Jiang, she was more than the actress. Claiming to be the uncle, She took the new drama "Dark Please close your eyes," to challenge the typical idol drama formula, she said the play can not lead heroine, some of the surging human nature. Talking about the actors, she said she didn't want to be a lifetime actress, and if everyone liked just his appearance, really don't need to find her acting. After reading her interview, you will fall in love with her.

Jiang, 2010 to describe the story of 88 Wind "that year, rain Non-stop Country" debut, the Face Rouge did not apply, the natural performance let her debut on the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress. Many people look at her fresh appearance, said she was born to stand in front of the fluorescent screen, but for her, the actor is an accident in life, attended the drama Department of the Director of the group of her, the director of the dream is not extinguished, still waiting for the time and export release. This time, the new drama "Dark Please close your eyes," she was invisible a group of new actors, the light of the interpretation of this no real heroine drama. (Recommended reading:"Plant theater x Woman Fan" Wang-kai Star team: "We have the best actor script, worth a good show!" ")

"Please close your eyes when it's dark": No one is absolutely good or bad

First heard, "Dark Please close your eyes," the title, I feel a little touch, mysterious full. The work revolves around a group of high school climbers friends, as one of the couple's photos out of the feelings of the breakup, ten years later reunited, but a series of unexpected suspense events occurred.

Scratch scratching recalled, the head of the first burst of suspense idol drama, was ten years ago, "love to Kill 17", and then more efforts to think, "Ruffian hero" or also an example. In recent years, Taiwan's idol drama has been almost occupied by romantic love, poor, impoverished heroine, walking on the road almost by the annoying rich boys and girls hit the car, they started a relationship between hate and love, "or fell accidentally kissed." Kidman the book and then smiled and said.

Kidman book look forward to "dark Please close your eyes" can get rid of the rigid plot sop, when the story no handsome actor, beautiful heroine, or even no absolute good and bad people, each character has a unique personality, everyone has their own light and darkness.

"It's been a long time since I've been on TV, and this is a different type filming when a lot of people together, there is no so-called protagonist, supporting, good or bad, Hongxiao is the Queen, I imagine a female high school students have such a thing, pornographic film out of the world know, was bullying and was expelled, it must be difficult to bear, but her personality is stronger, depressed, Ten years ago she recognization left, and after ten years she was a little sorry and wanted to come back to fix the relationship. Sometimes our careless joke, really can cause a lot of harm. "(same field Gayon: should leave the nude photo for love?) The one who loves you won't force you.

Kidman's Hongxiao, after leaving behind the phrase "All of you are murderers," left the group of friends she was most familiar with and trusted, not expecting to turn back after ten years, but more frightening things ahead.

Actors that have not been in the Dream list

We all know that the shooting scene is very strong Yang Qi place, in the face of physical strength inferior to people, girls to be a technician, even director, is not easy. I asked Kidman book, in the Heart has the director dream of her, whether to realize the gender in this difficult?

"I think it's not good to go, except physically, male workers are also more likely to keep a distance from you, and when they smoke, drink and joke, it's hard for you to get involved." Of course they will not be unkind to you, but there must be a secret that is not for girls to know. "Kidman book said, facing most of the male film, no way to quickly and others become buddy, girls have to find ways of finding common language communication."

"There was a time when I was really low and felt that being an actress was not a creative thing because I didn't dream of being an actor, I even thought of a lawyer chef, or no actor." It was an accident in life. "In the face of the appearance of the entertainment, Kidman book has struggled," I know I am not perfect beautiful, I love to dig, body many scars, as a child to practice track and field, some people will say that my calf is strong to play meat, or pouch should not also go to play a dozen. " I thought, well, if you like the look of me, you really don't need me to act. 」

Anti-bone and withdrawn is the Kidman book on their own description, facing the appearance of the supremacy of the environment, she could not convince herself, "if the long is more positive, will say that there are news points will be popular, then I was not so, I am more withdrawn, so I think some aspect is my inner pride in resisting these, and even often want to finish this part of the play, To find yourself under the stairs, very negative in the face of the actors work. "Always think that maybe no one wants to find her again, Kidman book escape."

"If I can say I like it or not, it's much easier, but I just feel like I can and can't, it's unknown, people are afraid of the unknown." I only feel that I can not be like other people to invest, but it is not true that other people are really so involved, it is painful. 」

After five or six years in the line, she said she had come out of a more comfortable path by touching yoga and the lives of her people. "I will think that all things happen to be good, and this is my belief." I was lying in bed one day thinking, what is a tie? It seems that people need to be able to go down. "Find a group of ties, also find the central idea to convince themselves, Kidman book finally break out of place, find the shape of their own soul to place." (Recommended to you:"Miss Sports" to accept the present oneself, in order to reach the farther baths )

Fresh, feminine star? "I hope everyone finds out I'm not disappointed in my true colors."

Debut so far, many media to Kidman book "Fresh", "temperament" and other labels, but Kidman book but like to call themselves "uncle", and often said that their inner lives are not girls, but uncle.

