Women fans in collaboration with the Ministry of WEIFAO the Gender violence decoding plan , kicked off by the Gender Violence Prevention Questionnaire, do you know that Taiwan has a sex violence case every 3.5 minutes ? Do you know that the victims of gender-based violence are more diverse and more biologically male/female? Let's see the pain in the data and get started. 〉〉 participate in gender violence decoding program

Gender violence, from news cases to our daily life everywhere.

Perhaps you still remember the sow storm that the previous set of PPT set off, this year to arouse the people hatred of the accessory big sexual assault event, even, you remember countless live in modern Ye Yongji. Living you have heard these words: "Girls to protect themselves", "Comrade and cross-gender is a social anomaly" ... We live in a world where malice is a joke, from the language, the spirit, to the body, to the ubiquity of gender bullying.

What are the victims of gender-based violence and gender-based violence? 2016 Gender Violence Prevention data survey, see branded in the life of sexual violence, and those who bear the nightmare face.

Women fans invite you to participate in the Gender violence decoding program , from now on, your actions, your voice can flip grief, you are "living in a Better world" spark.