Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.Look at the two current affairs on — — the women's high voice in Zhongshan, anti- and the "anti-comrades" news in the Fu Jen Catholic University. bullying is not a fictitious story, but a minute of seconds, all of which is happening in this society.(Sibling: Don't suppress me with Order!peeping, peeping, and sexual minorities. )

Two days on the weekend, the music producer Chen Xinghan planned to collaborate with Jolin Tsai in her singles, the "MV", which caused a rebound in the Zhongshan Girls' College and some alumni.The school believes that the appearance of the "Chungshan Women's High Clothes" in the film is also a bullying for the high "reputation" of Zhongshan Girls High School:

"Defamation, bullying and malicious insinuation by actors dressed in this school to make the audiovisual public feel extremely uncomfortable, and the school believes it is extremely inappropriate."In this school, the school solemnly declares that the school is an educational establishment, and that any media should make efforts to prevent bullying, and any media should take into consideration the social responsibility of the media, and should not target any school as a target for the school.(Sun Yat-sen Girls' Gasound)

This wave of events has attracted a lot of attention, and there are many people who think that schools are ignoring the current situation of bullying, and some people think that the media has shaped the alumni as "unbelievable." The incident has been postponed from the MV subject, "resisting bullying, promoting self-awareness," and "self-regulation of the mass media" ......(Extended reading: Let's grow up not to be bullied by bullying, but as your own firm )

However, female fans want to put the focus back on the core issue: bullying.

When the victim's body and mind is oppressed, it is bullying.

bullying refers to a long and persistent attack on individuals who are subject to malicious attacks on psychological, physical, and verbal aggression, and because bullying is not equal to the power or body of the victim, nor does it dare to resist or act effectively.The bullying of bullying can be an individual, or a collective, by feeling of anger, pain, shame, embarrassment, fear, and melancholy, through oppression of the physical and mental of the victim.(wiki)

Where did you see the bullying in this incident?

Maybe you can see that female students in MV have a bullying of fat girls, a bully of the indifference instructors, and a system of education that is a joke about bullying.

Perhaps you can see that a number of girls in Zhongshan and Zhongshan university have been bullied due to their "no respect for the feeling of being respected by the bullying".

Or, as you can see, the middle injury of the Jolin wall is bullying, and the media blame alumni are bullying. So, is MV's ideology of Maasek, the invisible resistance, another arrogant bullying?When we use the critique of freedom of speech to be oppression, is this oppression also disguised as bullying?

The burst of the incident, the bullying from the individual to the individual, and the bullying of the collective to the collective, we are all defending ourselves?Why has it become a malicious injury?In the incident, different people are standing at the victim's position: Sun Yat-sen's college friends, countless victims of school bullying, and the creative nature of the art. How can we face the current situation and move toward recovery?

See the grief and indignation of the high school alumni of Zhongshan.

First, let's see how the anger of some of the Zhongshan women's university students is angry.

school's reputation is a culture and atmosphere created by a school. Many people point out that "don't fight the flag of art creation and trample on the dignity of a century." A school hopes to shape its own culture and character, and to make the campus prosperous.The reason why the school is so ugly is that it has its own reasons. We all hope that it will not be good or that our own people will know it well. Or think that it is a crime to have a bully in school every day. Why do you say I am?

the center of the school, it is hoped that feng Kuang-kuang stands out as an old culture in Taiwan's education system. So, if it is for the high people of Zhongshan, looking at the uniformed protagonist who has been proud of me, will it be a bit of indignation?

My answer is yes, one may be that we are shy about our own ugly family, and the second may be that we are aggrieved by the facts of Zhang GuanLi.

Regardless of whether there is really any mental or physical bullying in the college garden, at this moment, the "school reputation" becomes the bullying and is deeply hurt.How do we deal with this "tainted name" sentiment?

What I would like to say is that an MV may be reputable to be reputable?No, because under the uniform, everyone is an individual, has his thoughts and freedom, and should not be attached to a person by a label.As we would like to be a person who will not be a soul without a uniform.

I believe that if the reputation is worth caring, it is also the welfare of the students and the education, and not the consolidation of class authority.

In terms of creation, the author was unable to control the reinterpretation of all the works, so the audience could not break the projection of "bullying people = Sun Yat-sen", but why is it that alumni fear the projection of "bullying"?Returning to the reputation of the school, the clean white dress black skirt cannot be tainted, and that is the school's expectation of the high image of the woman in Zhongshan.

