Attractive manuscripts service, want to hear your wonderful point of view. 2018 attractive manuscripts, please post to the letter box:

November 10, 2015, the woman fan launched the submission service, the name of " fascinating manuscripts ", inviting all eyes open to observe, we believe that every time the pen is a gesture, writing is to defend the ideal world, sound is to remember the weak, only the hope is better, We can honestly say that we live in an era of continuous progress.

2016, we received a lot of wonderful manuscripts, writing the gender and psychological process , from all sides.

Some from their own experience, the positive rhetorical question to society,

Some from the life of material, borrow force to force, the opposite view of life,

Some focus on current affairs and don't want to miss any discussion.

Some face the world, stand in the time scene,

Translating emotions into concrete actions is a fascinating strategy for us.

In 2017, we combed through nine interest channels, which is a positive statement about the content of women's fans. Fascinating manuscripts will also evolve, toward in-depth reviews, both reasonable and soft, carrot and stick, inviting you to take the knowledge as the fulcrum to prop up the world, with culture as the center of the free space to draw comments. (Recommended reading: change is happening!) Women are fascinated by your thank-you note: Create space for everyone to be free

The spirit of appealing manuscripts and the direction of writing

Fascinating manuscripts, feelings about the incident, so write a pen, the thirst for knowledge, so earnestly to seek, so tolerant of ideas, honest to himself, so carefully speculative, believe in change, so that oneself become a change of wind direction.

What is the spirit of fascinating manuscripts?

As a writing platform that believes in publicity, we welcome the statement of pluralistic opinions, promote better knowledge transfer and exchange, and the spirit of the fascinating manuscripts is that

  1. Respect for diversity: The purpose of speculative thinking is to open up space, we invite you to defend the conviction of faith, but also listen to the voices of dissent.

  2. Knowledge Content: Knowledge is the cornerstone, exercise independent thinking, not anxious to criticize against, but to repeatedly speculative, from the knowledge of a path of action.

  3. People-oriented: The event is dead, and the person is alive, always with human as the core, long report warm life.

the type of manuscript preferred by the attractive manuscripts

We give priority to the following three major content-oriented:

First, current affairs: Whether it is focusing on Taiwan or facing the world, we are waiting for a kind of honest and gentle reasoning pen. Political commentary, foreign situation, cultural observation, current affairs reflection, social criticism, economic situation, invite you to Rich Vision channel content.

Reference content

Ii. Gender Discourse: Whether it is a feminist history, a trans-gender equity or a queer sport, we look forward to a gender-related movement in the Asian context, through the two channels of feminism and gender , that can be witnessed in the past and the dialogue now.

Reference content

Third, taste of the United States: Music Review, film analysis, book reflection, theater experience, plastic our life taste, and daily wear, accessories selection, Fashion history, let us renovate the style of the framework and definition, we look forward to your manuscript has a cultural context, but also has a unique perspective. (also welcome to the illustration column submission)

Reference content

Where you write a fascinating contribution, the article may appear in the website, women fans read the APP, Women fan fan page to share with millions of readers, we will clearly identify the author and data sources, please attach your author's name and the source of the data.

Finally, the submission process that meets with you

If you're expecting to meet a woman and write a deep comment in writing, you can do this:

Submission Process

  1. Please submit to, write " submit to a fascinating manuscript, I am ___ " in the letter title. (If you do not specify this title, we will not be able to see you in the vast sea of letters, contributors will not be able to receive the reply yo)

  2. Enclose your document in the attached file, and make sure you enclose the name you wish to publish in the first paragraph of your document, using Microsoft Word or Google document. (Please also attach a number of articles)

  • The editor will reply within two weeks . If the editor thinks it's really good but can be better, give the article a change of feedback.

  • Please carefully check the manuscript before sending the text Tokujitsu, if sent, the letter requested to delete the supplement, edit the reservation does not publish or not modify the right.

  • Intimate Reminder

    1. Fascinating articles can not insert hyperlinks to the outside of the station yo, if there is publicity needs, welcome to the fascinating laboratory .
    2. If the manuscript has been submitted to his net or has been published by another website, please indicate in the letter the name of the other website which has been submitted or published.
    3. In principle, attractive manuscripts only accept articles in the first issue of women fans.

    Become an author

    If you accumulate four articles published by women fans, the content lab will assess whether you are inviting you to be a woman-obsessed writer. The fascinating manuscripts belong to the free authorization published, become the female fan of the author, will have the exclusive author resources of female fans, looking forward to the woman fans and sparkling you meet.

    Five years, women fans to build the stage, is willing to let countless authors glow, is the gender focus of the Fan , is sharp and full of Xu Yu Fang , is the resounding wood , is a solid experience of the Micro -Yi, also let us witness your glowing moment.

    If there is a pen, we would like to continue to write, link people, to the knowledge of the fulcrum to prop up the world, this road, you would like to go together?