An interview with Zhang Tiezhi , he has many identities, and his first book, Voice and Fury, is a classic in Chinese rock and roll, and he has been the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong's "extra", adding heavily to the magazine's thickness and height; He is a familiar face at the scene of the social movement, fighting while not forgetting to participate in cultural experiments From reading Music Bookstore to the political question of film and television innovation, he has been the silent hands of the times, and he said, want to change the world with ideas, to write in the era and witness this era.

The guitar vigorously brushes, the drum beats the clap, The bass rhythm is Restless, the lead singer throws the clear voice, the rock music vigorously holds the more subversive time imagination, you close the eye, feels inside the body flame, you ask oneself, can be a more free person?

Zhang Tiezhi a white shirt jeans into a woman fan paradise, my ears sounded rock music.

20 years, his blood is hot teng, uphold the rock spirit, promote the interactive dialogue between the times and culture, not the bystanders of the times, not the ivory tower scholar, do not do the study of the critic, walked into the masses, he in the era of the scene writing era, to action experiments unrestrained possible.

In 04, he published his first book, Voice and Fury: Can rock and roll change the world? ", is the question is also the action; the rebel gaze of 07 calls for rebels and models of rebellion in the 60; the noise of the times in 10 came at a time when subversion and the spirit of independence Anchao; At the end of the 16, he combed through the Culture Review collection " The Burning Age: independent culture, youth generation and public spirit " , he said the book should have been written and owed, but this is the time of our lives.

He wrote, from the Western rebel forces looking to the east of the independent present style, incubate the experimental strong Code of action. He said that culture to build this road is very long, but I am not lonely, I am very fortunate, all the way to do independent writers, write to this day.

Listen to him, I understand his stubborn but free spirit of the core, he was walking, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, is full of flowers bloom.

The burning age, the burning crowd

From the new book "The Burning Age" chatted, he smiled and changed his name several times, originally named "Recreate the culture of the Times", then the wife began the "burning Era" name, to meet the spirit of the book.

The book is a three-time puzzle: Independent culture, youth generation, public spirit, from Taiwan, China to Hong Kong, the implementation of this era of key words. Zhang Tiezhi, speaking of Taiwan, "the biggest change in Taiwan's recent years has been the shift of the old paradigm." From the sun Flower generation to the new political party map, and then to the emergence of independent cultural workers, there are more and more returning young people. Music is also, 15-16 years, from the fire extinguisher to Schumien, two consecutive years indie music won the best Song of the year. 」

He was keen on Taiwan, and went on to say, "The independent culture is closely related to the youth generation, the young people are eager to practice themselves, and instead of working for the big business, people are more eager to release their intrinsic value and reflect what they want to do." 」

"Do go back to a bit of Marxism," he said. Marx criticized the work of others as alienation and celebrated more traditional hand practice. Instead of doing a link in the production line, it is better to embody the spirit of personal life. Many people criticize small indeed, I think young people is a new way of self practice. He smiled and said that the independent spirit of hand had spawned a new business model. Politics, commerce, culture, can be seen the germination of the spirit of independence. The phenomenon of independence combines the public spirit, emphasizing openness and sharing, bringing new nutrients to the times. (Recommended reading: The story of 400 independent bookstores in Taiwan: The more beautiful The human soul, the more beautiful The bookstore )

Independent culture, youth generation, public spirit three key words, alternate mutual construction, the era of the Zhang Tiezhi to more likely, the reason for writing is to criticize and dismantle the present cultural phenomenon, but also to put forward the possibility of lively. "Taiwan has changed rapidly in recent years and it is now a climax and it is appropriate to stop and reflect on the progress of these years." 」

Talk about writing, Tiezhi eyes very hot, words force, I poured him another glass of water, he said, there is an independent writer's identity, he drank a mouthful of water, told the story, I listened attentively.

Beat the society, I'll write it down like rock and roll

Independent spirit, all the way back, Tiezhi really reverse bone. The university did not choose the most secure way out of the big Taiwan Law, elected the political department, he said no why, I want to have more freedom.

"Before 18 years old, I am the provincial village child, the home is very blue, I am the typical Parto education child, until the university, meets the mainland society, has given me many free nutrients." "Into the mainland society, elder sister is Fan Yun, Lampega, Zheng Wenzan, Taiwan independence at that time is taboo, he spent a lot of time thinking, delving into history, participate in the student movement."

In retrospect, that is probably the starting point, there is something in the body slowly drawn out, looking intently, is a burning fire. He was sure that he wanted to change the world with his intellectual thoughts.

In 02, he went to Columbia for a PhD in political studies, in the 04, "Voice and Anger" published, the mainstream media invited him to write a column, he found it interesting to use writing to intervene in Taiwan's poor public domain, to bring the knowledge of things, all the way into the public domain reconstruction, when there is little comment, he buried in writing, No one dares to talk about the human rights problem in China and Hong Kong, he has to write to illuminate the dark topic.

