Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"Chuan Pu" is ubiquitous in the world, and it is important to have people who are standing opposite to the Sichuan pu. 」

The U.S. presidential election, which began voting last night, was evenly balanced this morning, closing in on a touch of red at noon. "Is Trump going to be president of the United States?" "Taiwanese face books are online in the stratosphere, depressed, and Americans are finally choosing madmen between lunatics and crooks."

We are disturbed by the turmoil of this world, the globalization of the 21st century, Trump's arrival in the White House has brought a series of shocks--the Black swan in the stock market and the FT also reported that Chuan-won would be a "hurricane" in Mexico, a threat to trade liberalisation and sanctions against Russia, and that America's relations with Asia-Pacific countries have to be seen.

Many of my Facebook people are Senqui Hillary: "The world is about to be destroyed by this kind of discrimination against women, discrimination against race, ridicule of the handicapped and Muslims, and the shaping of the opposition of the people of Sichuan." 」

Trump's election may reflect a phenomenon worth thinking about, most of his policy-protected groups voted for him, and there are many in our world: anti-environmentalists, people who repel immigrants, resource monopolies that discriminate against social welfare policies, and pigs who hate feminists ... (same field Gayon: gender observation: When Trump says "take her private place, you can do whatever you like")

How do we face the phenomenon? Will the world perish? What changes will the world bring to the President, who is bent on building walls to crowd Mexicans and consolidate American elitism?

"How do you agree with people who disagree with your position"? There is a dialogue, and I would like to let you know all the disappointments of the present situation.

Last week, my editor Audrey and the woman's chief executive Wei Xuan have some discussions about the direction of future content, mainly on what "our content" wants to bring to the reader. Women fans do not produce live reports, nor do they support a specific position. In fact, whenever the current events, women fascinated readers of the editorial production of the content there are more expectations, I hope we more all-round thinking, more standing in the perspective of the same, we also take a higher standard of the requirements of their own.

My editor and I are people who like to look at the world from a gender perspective, and many times, to discuss a set of principles we believe in, it is inevitable to snub the non-stratosphere communication, for us, many "right things" like the existence of the stars and the sun as natural, that is the appearance of all things, I asked Wei Xuan: "Why specifically to explain where there is the sun?" 」

She returned very interesting, and I therefore have more tolerance for the absurdity of the world. She said: "Because those people can't see the sun, they are locked in the room, they don't even know there is a sun outside." 」

I think that this election, tell the world is that, you see, there are so many people, locked in a confined space, do not know what the original sun is what taste.

And those of us who are in the sun and stars, yearning for Utopia, must see the rules of the existing system, understand the class stand in the era of high competition, turn the opposition into dialogue. (Recommended you see: the mind and practice are diverse!) Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)

Do not abuse their anger, to be worthy of the body and the rights of people. Don't look at a new world with your own prejudices. So is the workplace and the survival.

Trump elected at the same time, or in the future we meet more anger at the same time, remember, for those who are different from you, open a window. The world is not only a Trump, not only a Hitler, the difference is always there, it is important that we do not need to become prisoners of concentration camps, because we will stand on the opposite side of more dollars, to oversee the functioning of the system, to defend the right to be abandoned by power.

We will open a window for the closed century, even if the flesh and blood of the chisel open a seam, must struggle forward. In addition to the collapse, I hope that we will be disappointed with patience and the courage to fight, know that the future is a great change of the road.

The world will not perish, people have enough patience and strength to support all things, only in your standing posture.

The 45th session of the President, the whole world political system will be turbulent, in this turmoil, we must persevere, do not give up with the people in the room, open a window for them, but also for their own collision a path.

As Trump said in his speech, "Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, I want to thank all the voters, I just received a call from Clinton, she congratulated us on our victory, I also reply to her, hard, I owe Clinton a thank you, thank her for the long-term efforts of the United States. ....... Regardless of race, religion, and faith, please join in the reform and start our American dream again. 」

The election confrontation is temporary, and only dialogue can bring a better world. We'll remember Trump commitment "we'll seek common ground, not hostility, partnership, not conflict."