I asked the uncle how to look at the label they gave her? She took a deep breath and said, "I just hope you don't feel cheated when you discover my true face." She smiled and thanked her mother for giving her a innocent child's face, but she was actually an evil child.

"Country hour my home renovation, dug up a lot of old money, not NT, is the old kind." Unfortunately, there is a rotten wallet, I put all the money in the wallet, but also took a piece of paper wrote "Greedy" two words, our home is a community, I will be left in the road, hiding in the corner to see. The process is really interesting, we all look around to see if anyone, and then quickly pick up, only to find out how all the old money ah, and then throw back to the ground. "This test village who is the most upright game, let Kidman book still complacent."

"I grew up feeling that I was a prince, not a princess, I am very handsome, I think he is handsome." Later, as we grow older, the handsome man will be old, so he becomes an uncle and an uncle. When I was a child, probably the country in the beginning of development will look at some Girls magazine, like ViVi and so on, I do not, I feel no interest, I went to see the car ah what. I'm going to buy a great nail clippers, but I'm not going to buy a great nail polish. "The contrast between the nail clippers and the nail polish made me laugh," he said.

Kidman the book says he's a neutral kid, let mother always think she is will make girlfriend, "because she has not seen me bring boys home, also do not see Idol stars, chasing stars I did not do, I began from the country do not watch TV, only to see the news, this is not the behavior of the uncle!" Gradually in this direction to see a lot of Chinese medicine books, and people talk about healthy things, in the emotional view also often feel that girls do not necessarily want to be spoiled, and the most annoying boys to help girls purse bags. And so on, I feel that although I very clearly like the boys, but I am really neutral. I have counted my life, I lifetimes almost all boys, if the fortune-telling is true, that may be explained. "Kidman book laughs, the feminine this matter is when the entertainer only then studies, may now have returned the young woman from the uncle."

Just, Kidman book uncle is still for the girl to have gratitude, "I am not going to hold high girls how great, but born for a girl, we know how to nurture, like we will feel the soil, the earth is a girl, is the acceptance of life and give." I remember when I was a feminist at college, and the professor said a word I always remember, he said that feminism is all inclusive. As a girl many beautiful things, men can not understand, if you want a child today, girls can enjoy a life in their own body out, this only girls can experience, very beautiful. (same field Gayon: the inner force of chivalrous woman!) Interview with simply wish: "Feminist efforts to let feminism Die")

Find the right, more important than the condition

This year's 28-year-old Kidman book, say oneself and friends like all come to life another checkpoint, now she, for the feelings have their own set of ideas, "I now think that find a really suitable will be the best, not to see each other's worth, how good, but what is suitable for you?" It's my homework. What kind of support you want, maybe you want money, there is no wrong, if you feel more important, then find the object. She said the fit is not exactly the same, but that we can understand what we expect and what kind of support we want from our emotions. (same field Gayon: condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime)

"One day, I was in the yoga class, the teacher said that the bottom of the foot has three points, if the stand will be stable." At that time I thought, the chair is also the triangle of the more stable, with human affection, friendship, love, like, three points together to complete, I think the triangle is too beautiful. 」

"People must be family, friendship, love, if you say, the family is not done, home disharmony, we will rely on love, some can not get satisfaction from the family, we will go to ask the lover to achieve, this is actually very unfair." You run away from your family and find another relationship to make up. If you can work hard to harmonize family relationships, you can find the right relationship in love. 」

I see a lot of beautiful qualities that transcend appearances in Kidman books, she is rational, because they know that people are always afraid of the unknown, and constantly looking for answers, do yoga, a lot of reading, these daily accumulation of life so that she will not only in situ spin, emotional Shen drowned long can also pat the bottom of their own climb out. She said she did not want to be a person, just want to be a marble, nothing to do, but also to let people appreciate. I joked, "What if no one appreciates it?" In the side of Koshanian director said, anyway Kidman book is an actor, long accustomed to wait for this thing.

So much good, appreciate yourself, waiting has become the most beautiful time.

Interview PostScript:

Kidman book is the uncle, see a cockroach screaming such things will not happen to her, she said she was not afraid of cockroaches, as a child and his brother had a mosquito swatter slicing a poor cockroach. But when she said that she was most afraid of the mushrooms, I unexpectedly from the beginning of the incredible, to the end was almost persuaded.

"I think mushrooms grow very ugly, I have a nightmare, dream of a touch like the alley so narrow, the walls are full of mushrooms, I have to walk from that alley, the whole shout frighten wake up." 」

"But there should be a lot more ugly things in the world than mushrooms, right?" 』

"Yes, but I used to read the country school, rain on the ground will be president mushroom, mushroom vitality is too strong, to get rid of it, the next day the president is very big, I think this thing is terrible." And you think about it, mushroom breeding ground is a big tree has a lot of mushrooms, pull out is a hole a hole, very bad, dense phobia. Also, 100 of mushrooms are also very bad. 」

With the description of the Kidman book to the big mushroom after the rain, there is a hole in the tree, a hole, and then think of mushrooms 100 ..., suddenly feel that I am not very want to see mushrooms.