By 08, his comments were scattered everywhere, with the knowledge of the core of the society, he wrote a commentary in Taiwan to participate in the social transport site, often asked himself, the doctor is still not the way he wants to go? "I went to the doctor for the pursuit of knowledge, the accumulation of knowledge to change the world." In those years, I found myself more interested in tapping society, by writing, as a woodpecker, as a direct reminder to society. 」

Leave Gotta Boban is gamble, bet different possible, give up too natural way. He said that when he saw some examples in the United States, he wanted to try the identity of an independent writer and pursue more self practice.

He smiled, thinking of himself leaving the prestigious Ph. D., and a rock-and-roll, rebelling against some of the mainstream values through practice. He did not know where to find his work, but he was convinced that he would experiment with the possibility of life.

I think of Boberdillen saying, "People seldom do what they believe is right." People choose to act conveniently and then repent. "Tiezhi life, not covet the convenience of order, stable road is good to go, but subversion is to live more free, like rock and roll." Write like a, he says, is no more than a rock gesture.

Back to the historical scene, the social transport site to write social transport

I saw the fire burning all the way through the Tiezhi, the road began to see the light, "my action to be combined with writing, I do not stand on the sidelines, I want to become part of the history of sports." He wants to be a critic at the scene and write about the social movement.

He has been with the scene of history. 12, "Extra" the boss to find him, invited him to be editor-in-chief, "Extra" is the 80 's Hong Kong Special standard of the magazine, Avantgarde embodiment of Hong Kong-style aesthetic taste, later commercialized more, less personality, hope Tiezhi with cultural expertise to help "extra" back to the vanguard position.

He thought about the 17 Hong Kong general election, Hong Kong has a major political change in the past few years, he did not know a word in Cantonese to Hong Kong, the friends around said you can not leak. As soon as he arrived, he took a drastic step and added a culture to the famous "extra" of fashion.

He spends time thinking about what the highly politicized society in Hong Kong needs. The introduction of social and cultural issues to the "extra", the second issue of gay issues, tender Gay and proud. He did not think too much, only that Hong Kong is worth a magazine with weight in mind, so that the magazine can be a change in Hong Kong.

"Extra" is a fashion culture magazine, contact is the most top-notch brand customers, fashion shooting I do not understand anything, is very strange to me journey. To be the editor-in-chief of the legendary magazine, and then to influence Hong Kong society, I learn a lot, also witness the scene of the umbrella movement, seeing what we believe is happening. "(Recommended reading: Zhang Tiezhi column: Looking for light in the dark road--dialogue Huangzhi, Ribinglo )

In the "Extra" for 2.5, 15, Taiwan is about to elect, he wanted to return to Taiwan, back to the historical scene. "Extra" is a good result, but after all, it is someone else's publication, is the land of others. I know there are some problems in Taiwan media, so I want to try it back. "He will leave at that time, the Hong Kong media Sad report, the arts and crafts industry for him to do a farewell feast."

Looking back, these 2.5 are cultural experiments to challenge the prejudice of "Hong Kong cannot tolerate a deep culture magazine", and then he will feel and experiment in Taiwan. "The shape of the big system is not interesting, I would like a group of like-minded people, from zero to one to do something." 」

At that time, he met with any honor, the two people on the new media concept and adhere to similar, spent months preparing, jointly incubate the "reporter", with digital content, to meet the rights of citizens to know, dialogue with the new generation, deepen the public spirit. (same field Gayon: flow is not equal to influence!) Interview with Honor: "New media, is to meet the rights of citizens to know")

He also took the "political question" to host the stick and create new possibilities for the politics show. "Taiwan's worst is the audio-visual media, unfortunately, the most people look at things incredibly weak." "He spoke with a sharp, gentle action, and the third quarter, from the publication to the music seven-oriented, fine talk about the future of Taiwan's culture, put forward important questions and find important answers."

Zhang Tiezhi back in Taiwan this year, the number of participants in the project, the reporter and the government asked, but also to read Lok Bookstore and the digital age consultant, cultural thinking to intervene in the spirit of the times, never shook. He is like a Pentium wave, is the ideal faction is also a movement, he does not wait, to devote himself.

As if this island doesn't need culture.

I went on to ask, what does he think of Taiwan's current culture? Is there any feasible direction for deconstruction and reconstruction?

He shook his head, laughing at himself as the unsuccessful director of culture, he was clear that Taiwan's cultural policy budget has always been very low, the society is immature, several presidential debates, no one mentioned cultural policy, he was shocked and not shocked.

