name: Female -- Hot Hula

Position in place: kneeling posture

The clitoris stimulus: (full of 5 )

G-point stimuli: (full 5 )

Action challenges: (full 5 )

Visual stimulus: (full 5 )

How to:

This posture looks like a classic woman, but in fact the technique used can make him feel completely different, and let us enjoy more conquest, control and unknown pleasure!

First let the men on the bed lay on the bed of the body, flick the legs around his body, slowly touch the sensitive nipples, scratching the sensitive tits with a soft finger, and leave the shady little bit closer to him, and then step into his fire and swing back and forth between his hands and his hands.At this point, they can try to wobble their buttocks, and imagine themselves as a soft-waving mother, and now they are the dancer who can shake and move up and down. If they are willing to do so, they can try their microminiature circles to feel the excitement and new feeling of thermal expansion in the body.

Small dexter:

The dominant position in this posture is that if you want to add more interest and excitement, you might as well try silk bondage belt , fix his hands on the head, and use the feather baton to tickle his sensitive band (such as nipples) to show the face of the small devil, and to make him surprise the woman in front of him.

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  1. LELO Tantra Feather Basing
  2. LELO Luxo massage candles
  3. LELO tied to love (BOA) pure silk love
  4. LELO Eye of love (INTIMA) pure eye

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