We can't say that the flawless image is wrong, but it is worth discussing behind the reputation indicators and the different faces.Does the public have the ability to respect the differences of hundreds of female students on a campus?Even if we have the courage to see the black spots on the white and white spots — bullying ", they acknowledge the traces of their existence and look squarely at the dark side of the campus.

Which is more important to defend the reputation and the right to defend?

Defending the reputation of the school is a manifestation of the cultural class, and the system that cleans up the people is to ensure that they do not lose their rights and that they will be empowered.As a result, all conditions that would vanish "class boundaries" were wrong.So we can see the expression of "collective sense of honor", actually from a kind of fear of getting away with the rights and knowledge of your own.

The real problem is that we care about the "power to give us" more than "self-self-respect":

People are always subject to some kind of power.The main body always has two indivisible but contradictory meanings: one is "due to control or dependence on one person": the other is "by the knowledge and knowledge of the self and by his identity closely."" These two meanings are both correct, and they are both founded.Therefore, to talk about self-identification should not only emphasize the process of individual individuals taking the initiative to pursue their own initiative; they should have the power to form his own set of power to discuss them.This power relationship doesn't only tell you who it is, but it also takes a lot of effort to tell you who "shouldn't" be.— — Michel Foucault (Source: Source )

We spend a lot of time understanding ourselves in a power structure, but rarely, at times, look at what kind of people they can become.

You say, are the Zhongshan Girls' University friends being a group of people who have been bullied by culture?I said yes.

We want to defend our own labels, to consolidate our sense of security, but not to defend our reputation and defend school bullying victims in the same scale, but to see why they feel the bullying, helping people who live long lives in labeling societies have the ability to seek their own collective identity.

bullying the power to countless children

After watching the first victim of the incident, let's put it back to the people who live in the bullying field, — the MV, " and originally intended to be the original.

According to the Ministry of Education statistics, the bullying incidents reported each year are three digits, 104 years and 100-odd cases, and the number of reported cases has dropped year after year.Legislator Wu Si-yao queries that it is because the current law in Taiwan does not impose specific laws on bullying, so there are many unseen black and blurry areas.(Recommended: [Gender-violence decoding program]] You know what?It's not safe to live in this world )

No one can guarantee that there is no bullying in a school. We should know that bullying in school is not a school of shame. This is the normal state of society. Now, it is only by facing up to the facts that it can change the normal state of the occurrence.

If you're still a virtual image story, it's just a story for bullying. Just take a look at the number of cases of gender-based violence that this year's women's obsession with the Department of Health:

Every 3.5 minutes in Taiwan, one person lives under violence.
two people, one has gone through gender violence.

In 2013, the campus bullying surveys conducted by the Baffoo Coalition, two of the ten people, had been bullied by school bullying.Most of these are "bullying," and the reactions of these children are mostly: sad (56.8 %), feeling frustrated (48 %), or angry (46.9 %), feeling embarrassed (21.6 %), afraid (21.4 %), and even "not as dead" (20.9 %).

According to these figures, we do not have time to sigh at the misinterpretation of the victim's victim's position on the opposite of the depth of the number of the black and the misreading of the culture of the lament.As our children hope for the world, they are dying to die.

One in two people is experiencing gender-based violence, life or light, mental or physical, mental or physical, and we all feel that we are victims of violence. This is a good example and a starting point. When everyone is likely to be a victim, what we are doing is not much bigger than the wound, but first to remove the pain from the pain of others and exercise the power over the name of the wound.

The Black Sheep Effect in the Rebullying Structure: The Maximum Homicide is Shen Meer

We have to find more channels to speak up, see bullying.And it does not exclude bullying and its own relationship, because any discrimination or malice may occur in an invisible way.

Psychology books

indicate that in bullying, often not a group of bad people bully good people, but a group of good people bully the other good, while the rest of the good will remain unfolded.In the black sheep effect, no matter which role they are, they have their grievances, helplessness, pain and untold aspects; we do not have the obligation to fight injustice, nor do we have the right to hate anyone.Each person may become a party in a bullying incident.

In the structure of bullying, the fuse may be: 'he's fat', 'he's dirty', 'he's too dirty', 'he's too introverted', 'he's got a lot of attention', and 'a little bit of a different' has become a black sheep; the perpetrator is trying to sanction a black sheep in the event; however, most people don't care about their own white sheep.Therefore, the most powerful of the bullying structures is not the perpetrators themselves, but the collective consciousness of the white sheep's circle — —

What we need to repair is not only the bullying individual, but also a society that has long neglected bullying.It is even our responsibility to clarify the cultural background of the bullying, and to see what kind of social and economic structure, growth factors, or educational atmosphere, that the bullying is being raised.

