was "very proud of my daughter, Hillary Collington", and touched many people. Once Hillary Collington dare not disclose the gentle image, in the 2016 election stage, she is a good wife, good mother, good grandmother.

Finally, Hillary Collington tears of the eyes of the hug daughter said: "The ceiling is no longer exist, only the sky is the limit." She broke the 2008 election when the most criticized the "no maternal love."

Yes, this is the Hillary Collington that most Americans love, not to be a feminist defector, not to defend the cheating husband, Hillary Collington is to speak for women who can't make a sound. Hillary Collington with "gentleness" softened the Lean in image of the career woman. (same field Gayon: don't let the same marriage become a political term!) Hillary's wavering Rainbow flag Paradox )

Her dilemma is to satisfy American feminists ' expectations of women's future and to meet the conservative attitudes of women in the south. "People simply don't have the determination to know what it takes to be a female leader, and that's what people really struggle with," he said. "The New York Democratic senator said well that the first female president was on the road because our world is undergoing change."

I think it is worth imagining that, one day, we can no longer be a woman's inner love, evaluate her strength and professionalism. Standing in the workplace, she is a person, not a woman.

In the past, we never thought about what kind of a "male" president we wanted, and look forward to the day when we don't have to think about what kind of "female" president the country needs.

Hopefully, Hillary Collington's macro vision of gender issues is not just a check, more can be drawn from various approaches: "I really believe that if a father, a mother can look at their own son like watching their daughter say," you in this country can be any you want to be, including the President of the United States, That would make a very big difference. 」

In any case, one thing is certain-Hillary Collington, who has been defeated, has been able to reshape his magnified female identity every time he comes back onstage. She enjoyed applause, she had no fear of failure, she behaved so justly.