single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The movie " Happy to Love you ", the protagonists met each other, love each other, together in the possibility of Los Angeles to support each other, chasing dreams. But when they are gradually moving towards success, Love becomes a stumbling block. (Recommended you see:"Happy to Love You" relationship topic: I achieved the dream, you made me )

Love is like we dance in the universe, love is we are tripped by life also happy, Love is the fate of the stack, love is your skirt with the wrinkles of jazz jumps, love Is he plays the piano melancholy side face.

Our young had ambition, if now can have a little applause, still have to look back, the original that accompany us to see the world's dumb people.

At that time, the boy and the girl were still very silly, she was disgraced at the first audition, he was dismissed by the boss shortly after the meeting. Just one second, the eyes of Lu snakes, love each other's fragile. Because he fell in love with the old-school jazz, he admired the crazy color of Hollywood.

There is such a person, even if there is no music, you can still dance together with life, as no one is watching, you know each other's thoughts, you in the dark touch the shape of the future, you walk with reckless.

How fortunate to have a faltering when they hold each other, see you boldly chasing dreams so willing to let go. Also how sad, we have to be willing to love, to fulfill a dream.

Reality makes people believe that abandonment is worthwhile. Life Fork Sometimes, just as she wants to go forward, he needs to turn. Sebastian has its own pace, Mia and all the roads have to rush to the front.

"Love to the bottom, let the freedom is the greatest gentleness, I am happy to see your success so smile to let you go." 」

Once again, the two people have been on the other side, Mia looked at the dream of Sebastian practice, they have loved the shadow, separated by the crowd laugh, this smile has sour, there is sweet, smiling far from the success of the other side, smiling thank you dream on the road encounter you.

In life, there are many people who appreciate your success, but he is the only one who accompanies you through the most difficult times.

To those who dream, even if they are a little silly, to the pain of the heart, to the chaos we create.

"The More I love you, the happier I am."

We are all in the good, good to let regret no place can invade, good to be worthy of the original willing. You finally understand, life will be the seasons, those who pass us, make us evolve into better people.