Cause of bullying: fear of losing the body

However, the last thing we want to discuss is not that the wounds are more important, but rather to remind ourselves that anger is not easily oppressed onto another group.

The media's bloodthirsty title to public figures, institutional support for vested interests, or a culture of standard and good students, is quite similar to the severity of the bullying of a group of girls on campus.Whether it is spiritual pressure or physical violence, resisting the "nature of existence" of a person, it is bullying.

This behavior that eliminates the meaning of a person is ubiquitous.

In recent days, in addition to the narcis-years> incident, you can see that the public mail box for the whole school is open to the whole school, and you can also discover the superiority of the bullying from the "superiority of the person".The letter states that "The Christian faith is based on the sex of the Biblical nature" and that homosexuality is inherently wrong because it does not reproduce, it should not be rationalized, as well as theft, liars, smoking, and "they should try their best to correct their behavior".(Laughter) () Christian mother's self-white: gay marriage and rethinking of heterosexual marriages )

letter sparked outrage among many human rights activists, who considered it to be the name of the school's pastoral room to be bullied by the name of love.The words of sympathy, compassion, and alms are the discrimination of the "non-racial" species.

sociologist Allan Johnson (The Gender Knot) points out the fear of bullying and the fear of the hidden fear that bullying has emerged as an internal factor in empowering a body to demonstrate its ability to control the behavior of others.Dynamic relationships between "control" and "fear" contribute to competition, aggression and oppression, and are an important factor in maintaining power.The controller rationalizes its own control by pursuing a sense of control, viewing itself as a subject, and viewing the guest as "low-person-one-class."

Our fear often comes from the fear that another group of people can preempt their own main body position.From the campus field to society, you will find that the differences are the driving hands of the rolling bullying.From Arrouba, pull-shoulder, sexual jokes, sexual harassment, sexual assault, Shen acquiesced to the pain of the pain.

How do we change the status quo?Perhaps we can not just worry about being targeted, we have the ability to turn fear.People do not need to crowd out people by entering a certain class, not to confront the cultural class, but to tear down the walls of defense self, consolidate the view of Foucault and Allan Johnson, and what we really need is to clarify our own fears, accept our own bodies, and engage in conversations with others.

Face the Rebullying case: Don't use your own wounds to suppress people

Back to

events, we don't need to prevent anyone from being trampling on the victim's position. Those questions are heartbreaking: His uniform swatter the MV is bullying. So, are you a bullying attack on Chungshan's school attack Tsai Yi-lin?

Everyone is a victim of a structure and is an accomplice.This position is pain and discomfort, he may be hostile to the outside, and he is fully skeptical about himself.What he needs to face is not only the individual bullying, but the whole system, that he, that is you.

What we need to do is to quell the divergence and hatred, cross authority, and exercise a more secure environment for survival.

In addition to the close defense, there are many long-neglected "human rights" worth of effort.Rethinking, didn't we have been used as a nickname for the growth stage, but didn't we dare to make a sound while the bullying was a joke?Do you still remember what you tried to do in the collective life to please others and be afraid of becoming a part of the crowd?(Extensive reading: Gender: "Bags" and "Bao Pack kits", to the extent that you have been sexually harassed

The most important thing is not who wears the uniformed bullying, but the person who has taken off the uniform after taking off the uniform.If you were afraid of being involved in the bullying of someone else, if you were a shimmering white sheep, then it's time for you to get up, because it could have been you, me.Whether it's an alumnus, a person, a victim of a structure, let's find a way to live together, and maybe take action: first, don't make any wound, the second thing, don't use your own wounds to suppress people.

At the beginning of the MV, the campus began to rise to the legal principles, and the campus had to have a more complete professional counselling and referral system.From the demand side, we should also examine the needs of bullying, or the needs of bullying, and improve the social systems and culture behind them, and see every wound in social violence.Furthermore, rational dialogue with the differences in the use of their own empathy.

Face bullying, from breaking the oppression and the beginning of the class. Women are invited to participate in the < Gender-based violence decoding program >, from now on, your actions, your voice may turn over grief, and you are the spark of a star that lives in a better world.