single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Single diary read Zhang Jiajia "Ferry people", the world as a book, but I prefer you this sentence. Love a look at others, you do not want to love a person, you finally understand, love is hard to come, but you would like to be a ferryman, send him ashore, and then turn to a better place. (Recommended reading: single diary: I deeply need you, light to keep you forever )

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You fell overboard, I fished you up and sent it to the other shore. Although the other side waiting for you is not me, I was only responsible for the rescue you across the river, this is the ferryman.

"The Ferryman."

In the net of the relationship, we have been the ferryman, who have been the ferry.

Bar is a lot of people let the sad resting place, where there are many sad people, small jade is horsepower ferry people, but fishing him ashore, unexpectedly just to send him to go farther place.

She likes him, can't bear him, but she can pay the greatest love is not to walk to the other side, but at the beginning to watch him from heartbreak to recovery of the alone. We like to let go of the general, regardless of the price to like a person, like to practice leaving and together.

Watanabe, is also the transition of their own.

You think of him. What he teaches you is not love, but how to love a person without expectation, you are not in love with the eyes that he concentrates on you, but he waits for others ' backs, he never hugs you, but you Zhao Ying under the moonlight and hugs his shadow secretly.

"In fact, as long as we have on the same ship, experienced the same waves, it is not a pity." 」

You remember the day when you are the ferryman, every once a small jade man, have spared the horsepower of the average man. You love very humble, also love very noble. You like the way he frowns at the phone, though his message is not you; you accompany him in the bar to drink a cup of heart wine, watch him cry for others. Accompany him to get better this way, you are more like in the ferry yourself, du oneself: Send away you, I can feel at ease do not love you.

Your love need not come to an end, as long as the solemn and contented passing. Rather than love the Prodigal son, love a person who does not love himself but cherish himself, in the final analysis, we can also be the deep weight of each other's lives.

Lonely people, quite unruly is not inferior to people, loved deeply through the people: "Give up a person who does not love you, in fact, not a pity." Edge for ice, grasping will hurt, not put will disappear. The love that really belongs to you is not the ice, it should be a cup of warm hot tea. 」