Janet Shei Yifen in the network openly his experience of depression , so many netizens have stood up to state their experience. Depressive patients are not heterogeneous, may be around us relatives and friends, you and I. Live in the high speed of the contemporary, how do we back to the world, turn to face themselves? Honey, You're not alone . (Recommended reading: walking through bullying and depression: The first Life Marathon Jin Reborn )

Many people know Janet Shei Yifen, always remember her cheerful image, she burst into laughter, a bit of Taiwan's Mandarin, the public remember Janet, is her bold adventure, crazy uninhibited, but also her such as warm Yang brilliant smile.

Janet published a film on his Facebook and confessed to his depression experience: "I used to have depression (I know, it may be hard to imagine)." I don't have any problems right now, but occasionally I suddenly go back to 2002 when it's low. I just want to share that moment with you and let you know that you are not alone. 」

She looked at the lens of tears, let a person distressed, but also thank her for the truth. Because that kind of Janet, more near an ordinary person, a flesh and blood people will reveal emotions.

Melancholy is the emotion that all ordinary people have

"I always look happy, energetic and energetic in front of the public, and I do, but I also have a melancholy time, we are all human." 」

Janet wanted to tell everyone that even though she was cheerful, does not mean that she has no dark side: "I used to have depression, you just feel hopeless, you don't know why, it could be a long time of pressure, like I'm filming now, because I'm trying to be perfect, I'm afraid I'm not doing well and I'm disappointed. Just put the pressure on yourself. 」

Janet, who had just come back to Taiwan as a model, had suffered many appearances, such as a brokerage firm demanding that she lose weight, accusing her of being too dark, and the brokerage firm demanding that she diet and even cause bulimia and depression to be counter-productive.

Until now, Janet not "defeated" the Blues, but found ways to coexist with negative emotions, and she encouraged everyone to really understand their needs and to be able to release them.

"I often feel very lonely, I am a person in Taiwan, Mom and dad, George is not in, they are in a good distance." Usually a person I can accept, I don't need someone every day, but when the pressure accumulates, really tired, you let yourself cry, let yourself vent. 」

What we can do is not to ignore our negative emotions, but to look at the pressure and the pain and accept our weakness.

Baby, you're not alone

Putting your emotional glance on the web is to support people who feel abandoned. You may remember that after Kingzheng suicide, the Internet discussed the issue of suicide, many people blame the depressed patients are not strong enough, or the new generation of children not enough stress.

In fact, depression is a "cumulative" symptom: When you can not calm through every turbulent stage, the hearts of the lost mood began to accumulate until the pressure of excessive, the gray face of life can no longer resist, hopeless feeling, and then brewing a melancholy mood and suicidal thoughts.

Depression patients are not brave enough, but more than the average person will support and patience, and lack of pressure relief pipeline.

Janet said: "Sometimes we really have no way, we need to cry, need someone to comfort, even if I am a very strong person, I also need people." So don't be afraid, we are all the same, we will have to help, do not feel that you are a person, do not feel that you have this feeling is wrong, you are not alone, you and I are here. 」

"We work together to find a way to pull ourselves together, to try to encourage each other, finding friends with your peers, finding ways to live your life, don't give up, these moments will pass, and we will all be well." "janet invited everyone who had suffered emotional distress to remember that Moment, remembering that he was strong in sadness, that the feeling of pain would pass.

In the modern age of depression, the three major diseases in the new century, we need to face more stress and competition every day, but we can tell ourselves that emotional distress is not an anomaly, this is the normal, we must look at their own sunshine and darkness, so that the joy of life can find a way to survive in the body.

Remember Janet sentence: "I hope this message can tell you that you are not alone, come on." 」

(Photo source:Janet)

"To my dear you."

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