single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Love is what can eat? Today is 1111 Singles Day, we shrug why the big celebration! Being single is always happy because a person's heart is full: because you never leave your old friends, and you treat yourself to a heart. (Recommended reading: old friends who are healthy and healthy: Let's take a look at the past. )

1111 Singles day ago, Shei Xinying farewell seven Years of Love: "Finally did a most difficult and need the courage of the decision", you sigh, love what good to believe. At the same time you also believe that her single is not a pity, we have lost in love, but also by the vast universe of gentleness, ups and downs sometimes, we will eventually land in a place where we can be gentle.

Do not sympathize with anyone's single, why can't we be a plump single girl?

On the street on the network on the Internet dealers toss very much, is clearly said to celebrate the day, single was grumble about the poor: "You are still single?" Let oneself become beautiful makeup artifact "," with the pleasure of replacing the lonely, now on the full strength under the single ", comprehensive 50 percent of ads, you see not gung-hard. Because after a few months, these luxuries become a burden on your life, tucked in a shoe closet or a deep corner.

About Love is hard to understand, but speaking of yourself, you have no hesitation. Being single is the norm, and when there is no other, what really fills you is not the matter, but the strength that grows from within. The strength to make you understand that even a person is not just a person.

"Hello, long time no see, December together to see the Christmas tree." 」
"1111 celebrating being single? I'm celebrating every day. 」
"Tell your parents not to worry, you won't die alone, and we'll die together." 」

Yes ah, such a long age, can not keep a companion, lost a lot of tears, but finally, let you earn a few angry and funny old friends, also make you in the pain to know the real yourself.

She can not give you enthusiasts, but gave you a little, she can not give you sweet kiss, pour the tongue of your mouth, she does not want to stay with you, I hope in their own wandering back to tell each other's story. She can not get tired of being around you every day, and still remember to give you a video on your birthday. She doesn't remember how many people you loved, but she went to the graffiti wall to leave a message black.

Singles Day, compared to download dating APP to a stranger to explain your life, you would rather stay with your beloved friend drink, Parselmouth a few life jokes.

Being single is not a disappointment, and being able to have a complete self is a good day. Those who make you complete are often the ones who have earned it--the books you read, the scenery you pass by, and the opportunities you have to treat ... Friends are married and have children to go, you still put on the physiological leave, the bite of the bullet endure many bitter finally economic independence, look back to youth, know that you have become a good favorite person. Be strong in love a few times before you know how to accept your weakness ... Did you find it? Your smile is earned by yourself.

We all live skilled, no time to waste, to seize the most worthwhile.

What you need is not the person who is with you, but a person who is willing to be with you. What you want is not a person who fills your emptiness, but a man who goes to the water and sits down at the clouds. No one can add value to your life, only you have that ability.

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