"Many people say that culture has to be fed to people to appreciate, both parties are economic thinking, I say it is a very wrong understanding of culture, it is too natural to think that other things are more important." But culture, is the creativity of life, the lifeblood of the city, but also the soul of the country. 」

Culture is not the opposite of the economy, but rather the innovation of industrial transformation. Zhang Tiezhi proposed that Taiwan should move towards economic transformation, no longer just the past hardware manufacturing and foundry thinking, culture is absolutely the key, otherwise only changed the surface, still owe inside.

Not only the country, but the city in particular. The spark of creative cities in Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, Seoul, Bangkok has a lively atmosphere, Taipei should pay more attention to. "Cities have to be competitive, have features, old and new." On the one hand, the city can not be a single, to return to the traditional historical context, so the word conservation, community life is very important, must be preserved and dug. On the other hand, we should also encourage new things to come out and let young ideas happen. 」

He said that Taiwan's regular slogan is very loud, saying that it is the culture of the nation, concrete how to do, to take in what direction, to grow what culture is not clear, no sense of direction. In the face of China's rise, the entire cultural and creative industries are anxious.

Slowly looking to China, Tiezhi to Taiwan's cultural development, has its own insights, without anxiety. "We have to deal with the relationship with China, but also ask ourselves what we have." Taiwan is suitable for life, we are small, we are slow, we are quiet, are advantages. Compared with China, the money is more, the market is impetuous, it is difficult to calm down. Taiwan should cherish its own small and calm, this advantage we still have, how long we do not know. "(same field Gayon: to my Chinese ex-boyfriend: I want a democratic and independent love )

The first few of the "burning Years" , he was the criticism of Taiwan's small really lucky to overturn. No need to enviable whose wolf, small indeed generation, in fact, is the creator of the new era value, the pursuit of the independent spirit of self practice, to do things well, is the trend of developed countries.

Handy twist, emboldened very foot, culture, the crash does not come, iron volunteer to do many attempts, hit the time of the people.

Survivor of the Times, success does not have to be in my

Is it a sense of mission to the Times? Comments, books, consultants, social transport, hosting, planning, participation in the new media practice, I see Tiezhi with the cultural movement as the center, The daily life, 揭竿 Uprising, the cultural power of seizure.

He smiled and said, "I do not have a sense of mission, but is a more than 40-year-old uncle, there is something in the body burning, do not I do not readily." I want to be closer to my gut instinct, and it's interesting to start something. 」

Liu Ke for the "burning Era" when writing, Zhang Tiezhi like the culture of small, Tiezhi joke is not so exaggerated, but it is true that many large enterprises dare not use him, he felt puzzled, he is not particularly rebellious, but really there is no compromise of the spirit of subversion.

He continued to understand the times, and tried to put forward solutions to the dilemma, throwing action, the experiment to the cultural public issues a deeper opportunity to use, close to the young people's performance aesthetics, on the load of serious content, do public expression and delivery.

' It's a very complicated mood, ' he said. "Sometimes I feel like a survivor of the times, I'm still young. 80 in the 90 's, Taiwan's cultural commentary was just prevalent; I began to write, when the platform collapsed, with my contemporaries, very few people continue to comment for the Chi industry, I feel very lucky. 」

Tiezhi to The Times of anger, and moved more, the experience of social movement gave him a firm belief, he knew that the culture impatient not to come, there are always doubts and setbacks, but if it has been done, is to create the possibility of seeing spring flowers.

He is very calm, ask not success, walk on the road has been important, "you open some things, even if not successful, others can step on your shoulders, continue to go forward, go farther, open more." That's what I want to see. 」

He said that success does not have to be in me, all I can do is to walk on the road all the time. I see him these years, with blunt pen, rolled up sleeves, go to the street, action, experiment, physical collision deadlock, subversion of the era of tolerance, for very gentle reason: this era of us, worthy of a cultural revolution. (same field Gayon:"The Maiden Revolution": To write a revolution history for the young girls who are not remembered by history )

I am always glad, this era of us, can walk together with Zhang Tiezhi, to sing themselves into a rock, the weight of freedom, is always such a step by step out.

Interview PostScript

After the interview, Tiezhi asked me, "Are you anxious to go?" I have to go back a few more letters. "I shook my head, he turned on the computer, fast hammering, eyes good focus."

I quietly patted, think of every time in other occasions met Tiezhi, he always warm greetings, every time others loudly shouted him "senior media person" he is particularly self-deprecating, shaking his head said not experts. I remember him in the interview, the eyes earnestly said, "People see me do a lot of things, in fact, my core identity is very simple, is to be a writer, I want to continue to write." "(same field Gayon: remove the proof back to yourself!" Interview Lindayang: I want to be someone important in other people's life.

I get goose bumps, writing really can bring a person to far and far away, write the author's immersed in farming, can witness and achievements of a great era.